Best Baby Shower Gifts for Dads

Baby showers are often considered an event for moms. The expecting mother is thrown a baby shower and receives gifts (such as a pregnancy pillow or a fetal Doppler). While most of these gifts are items that the parents will need for the care of their newborn, the mother also tends to receive a few special items.

What about the dads? Dads are often excluded from many of the traditions surrounding a pregnancy. They are often forbidden from attending the baby shower, and their input is always considered secondary to the expecting mother.

Luckily, there are many great baby shower gifts for dads. You just need to know where to look. The internet is full of gift ideas and online stores that sell gifts for new dads.

Baby Shower Gifts for Dads: Top 5 Blog Posts 

To save you time, here are the top five blog posts offering baby shower gift ideas for dad from around the web.

1. Manly Baby Shower Gifts for the Dad

This first site agrees that the dad-to-be often gets just as excited as the expecting mom about the new baby. As the father often gets overlooked, they offer a large list of man-approved baby shower gifts and original baby shower ideas for dads.

One of the more original ideas presented on the site is the daddy toolbelt. They suggest purchasing a regular toolbelt and filling the pouches with baby gear, such as diapers and rash creams.

You may also want to purchase a real toolkit, as dad may need to assemble a variety of new furniture, including the crib and changing table.

Check out the rest of the blog post for more cool baby shower ideas, such as hosting a dad-themed baby shower.

2. Original Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Dads

The next post offers a list of 9 awesome gifts for new dads. At the top of the list is a baby calm down kit. The kit includes a book or DVD that offers tips for calming down a cranky baby. The author of the post also recommends including a swaddle sack to help with the calming techniques.

Other items on the list include a memoir book, a flexible bag, and tools for washing and sanitizing bottles. However, one of the best suggestions is the baby carrier.

When dad is alone with the baby, the carrier provides a convenient way to get chores done, such as washing more bottles, taking care of laundry, or even running errands.

View the full list to discover more original baby shower gift ideas for dads.

3. DIY Baby Shower Gift Container for New Dads

If you enjoy DIY projects and crafts, you may enjoy putting together the gift in this next post. You will need a few supplies, including a clear container, alphabet stickers, baby bottle, and alcohol.

Basically, the post explains how to create a preparation kit for new dads. After decorating the clear container, you can stuff any gifts that you want inside.

While the post recommends using a combination of baby supplies and stuff for the dad, you can include anything that you think the dad will enjoy.

Read the entire post to view the full instructions on how to create this daddy gift.

4. Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Expecting Dads

If you are still struggling to find a way to make the dad feel more included, you should read this next blog post. The author offers several gift ideas, along with suggestions for ensuring that dad does not feel left out of everything.

Most of the gift ideas are gifts that should help the dad after the new baby comes. For example, the author recommends coffee, gift cards, and movies. They also suggest purchasing a masculine diaper bag or baby carrier.

Discover more suggestions by reading the entire blog post on helping dads feel included.

5. Simple Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Dads

This next blog post offers five suggestions for baby shower gifts for dads. While several of these gift ideas were already discussed in other posts, the author offers a few tips for selecting the gifts.

For example, they recommend buying a diaper bag containing the dad’s favorite sports team or favorite colors.

The author also suggests buying parenting books. There are many books written specifically for new dads.

While some parenting tasks come naturally to new moms, dads may need a little extra information, and a parenting book is a great source of useful tips.

Visit the original blog post to explore all five of the gift idea suggestions.

Top 7 Online Stores for Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

Along with the gift ideas discussed in the top 5 blog posts, there are many online stores that specialize in selling baby shower gifts for dads. Here are 7 of the best online stores to visit when you are shopping for new dads.

1. Dad Baby Shower Gifts on Etsy

Etsy baby shower gifts for dads

Website link:

Etsy is one of the largest online stores for handmade and vintage items. You can find millions of original gifts that are handmade by artists, jewelers, and crafters from across the globe. Many of these products are reasonably priced.

However, the main advantage of shopping on Etsy is that almost everything is completely original and unique.

If you enjoy funny t-shirts with crude statements, you will love the selection of dad baby shower gift ideas available on Etsy.

There are matching baby and dad t-shirt sets, humorous onesies for baby, and personalized clothing.

2. Baby Shower Host

Baby Shower Host gifts for dads

Website link: Baby Shower Host

Baby Shower Host is an online store with an assortment of party gifts and decorations. This is a small website with a limited selection of products for dad.

However, the website does have a few unique items that you will not find elsewhere.

The unique gift ideas available on this website include “best dad in the world” cufflinks, pillows, and t-shirts. They also have various picture frames, key rings, and flags.

You will also find a few useful gifts, such as a card that lets you easily keep track of the last time that the baby was fed.

3. Dad Baby Gifts on Amazon

Dad baby gifts on Amazon


Dad Baby Gifts is an Amazon store page with a small selection of gift ideas for dad. As this web page is on Amazon, you get the benefit of shopping from a trusted online retailer.

The items are purchased through Amazon, allowing you to use the free two-day shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Some of the gifts include a diaper clutch that unfolds into a changing pad and children’s books. The list of products also includes a few humorous items. For example, there is a t-shirt and onesie matching set for dad and new baby.

The dad’s shirt reads, “Brew Dad”, while the baby’s shirt reads, “Micro Brew”.

4. Buy Buy Baby

Baby shower gifts for dads on Buy Buy Baby

Website link: Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby is an online baby store. Instead of simply selling gifts, you can purchase almost all your baby gear from this site. They sell car seats, bedding, toys, books, clothing, and more.

The website has a professional design and it’s easy to browse, making it easier to search for the right gift.

You can find an interesting assortment of gifts for dad on this website. You can find children’s books where the dad is a major character, picture frames, baby gear, and even a Star Trek tie bar.

5. Find Me a Gift

Baby shower gifts for dads on Find Me a Gift

Website link: Find Me a Gift

Find Me a Gift is a large online shopping website with a wide selection of gifts for all occasions.

You can find personalized gifts, along with many of the gifts discussed in the top blog posts, such as the daddy tool belt. If you want to find a unique gift, this is one of your best sources.

While the website offers novelty items, they also have beautiful picture frames for baby’s first hand and footprints.

You can even purchase a name a star gift set to name a star after your new baby.

6. Psychobaby

Baby shower gifts for dads on Psychobaby

Website link: Psychobaby Online

Psychobaby is an interesting website that offers personalized gifts. Besides baby gifts, they also have personalized gifts and novelty gifts for a variety of occasions, including birthday parties and themed parties.

For the baby shower gifts for dad, you will find an assortment of personalized t-shirts and coffee mugs.

These gifts are mostly humorous and intended as novelty gifts, making them the perfect option for ensuring that the dad does not feel left out.

7. Best Baby Shower

Baby shower gifts for dads on Best Baby Shower

Website link: Best Baby Shower

Best Baby Shower is a website dedicated to baby gifts, pregnancy gifts, and baby clothing. They also have a great selection of baby shower gifts aimed at dads.

The website has a simple design, making it easy to browse for the perfect gift.

Some of the more interesting gifts available on the site include the various poetry frames for dads. These frames include a poem or quote on a board with a cut out for adding your own photo. Along with these frames, you can find a wonderful selection of new dad t-shirts and novelty gifts.

You now have plenty of sources to find fantastic baby shower gift ideas for new fathers. There is no excuse for leaving the dad out of the fun.

Even if the father will not be at the baby shower, consider giving something special from one of these blog posts or online stores.

If you’re looking for great gifts for both mom and dad, you could consider picking from my list of the best lightweight strollers — something the whole family will enjoy!


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