Ava Bracelet Review: Manual Vs Automatic BBT Charting

If you’re not good at temping, maybe due to a hectic work schedule or nursing baby, you should consider an alternative method. The Ava bracelet might be one of the many tools that you can use to track your cycles.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I did not buy the Ava bracelet at the full price. I got it from a member of the subreddit TryingForABaby who offered it for half the price to any interested member.

How a Wrist Wearable Like Ava Helps Track Your Fertility

Many women find it appealing to track their basal body temperature (BBT) as a means of natural family planning.

It is relatively cheap to track your BBT, and you only need a thermometer and the willpower to wake up each morning at the same time to record your temperature.

Modern wearable devices take away the disadvantages of traditional BBT temping, making them appealing fertility tracking methods .

What is the Ava Bracelet and What Can it Do?

Ava Fertility Tracker

This wearable fertility tracker can detect the initial signs of fertility and indicate when your fertile window is going to end. The manufacturer Ava Science, Inc. claims that the bracelet can detect fertile days in real time.

All you need to do is wear the bracelet shortly before you go to bed, and it collects data on nine physiologic parameters while you’re sleeping.

You can use it to gain insights about your periods, sleep, stress, and pulse and to continue to track other parameters during pregnancy.

The video below is a quick review of the Ava bracelet, including how you can use it to track your fertility and get the most accurate fertility predictions possible.

My Experience with Ava Bracelet

I will describe all the parameters that this fertility tracker monitors and share my thoughts about them.

Setting Up My Ava Account

I found it very straightforward to set up my account, although I faced some difficulties syncing the bracelet and the app. Follow these instructions to set up your Ava.

Ava Bracelet Personal Details
Ava Menstrual Cycle Information
Ava Pairing with the Device via Bluetooth


This was one of the features that I liked about Ava. For someone who had tried several basal thermometers, including a non-mercury glass basal thermometer,  I found it very convenient to sleep with my tracker without having to wake up to measure my BBT.

Note: When I initially started using the Ava bracelet, I also temped using a digital basal thermometer (specifically Mabis Basal Thermometer ) to compare my findings.

My temperature readings with Ava were slightly lower than those measured with the Mabis Basal Thermometer. I didn’t find this surprising because I used the Mabis thermometer to take my oral temperature and the bracelet to measure my skin temperature.

Nevertheless, I achieved similar BBT graphs with both tools. The difference in temperature readings didn’t matter. In fact, what mattered was that I observed basal temperature shifts from a lower, pre-ovulatory level to a higher, post-ovulatory level.

I initially tried to use My Monthly Cycles to chart my BBT manually, but after dabbling around and not being able to find where I could enter my data, I gave up and downloaded this chart from Baby Center.

A Comparison of My Manually Entered Data Versus Ava Data

Comparing manually entered data on BBT chart with Ava data
Comparing manually entered data on BBT chart with my Ava data

Resting Pulse Rate

My digital basal thermometer could definitely not provide these data. Initially, I didn’t think I was going to benefit from these data.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is the resting pulse rate important in tracking fertility?”

Let’s look at previous research findings. It was shown that during the ovulatory and luteal phase, women’s resting-heart rates were significantly higher than in the menstrual and follicular phases.

The luteal phase occurs after ovulation and before your next period starts while the follicular phase occurs after menstruation and shortly before ovulation; the ovary gets ready to release an egg during this phase.

In fact, a woman’s resting heart rate rises by about two beats per minute during her fertile window compared with the rate during menstruation.

In simpler terms, a bump in resting heart rate can indicate that ovulation will occur in about 48 hours, and if you’re trying to get pregnant, you can plan to have intercourse with your partner during this period.

Breathing Rate

Like the heart rate, breathing rate also varies during a woman’s menstrual cycle. In fact, studies conducted on asthmatic women suggested a link between respiratory symptoms and hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle.

