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I’m Princila, founder of Check Ovulation and a proud mom of two. I’m an alumna of James Lind Institute. After working in clinical jobs, my passion for writing took its toll, and I ended up switching careers to work in the medical publishing industry. I also have a passion for healthy food, which prompted me to take several online courses in nutrition and health offered by Wageningen University. (I still haven’t completed the courses thanks to my busy mommy schedule!). When I’m not writing/editing scientific and medical manuscripts or taking care of my family, I use my free time to research, learn, and write about healthy living. I have also authored a few books in the self-help niche using the pen names Princila Murrell or PN Murray.

OvuQuick One-Step Ovulation Predictor Review

Check Price on Amazon When you’re trying to conceive, it is essential that you know when you’re ovulating because your egg can only live for 12–24 hours after ovulation. One of the easiest ways for you to determine the best time to have intercourse is by using an ovulation predictor kit. The OvuQuick One-Step Ovulation Predictor […]

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Can You Exercise While Trying to Get Pregnant?

Previously, women were excluded from athletic activities because people had concerns about the negative impact of exercise on fertility. Did you know that in 2009 women were prevented from ski jumping at the 2010 Winter Olympics and some people argued that the myth of the falling uterus justifies why women shouldn’t be allowed to ski jump? If […]

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Can You Ovulate Without Having a Period?

Are you wondering whether you can ovulate without having a period in months? Do you know the underlying cause? And is it possible that you can get pregnant although you do not have your monthly bleeds? Yes, it is possible to get pregnant if you’ve lost your period. However, this is unlikely. If you’re not getting your […]

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Why Am I So Dry and Itchy Down There?

It can be so bothersome when you feel so dry and itchy there. It is possible that your first instinct might be to suppose that you have a yeast infection and rush to the next drugstore for an over-the-counter antifungal medication. You might be doing yourself more harm than good if your symptoms are not caused […]

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When Do You Ovulate after a Miscarriage?

Having a miscarriage is a physically and emotionally challenging experience. In the weeks following a miscarriage, many women experience a roller coaster of emotions. It may be confusing and stressful to start trying for another baby after experiencing a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Some women may not know when it’s best to start trying. Some may […]

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Positive Pregnancy Test Turn Negative Overnight

It can be a nerve-racking experience to take a pregnancy test, especially if you’ve been trying for several months without success. It is even more disappointing if you had a positive pregnancy test and it turned negative the next day. Home pregnancy tests are supposed to be very accurate— for example, the First Response Pregnancy Test more […]

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Do You Have Too Much Vaginal Discharge?

Vaginal discharge is usually a normal and regular occurrence. You may experience what a very watery or clear, slippery, egg white-like vaginal discharge a few days before ovulation. However, if you produce too much vaginal discharge and this lasts longer than expected, should you be concerned? Is this a sign of an infection? Before looking into possible […]

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Dr. Behairi Discusses The Thyroid & Fertility

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Maha Behairi, a resident physician at the end of her specialty training in the Joint Program of Family Medicine. You can listen to the interview (at the bottom of this blog post) or read the questions I asked Dr. Maha and her response below. Before delving into […]

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Can I Have Fertile Cervical Mucus But Not Ovulate?

If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s helpful to monitor your fertility so you can determine when it’s best to have intercourse. If you’ve been charting your basal body temperature (BBT) and/or monitoring changes in your cervical mucus, you probably know that it is important to have fertile cervical mucus or a sustained increase in […]

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Should You Use an Expired Pregnancy Test?

Many of us have been there, right? Waiting for a period that just won’t show up when expected or, on the contrary, hoping it doesn’t show up for the next nine months. But then, there’re home pregnancy tests that you can use and the results will probably put you out of doubt. If you’ve got some pregnancy […]

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