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I’m Princila, founder of Check Ovulation and a proud mom of two. I’m an alumna of James Lind Institute. After working in clinical jobs, my passion for writing took its toll, and I ended up switching careers to work in the medical publishing industry. I also have a passion for healthy food, which prompted me to take several online courses in nutrition and health offered by Wageningen University. (I still haven’t completed the courses thanks to my busy mommy schedule!). When I’m not writing/editing scientific and medical manuscripts or taking care of my family, I use my free time to research, learn, and write about healthy living. I have also authored a few books in the self-help niche using the pen names Princila Murrell or PN Murray.

The Best Lightweight Stroller To Buy in 2021

Parents can’t live without baby strollers; that’s why four million strollers are sold every year in the US! However, regular strollers can be a hassle to deal with. That’s why lightweight strollers are life-savers! They’re lighter, easier to handle, and equally safe. Picking the best lightweight stroller can be tricky, though, considering the different features […]

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The Best Postpartum Pads for New Moms

Congratulations on beginning the miraculous journey of motherhood. You’re now ready to explore the world of the new mommies. Have you thought about what comes next? After delivering your little one, you’ll experience some changes and you need to take care of yourself. One of these changes is lochia or postpartum bleeding. Lochia is like […]

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Best Nursing Tanks – Top 5 Picks

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Forget that, tank tops are a girl’s true rock! From layering underneath clothes on chilly days to wearing them as independent tops on hot days, tanks are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Tank tops are there for us when we just want to chill around the house, and […]

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ClinicalGuard Ovulation Test Strips: Do They Work?

Ovulation tests can come in handy when you’re trying to get pregnant; at-home test strips are especially useful because they’re fast with results.   The tests help you know when you’re ovulating so you’re aware of your cycle.   ClinicalGuard ovulation test strips are among the fast-acting kits that indicate ovulation. In this review, I’ll […]

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