Your breathing rate also varies with your daily activities. For example, you breathe more often when you’re involved in vigorous activity, but you breathe less often when you’re resting or sleeping.

By collecting data on respiration rate, the Ava Bracelet can also help indicate your fertile window.

Heart Rate Variability Ratio

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a variation in the interval between your heart beats. This can be used to indicate your level of stress.  

The bracelet measures the HRV ratio, which indicates how stressed you are; i.e., the lower the rate, the less stressed you are. I wasn’t sure about the cut-off value for the HRV ratio and was okay with the app indicating whether it was low or high.

How can these data be helpful?

If your HRV ratio is high and you’re trying to get pregnant, you might want to seek help and learn about ways of decreasing stress while you’re trying to conceive. Remember that stress can interfere with conception. 

In fact, a reproductive specialist observed that when stress management techniques were applied, some women were able to conceive, suggesting a link between stress and infertility.

Sleep Quality

According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adult should get at least seven to nine hours of sleep per day.

But in reality, how many moms get that much sleep per day? As a working mom, I hardly get six and a half to seven hours of sleep per day due to the nature of my job.

What does sleep have to do with your fertility?

Evidence points toward an association between sleep and the menstrual cycle, i.e., your menstrual cycle sleep can affect your cycles and vice versa. 

Other Parameters 

Other parameters such as perfusion, bioimpedance, movement, and heat loss are all useful in tracking fertility.

I have never really taken the time to study these data, and I hope to post an update here as I familiarize myself with this tracking bracelet and study the various parameters.

Issues That I Faced with Ava Bracelet

I felt uncomfortable during the first few days in which I started using it. I was so conscious that I had something around my wrist whenever I was in bed.

Although the material was soft, it was hard not to think that I was sleeping with a watch. Also, my skin felt a little itchy when I woke up in the morning, especially when I put the strap on a little too tight.

On the first day that I got the bracelet, I noticed that it charged very quickly. It surprised me to see a Green light appear only a few minutes after I plugged the charger in.

I felt misled, and I asked in a forum if anyone had experienced the same. I had to charge Ava for several hours before using it for the first time.

Ava bracelet won't sync with the app

I also initially encountered problems when syncing my Ava. I had used Smart Basal Thermometer before trying Ava, so I was confident that syncing was going to be straightforward.

Connecting the module to my computer to sync the data every morning was a little challenging.

Once you connect your Ava, a blue LED light should turn on. But if a blue does not turn on, you should unplug your bracelet and plug it in again.

Occasionally, I forgot to turn on Bluetooth and encountered problems getting the data to sync. You should also check this if you’re facing trouble when syncing your Ava.

You might also want to contact support if you’re having trouble with your device.

Is Ava Bracelet Worth It?

I’ve read most of the published literature available on wearable fertility trackers, and currently available data are encouraging.

Ava is designed to accurately identify the most fertile days of a woman’s cycle. Based on clinical trials conducted on women of reproductive age, the manufacturer claims to detect the start of a woman’s fertile window earlier than other tools such as urine-based ovulation predictor kits.

The bracelet identifies an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle with an accuracy rate of 89%.

However, if you’re looking into Ava for natural fertility planning, you should consider using its temperature and pulse data to complement an existing fertility-based birth control method.

Although the device is not designed to identify a woman’s “safe” days, the manufacturer is looking into expanding Ava’s current use as a tool to help women trying to conceive to make it a tool for women using traditional fertility-awareness techniques of birth control 

While many of us have probably looked into using Ava as a method of contraception, I believe it is risky to use Ava’s fertile window prediction to determine when we’re unlikely to get pregnant.

Until the company is able to narrow the fertility risk window, it is better to use an alternative non-hormonal birth control method or, as I mentioned previously, complement the fertility tracker’s pulse rate and temperature data with other natural fertility awareness methods such as the cervical mucus monitoring or calendar rhythm method.

Ava Bracelet Reviews from Customers: Do Women Like this Bracelet?

