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The Ava bracelet is a great choice no matter where you are in your fertility journey (tracking naturally, trying to conceive, or during pregnancy).  In a convenient wear while you sleep bracelet, the Ava it detects real time data from your body.  Backed by science, it is the only device to track 5 physiological signs of fertility. Get yours today and find out why so many love the Ava Fertility Bracelet!

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Just Absolutely Brilliant...when my wife had our children, quite a few years back, trying to help her get comfortable was often impossible in the latter stages of her pregnancy. 

Now with the excitement of becoming a granddad :) I have been looking for ways to improve the comfort for my eldest.

Your Top 10 Comparison has solved every possible issue :) and FYI she is very grateful for you tips as well!


 / First Time Grandfather


This is right on time as DH and I were talking about having another little one soon. It is amazing what technology can do these days. I also find it amazing that this can estimate ovulation to an 89% accuracy rate. That’s even better than some birth controls! 

Thanks for the info and I’ll definitely bookmark this page for when the time comes!


/ Happy Mom


I didn’t even know ovulation tests existed. I’m in my mid-30’s and I’m about to start trying for my 1st child soon. My husband is probably sick of hearing me stressing about conceiving haha. These kinds of tests will really give me some security and confidence in accurately planning the perfect time in the month to try. ​

Thank so much for this information :-)


/ Trying To Conceive

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When I’m not writing or editing or taking care of my family, I use my free time to research, learn, and write about healthy living. I have even authored a few books in the self-help niche under various pen-names.

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