Link Between Asthma “Blue” Inhalers and Infertility

​According to a recently published study in the European Respiratory Journal of the European Respiratory Society, ​the use of commonly sold inhalers (also known as “blue” inhalers) was associated with decreased fertility. In a large study that included 5,617 asthmatic women, researchers found that those who used “blue” inhalers had a 30% increased risk of failing to […]

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Best Male Fertility Supplements

You’ve probably heard that environmental toxins and poor diet can negatively impact fertility in men and women. The truth is, even science has backed the fact that your fertility can be affected by what you’re exposed to or eat. It therefore comes as no surprise that low fertility is increasingly becoming a public health issue, especially […]

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How to Track Fertility Treatment with Naula App

If you wondering whether it is even possible to track your fertility treatment with an app, yes, it is totally possible. These days, you have an app for nearly everything. You’ve even got apps that tell you when to “baby dance”! Anyone who has used fertility tracker apps such as Fertility Friend or Glow to track their […]

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Best Basal Thermometers

A list of popular basal thermometers was reviewed to determine which ones were more accurate, provided fast results, and were user-friendly. We selected 5 basal thermometers based on these criteria to help you chart your way to pregnancy. TOP PICK If you need a very sensitive thermometer that has the capacity to adjust to your […]

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How to Find a Conception-Friendly Lubricant

It is no surprise that women who’ve been trying to conceive suffer from vaginal dryness–a finding that has been linked to  stress associated with infertility, timed intercourse, and adverse effects of fertility drugs.  If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, you’re probably not be feeling so good down there and might need some help to find a lubricant that […]

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How To Spot Fake Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests

No, I’m not talking about a prank pregnancy test that people use to fool their friends, colleagues, and partner. I’m referring to counterfeit ovulation and pregnancy tests that some fraudulent sellers distribute on several platforms, including Amazon. Some internet cheapies help us to save on ovulation predictors (OPKs) and pregnancy tests, which can turn out to be […]

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