Many women have shared their experiences, and although some women have reported that Ava wasn’t for them, many are satisfied with the bracelet and have found that it could help them predict when they will be most fertile.

I’ve put together some reviews that women have shared in the screenshots below.

Ava fertility bracelet feedback

Source: Mumsnet

Ava tracker feedback

Source: The Bump

You’ll also find numerous reviews on YouTube, including this review from ItsKelsiesLife who doesn’t recommend this bracelet and believes there are cheaper options to track your fertility.


Wrist Wearable Device for Natural Fertility Planning

Fitbit, a Cheaper Alternative?

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Black, Small (US Version), 1 Count

Fitbit logs a range of data about your activities throughout the day. These data include the number of steps you take, the distance covered, and the calories burned. You can also wear it to bed to monitor sleep quality. 

While this device was designed to track physical activity, experts believe that women can use wearable sensors such as this one to track their heart rates and use the data to help them get pregnant.

This is because scientists found a direct correlation between the resting heart rate tracked by Fitbit devices and all four phases of the menstrual cycle.

Thus, you can better understand your fertile days by using FitBit and tracking your heart rate alongside other parameters such as your BBT or cervical mucus.  

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Jag - October 9, 2018

Hi great review of Ava Bracelet. My baby days are over, but my older sister’s daughter is trying to start a family. They have tried all the methods, but nothing has really benefited them so far. I will mention this to her. 

She stresses out about everything, maybe by having this bracelet it will make keeping track much easier.

    Princila M - October 9, 2018

    Hi, Jag!

    Baby-making has become so stressful these days. I don’t know about the methods she has tried, but if she has been trying for a year or more, it’s preferable that she books an appointment with a doctor.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. 

Danny - October 9, 2018

This bracelet is actually amazing that it is able to track all of the things that it does. I didn’t know such an item existed, but it sure sounds like it is useful and would be getting more and more popular. Are a lot of women using these today? I noticed that you said the first few nights you wore it you were uncomfortable. I can imagine sleeping with a bracelet on would be somewhat annoying.

    Princila M - October 9, 2018

    Hi Danny and thanks for visiting.

    A lot of women are using Ava to track their fertility. Earlier this year, the manufacturer added another feature that informs the user whether she ovulated based on her temperature chart.

    Yeah, it was initially hard to sleep with this. I mean, who loves to go to bed with a bracelet on their wrist?  

Brian - October 9, 2018

Wow, what a great review of the Ava Bracelet. I didn’t even know things like these existed until I read this review, but it makes sense because there’s so many trackers and smart watches that can monitor other things. This wouldn’t benefit me, but I know several women at my job who are pregnant, one of which for the first time, so this would be greatly beneficial for them and I will make sure to share this review with them. I’m impressed with all that it tracks such as temperature, breathing rate, resting pulse rate and more. How long has the Ava Bracelet been available?

    Princila M - October 9, 2018

    Hi, Brian!

    Ava is truly amazing. You can’t imagine how it makes fertility tracking so much easier. The bracelet was launched a little over two years ago, but I only learned about it last year. I think the manufacturer is doing a great job with this device, and they’re trying to make it better.

flowstash - October 9, 2018

Hello Princila, I work as a medic and I must say that this Ava Bracelet Review is really good. The fact that it keeps track of some basic vitals via Ava Bracelet is really something else. It charts respiratory rate and heart rate. It also charts past  recordings in a easy to follow digitized line graph via app on your smart phone. And it has other features too? Periods info, sleep stats, stress levels, temperature chart. Now is that awesome or what.

    Princila M - October 9, 2018

    Yeah, I agree with you. They added a new feature early this year. The device can now let the user know whether she had a shift in basal temperature. In the past, it would just tell the user when they should expect to ovulate, but now it will tell them whether they ovulated. 

