HerSolution Gel Review: Can This Topical Gel Boost Female Libido?

You regularly see commercials and advertisements for medications and supplements to treat male sexual performance issues, such as erectile dysfunction. However, there is a lack of products marketed to females. The HerSolution Gel helps fill this much-needed gap in the marketplace. HerSolution Gel is intended as a libido-boosting lubricant, helping to treat vaginal dryness, while […]

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What’s Next after the Essure Recall?

Anyone who has watched the new Netflix documentary “The Bleeding Edge” will understand why some women and activists had campaigned for the withdrawal of the permanent contraceptive device Essure from the market. The film from Oscar-nominated documentary filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering was released on Netflix on the 27th of July 2018. The film […]

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Fertility Stones Are a Thing, but Do They work?

​Fertility stones are trending among women trying to conceive. These stones are believed to improve a woman’s chance of conceiving.If you believe in the power of crystal energies, then you probably know that fertility stones have been used for several centuries. But why have they become a thing? Do they really work? Content How Do […]

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