Best Fertility Apps

When it comes to fertility and conception, a little help goes a long way. Apart from a proper diet, supplements, regular intercourse, and other lifestyle adjustments, apps can tell you when you’re likely most fertile so that you can have intercourse and increase your chances of pregnancy.

Such apps can notify you of the best times to conceive during a monthly cycle. More than 30 apps have been developed to assist couples in their trying to conceive journey, and this post reviews the best options that you can find.

Fertility Friend

You can closely observe your fertility signs with this app that predicts all the best days and timing for intercourse. Another thing that this app does is predicting the right time (day) to take a pregnancy test.

The basic version of this app is free, but for $45 yearly you get a premium membership, full access to forums and message boards, intercourse timing analyzers and details for the fertility signs you notice, even those of an early pregnancy.

It has been used over 15 years and analyzed over 650,000 pregnancies, thus setting the pioneer position for fertility charting.


Glow was introduced by the co-founder of PayPal, Levchin Max. The app can pinpoint the exact details of your cycle based on the data entered. In case you don’t conceive in less than a year (approximately 10 months), you can contribute to a “mutual assistance program” for fertility treatments.

Your partner can also use the app to track fertility. An amazing feature of this app is that it synchronizes you and your partner’s data to give you details of your fertility health as a couple.


The Kindara app includes a monitor for basal body temperature as well as cervical fluid.

The app is free and also includes an oral thermometer Wink for auto-synchronization. The basal body temperature thermometer is accurate within 0.09 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will get support and feedback from the Fertility Awareness Method experts to understand the data and charts.


This app was invented by a fertility and wellness expert Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer. The app was designed to help women identify health factors that might be limiting their ability to conceive naturally.

For $199 a month, you get a full-package app, which will help you to monitor your progress and track your success as you walk toward improving your reproductive health.

Natural Cycles

Based on a bio-stats algorithm, this app uses your body temperature and other factors such sperm survival, previous cycles and menstrual cycle irregularities to determine your fertile and infertile days. 

You can use the app for free but will have to pay a yearly subscription at $6.90 monthly. 

Woman Calendar (Apple)

This app is yours for $10, for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. It tracks data such as ovulation, period, body temperature, and sexual activity in graphs and charts. Via print or e-mail, you can explore the data in detail for your next gynecology appointment.

Woman Log Calendar (Android)

This free app, which is easy to use, permits you to track your periods and fertility. Over 11,300 users rated the app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The video below gives you an overview of this app.

Period tracker

This simple app can help you predict your cycle dates and includes a simple and easy-to-use charting system. For $1.99 you can get it from iTunes.

A simple and easy-to-handle app, it tracks weight, moods, medicines, temperature, fertile days and days of intercourse. For $2, you can get the premium version.


The Ovia app has several health and fertility indicators, for example, sleeping and eating habits. It uses these metrics to predict ovulation.

It promises successful pregnancy rates (at least 3-fold) in women who use the app. The developer of this app claimed to achieve pregnancy after using it with his wife.

The app is free, but for 99 cents you will get personalized extras and themes. You will also be able to export the data in Excel format.


This hand-held monitor can measure changes in both cervical mucus and saliva. It can help you to predict the ovulation even a week before it occurs. It costs around $300.


A fertility monitor synchronized with an app, it gathers information on your cycle and oral temperature. It has an accuracy of 99.3%.

The app costs $375 and the benefit is simplified data sharing with your partner.

Glow Ovulation & Fertility Tracker to Conceive 

It indicates when you should avoid intercourse and tracks your periods and ovulation cycles. In addition, it records signs, moods, intercourse days, medications and helps those that are on fertility treatments to track their fertility.

Winner of the 2014 Webby Best Health and Fitness app, this app permits you to have excellent control over your reproductive health.

The subscription fee is $7.99 per month and $3.99 per year. You can opt to have lifetime access for a one-time payment of $59.99.


This is a free app that can also help you to tract your periods and fertility. You can even use it with Apple Watch. It is more than just a calendar; this app is user friendly for both those trying to conceive or postpone pregnancy.


This is a calculator for menstruation and ovulation; it contains a basal body temperature (BBT) chart too.

It uses an advanced algorithm to accurately predict when to expect your next period. You can record cervical mucus data and monitor the data displayed for each cycle.

It is available for Android and iOS.


Dot uses the data that you enter for the start and end of your periods to help you plan or prevent pregnancy. It can predict your likelihood of getting pregnant for up to the next 6 months.

This app has a general rating of 4.5 out of 5 (iPhone ratings of 4 stars). 

Baby Planner

An iPhone app for $2.57, you will get a well-designed full-feature app that tracks fertile days, periods, pregnancy likelihood, and as a fun feature, it can predict your baby’s gender. In addition to these, it tracks weight, mood and temperature.

Did you find an app that could help you track your ovulation cycles?
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