Kevin E Beasley - October 10, 2018

Wow! You did a ton of research and great thought went into this article. Thanks so much for working so hard to solve a problem for your readers. I had no idea how these work and this was so helpful in learning what is tracked for best results. Thanks again for your hard work in putting this article together.

    Princila M - October 10, 2018

    Hi, Kevin.

    It did take a lot of work to write this blog post. However, the real work was to get up at about the same time every morning to measure my basal temperature. I do know a lot of women have questions about temping and whether it is worth buying an expensive device like Ava bracelet. I had those women in mind when writing this post and hope they can find answers here.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. 

Tabsmark - October 10, 2018

Hi Princila,

What a lovely roundup!  I am sure anyone wanting to monitor this phase will really benefit from the review.

I know this is about ovulation, but I was actually looking for a sleep monitor.  I was impressed with this devices monitoring stats during the night.

Do you think it could work as a guide to monitoring your sleep and overall well being?

    Princila M - October 10, 2018

    Hi, Tabsmark!

    I’m glad you found this helpful.

    If you’re looking to monitor your sleep, I would suggest that you buy a sleep monitor. There are devices that have been designed specifically to monitor your sleep for less than half the price of Ava bracelet. Ava offers so much more, and it would be a waste of money if you intend to buy it for the sole purpose of monitoring your sleep.

    Have a great day and hope you’ll visit again. 

Taylor - October 11, 2018

What an interesting article! I’ve never heard of technology like this before. I’ve seen the smart BBT thermometers, but never something that requires such little effort.

You give such a detailed review that I feel confident in the product as something that can work. I really like that you compared the bracelet data from the data you were taking with your BBT thermometer. I also love the favt that there are several different measurements taken so that you can get the full picture when it comes to your cycle.

Is this something that is only worn at night or can it be worn throughout the day as well?

    Princila M - October 11, 2018

    Hi, Taylor.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    Ava was designed to be worn only while the user is sleeping. If it is worn during the day, there are high chances the battery will be depleted by the time the user goes to bed.

      Taylor - October 11, 2018

      Good to know! Thanks so much.

slowyarn - October 11, 2018

This seems like a great product! Thank you for the review. My first reaction was that it couldn’t be much different than a FitBit or any other smart watch health device, but I don’t think any of those keep track of body temperature, do they? That feature alone seems to make this a unique product for anyone trying to get pregnant.

    Princila M - October 11, 2018

    Thank you for sharing your thought, Slowyarn.

    Ava bracelet is different from other trackers because it measures so many parameters that are helpful for women trying to conceive and those who are pregnant. The new feature that they added early this year is unmatched. Many fertility trackers will tell you when you are most likely going to ovulate, but with this new feature, Ava users can tell whether they had a BBT shift. 

Marty - October 11, 2018

Hi Princila,

This is exactly what my niece, Shelly, needs!

She has a very hard time getting pregnant – and, all the medical tests in the world – for both her and her husband – have not been able to determine why.

Shelly has also been plagued by several miscarriages which has caused her to be very depressed and stressed out.  She has tried several cheap monitors that didn’t work well for her.  She even tried peeing on sticks but, that approach wore thin very quickly!

Even though the Ava bracelet is a bit expensive, if it can help her accurately predict ovulation, maybe she and her husband can finally make me a grand niece or nephew!  That would be so great!


    Princila M - October 11, 2018

    Hi, Marty.

    Sorry to hear about your niece. I know it can be very stressful for couples trying to get pregnant. I’ve had relatives who tried for years (up to 10 years) before getting pregnant. 

    Instead of buying Ava, I think she should work closely with a gyne/obst or fertility specialist. She should hang in there. Sooner or later, it’s going to happen.    

Tiffany Domena - October 11, 2018

Hi Princila! This was a very well written Ava Bracelet review. I have a baby girl who is two years old, and a handful right now. I can’t imagine getting pregnant with another. For me, that would be too overwhelming, but there are so many contraceptive options out with horrendous contraindications! I’d prefer that my husband and I had another baby than to take the chance at some of the cons associated with some contraceptive options. 

As a result, I’ve been considering natural options like BBT temping.  You taught me so much in your review because I don’t have nearly the experience you have with trying out products like the Ava Bracelet, so you really gave me a lot to think about. I’ll have to share this review with my husband and see if he thinks this is feasible for us. Thanks for writing this!

    Princila M - October 11, 2018

    Hi, Tiffany!

    Glad to hear you found this review helpful. 

    Like you, I prefer natural contraception. However, I wouldn’t advise anyone to use Ava for contraceptive purposes. As far as I know, Ava was not designed for contraception. You might want to look into other options like the Persona Fertility Monitor.    

Karin Nauber - October 11, 2018

I love the features of the Ava Bracelet. There are many things that it can track to help with getting pregnant and just monitoring some health things, too, like sleep, resting heart rate and even breathing! This tool would have been so nice to have had when we were first trying to get pregnant. All that temperature taking! I think that is what led to all the stress!

Still, I kind of wonder if making babies the old-fashioned way wasn’t easier and certainly more fun! A lot of times we didn’t even think about it—we just got pregnant. I think some of the birth-control methods we have put into our bodies have made it harder for some to conceive than others. Also, with our busy lives, it has become almost necessary to “schedule” when we are going to have a baby.

I was recently part of a childcare shortage discussion where some women even had the problem of scheduling their pregnancy with a time when there would be an opening at day care for an infant! I thought that was just crazy sounding, but it’s reality.

I look forward to your update when you try out the other features of the bracelet!

    Princila M - October 11, 2018

    Thanks for commenting, Karen.

    I believe our choices have it made more difficult for us to conceive. Many of us are exposed to toxic products on a daily basis and we often eat unhealthy food. Then there’re many women who choose to focus on their careers and postpone starting a family. It’s no surprise that baby-making has become complicated these days as more women choose to start having babies after their mid-thirties (when their egg quality has decreased).

    Women trying to schedule their pregnancy with a time when there would be an opening at day care for an infant? LOL. Never heard anything like that. 


Andrea - October 13, 2018

Wow how times has changed. Back in the days when I was actually concern about this hahah (I don’t have my uterus anymore) we didn’t have any of these gadget and cool tools to make our live easier. This is such an great idea. For any women to have. Thank you for the great review.

    Princila M - October 13, 2018

    Yes, Andrea, technology is making things easier for us these days. Nevertheless, many couples are still finding it difficult to conceive probably because a large proportion tend to put career first, choosing to start having babies later when their fertility must have declined. Then there’s poor eating habits and exposure to endocrine disruptors…wow. No doubt we need tech to help us. But I still believe we can encourage the younger generation to adopt better eating habits that won’t negatively affect their fertility. 

    Thanks for visiting again.

Tiffany Domena - October 13, 2018

Hi Princila! I decided to stop by again and check out your review. I saw you responded to my previous comment advising that I try the Persona Fertility Monitor. Thanks so much for giving your feedback. You obviously have a lot of experience on this topic. What makes that one different than the Ava Bracelet? Is that also a natural contraceptive that you wear?

    Princila M - October 13, 2018

    Thank you for visiting again, Tiffany.

    The Persona fertility monitor is a natural family planning device that works by detecting changes in the levels of estrogen and luteinizing hormone in your urine to identify your most fertile days. It is very different from Ava which monitors nine physiological parameters to detect a woman’s fertile window. Also, the Persona fertility monitor can be used for contraception contrary to Ava, which was not initially designed for this purpose.

    I hope this helps.


CravenATAT - October 13, 2018

I clicked the link to set up an AVA Account and that was way easier than I thought. My wife loves the non-mercury glass basal thermometer, as she loves the concept of taking skin temperature and not the ones needing oral capabilities to measure temperature. The baby center chart from the link you had is AMAZING! Although we are having our child soon, we are going to but the non-mercury glass basal thermometer to the test next go around!

    Princila M - October 14, 2018

    Hi Craven,

    Yeah, it is very easy to set up an Ava account.

    I hope your wife enjoys temping with a non-mercury glass basal thermometer. I’ve never been able to consistently use that type of thermometer to measure my BBT. So, kudos to her and congratulations on your baby!

Rachel - October 15, 2018

This looks like a great product. Never seen one like it. If someone is having trouble keeping up with their ovulation then they don’t have to anymore. I just don’t know if I would wear it around. I would probably only do a certain time of day to check the status of it then take it off. But it only looks like you wear it at night. So you don’t wear after you wake up? This is so interesting. 

    Princila M - October 15, 2018

    Hi, Rachel!

    Ava is meant to be worn at night when the user goes to bed. If it is worn during the day, the battery will run down by the time the user goes to bed. 

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Michel - October 15, 2018

Interesting reading here. I would have never even thought to use a contraption like this back when I had my daughter. I never even knew that body temperature played into it.

Tell me, can you use this device to work out when its more probable to have a girl and when more probable to have a boy? Or can you only measure fertility on it.

I don’t want any more children now, but wouldn’t mind trying out this bracelet just to monitor my own body for a month or so. It must be interesting to see how your stress levels fluctuate during the month, as well as your body temperature.

    Princila M - October 15, 2018

    Hi Michel,

    As far as I know, Ava is not a fitness tracker. It would be better to use Fitbit to workout because it was designed for that purpose. Besides, there are other much cheaper devices that you can use to track your activity and monitor your sleep. It would be a waste of money to spend this much on Ava when you won’t be using more than 50% of its features.

    I also don’t think you can use Ava to determine when it’s more probable to have a boy or a girl. You might want to look into the Shettles Method instead if you wish to determine a baby’s sex.

Marlinda Davis - October 15, 2018

Hey there! This is right on time as my hubby and I were talking about having another little one soon. It is amazing what technology can do these days. I also find it amazing that this can estimate ovulation to an 89% accuracy rate. That’s even better than some birth controls! Not that they’re the same thing but birth controls have been around longer…I think? lol.

Thanks for the info and I’ll definitely bookmark this page for when the time comes,


    Princila M - October 15, 2018

    Thanks for visiting again, Marlinda. It has been a while.

    Yep, it’s amazing what tech can do. While Ava was not initially designed for contraception, the manufacturer is thinking about including this feature in the nearest future. When that finally happens, I’ll be in line waiting to use it for birth control after baby number 3. 

    Good luck with your baby-making plans. 🙂

Sukumar Thingom - October 15, 2018

Wow! You have really loaded a whole lot of info in your post. The Ava Bracelet is interesting indeed. One cannot help but marvel at how technology is providing answers to something as sensitive and mysterious as a woman’s ovulation cycle and timing. Being portable it must be really convenient too. I will surely recommend this to some of my friends. I’ll refer them to this post of yours. Good post.

    Princila M - October 15, 2018

    Thanks, Sukumar. I’m happy you found this interesting. 

Nicki V - October 15, 2018

Awesome information!! I’m not currently trying to have a baby, but being in my late 30s and I do want to have kids, this is all important information that I will be looking into later on (hopefully).

i didn’t know that our heart rate changes during ovulation (I will watch out for that).  But I guess that explains the temperature change. I do like the fact that the bracelet monitors your heart rate throughout the night to give you a more accurate reading, but I guess, like you suggest, you can always just use a Fitbit for the same readings.

Good luck on getting pregnant!! 🙂

    Princila M - October 15, 2018

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, Nicki. 

    You can certainly use Fitbit to monitor your heart rate and sleep, but if you have the budget to invest in Ava, which was designed to track fertility, why not go for it instead? Just a thought.

    Thanks for the good wishes. 

Richard - October 15, 2018

The Ava bracelet seems to be a extremely useful tool in helping women trying to get pregnant. As I have no knowledge of the Ava bracelet I relying totally on your post that its one of the best tools to use for testing fertility. So many questions I want to ask one of them is how accurate are they in predicting pregnancy and what is the success rate? I am sure are skeptics. I will however argue that if it has an excellent success rate  in predicting pregnancies then the Ava bracelet is a clear winner

    Princila M - October 15, 2018

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    I had many questions to ask too when I heard about Ava and couldn’t wait until I tried it myself. 

    I’m not sure about the success rate, but there’s this 2017 that showed Ava could detect an average of 5.3 fertile days/cycle, at 89% accuracy. I think that’s great for a couple trying to conceive.

Ryan - October 19, 2018

This was very interesting and I didn’t know nearly as much about the Ava bracelet until reading this article. My thing is I feel like it could maybe accomplish more? It definitely seems to do the job as a fertility bracelet, but what’s stopping bigger watch related companies like Apple from doing the same thing and more. On the other hand, I can see the advantages of having more expertise from Ava and cheaper costs.

    Princila M - October 19, 2018

    Hi Ryan,

    It’s true that bigger companies can develop something similar. Take the Fitbit, for example, it can track some parameters, but unlike Ava, it wasn’t designed to track fertility. One of the things I also like about Ava is that it is backed by research. But again, big companies can hire medical professionals to develop a a modern fertility tracker and conduct clinical trials to demonstrate their efficacy.

MONDOS - October 19, 2018

My wife is planning for our second baby next year and your article about the wearable device interests me. I will share with her and find out if she would like to read. We are in Thailand and I am not sure whether it is available in this part of the world. Does the device has ability to track the ovulation period? My wife can not really tell the exact day when the egg release the ovary. Interesting stuff for young moms!

    Princila M - October 19, 2018

    Hi Mondos,

    I don’t know whether Ava is available in Thailand. I do know that medical device manufacturers are required by regulatory bodies to register in each country in order to sell their products. 

    Ava is a class 1 medical device so you want to find out whether the manufacturer is registered to sell the device in your country. 

    You have cheaper ways of tracking ovulation, though. Your wife can use a basal thermometer and track other fertility symptoms. She may also use an ovulation predictor kit or a fertility monitor such as Clearblue.

    Wish you the best!  

sanjay - October 19, 2018

Thanks for sharing your honest experience with Ava bracelet. My wife is very much excited about this bracelet and want to have one. I think this is a good option when you have a routine life and proper sleep. But it can be little uncomfortable to wear this every day and the product need some improvement in terms of use. Thanks for the fitbit alternative and explaining  howit can do this as well.

    Princila M - October 19, 2018

    Thanks, Sanjay!

    It’s exciting to use the Ava fertility bracelet. It’s fertility tracking at a different level after everything.:-)

    Yeah, the user might feel uncomfortable during the first few days of wearing the bracelet, but we finally get used to it.

Rika - October 19, 2018

Hi Princila,

This is a great review about the Ava bracelet.  My friend is trying for many years to have a baby, but no luck.  They have tried everything.  I did not even know you get devices like these and I don’t think she knows either.  I am definitely going to send her the link to your website.

Now on the other hand I have another friend who did not plan to have kids, but ended up falling pregnant twice.  She and her husband do not use any protection for various medical reasons.  I assume this bracelet will also help for this?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

    Princila M - October 19, 2018

    Hi Rika,

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s struggles. It’s generally advisable to see a doctor after unsuccessfully trying for one year (or earlier for women older than 35). I think your friend should schedule an appointment with her doctor or a fertility specialist.

    Ava was not designed for use as a contraceptive device. It seems the company is thinking about this option. All we have to do is see what they come up with in the nearest future.

Paul - October 19, 2018

Dear Princila,

Thanks for the thorough and comprehensive Ava Bracelet Review.

I heard a lot about these types of Bracelet’s and read few posts also but this one is new to me that it can do fertility tracking. Wow, very helpful it seems.

May I ask… Does the fertility tracking results will be accurate with Ava Bracelet? 

The reason why I am asking is… When my wife used a normal Pregnancy Test kit it didn’t shown the accurate results and also one of my friends wife used the Pregnancy Test kit in which she got the result that she is not pregnant and when she checked in a hospital… She was pregnant. Is that Ava Bracelet is more accurate then the normal Pregnancy Test kit?

Thanks again for the helpful post!


    Princila M - October 19, 2018

    Hi Paul,

    Ava tracks ovulation with an accuracy rate of 89%. It is a fertility tracker and cannot be compared to a pregnancy test because it wasn’t designed for that purpose. 

    Regarding pregnancy test kits, there may be several reasons why someone would get a negative test result. Some test kits are not very sensitive. Also, if the woman performs the test too early, the test might not be able to detect hCG in her urine, and she’ll get a negative result.

    I hope this has cleared the confusion. 

Petra - November 6, 2018

This sounds pretty perfect as I have a hard time waking up and remembering to do things like that straight away. I think I’ll have some adjustment issues like yourself, as I don’t usually wear a watch and especially at night time don’t wear any jewellery. 

But it is still much more convenient in my opinion to wear it rather than having to go through the motions to measure the temperature ‘manually’. And the fact that it measures with such high accuracy really convinces me. Sounds worth it to me. 

    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Petra. I believe one of the selling points of this tracker is the fact that it can accurately track fertility while you’re asleep. 

BEazzy Shifts - November 6, 2018

Oh my God. Thanks for sharing this awesome product, Ava Bracelet. This is a must use for every lady. It has the ability to track a lady’s fertility…

I think I should recommend this product to my love 🙂

Thanks for sharing your opinions and well detailed review about it and many thanks for the account setup.

Keep sharing these awesome Products. Cheers!

    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    I’m glad you found this helpful, BEazzy Shifts. Thanks for commenting.

Ashley - November 6, 2018

This is really cool! I was unaware that anything like this even existed. Just wondering, what is the benefit of wearing the Ava bracelet over simply buying a urine fertility test from the drug store? Obviously it doesn’t offer you readings on heart rate, temperature, etc., but it does give you a quick yes or no to whether you’re fertile or not. I guess this would be more helpful for tracking fertility long-term though. Also, you said you weren’t trying to get pregnant when you used the bracelet. What were you using if for specifically then? 

    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for commenting. You asked some very interesting questions. If I have to choose between using OPKs or wearing the Ava bracelet, I would opt for the latter. Why? Because it is more convenient for me to track my fertility this way. Some women prefer OPKs because they believe it is cheaper. Besides, they wouldn’t feel comfortable about wearing a tracker to bed. In fact, I know a couple of persons who don’t want any form of technology anywhere near their bed for fear that it might increase their chances of getting cancer. 

    Yes, I wasn’t trying to get pregnant when I used the bracelet. I had heard about the bracelet on Reddit and the Bump and wanted to see how well it could track fertility by comparing it with another more traditional tool. After everything, I review ovulation tests and fertility monitors on this site. 

    It would have been great, though, if my spouse and I were planning to have baby #3 so that I could document how long it took us to get pregnant. Hopefully, that won’t be too long from now.:-)  Otherwise, I will just wait until when the manufacturer comes up with a way for women to use the bracelet for birth control too. 

Abagatan - November 7, 2018

Technology is finding its place in this age. Almost every thing and any thing has a solution and remedy. For sure many women will find comfort in this Ava Bracelet.  Not only them but their husbands who are eager and interested of knowing the proper time for fertility period.

Maybe this is not only for those family who wants to add more children but also to those who want to help their government in the control of population.

Thanks for your Ava Bracelet review that exposed this fact.