The Best Lightweight Stroller To Buy in 2021

Parents can’t live without baby strollers; that’s why four million strollers are sold every year in the US! However, regular strollers can be a hassle to deal with. That’s why lightweight strollers are life-savers! They’re lighter, easier to handle, and equally safe.

Picking the best lightweight stroller can be tricky, though, considering the different features and the hundreds of brands on the market.

Don’t worry about it, we’ve done the research for you. Check out these important facts and my top picks!

Why Do You Need a Lightweight Stroller?

Does every parent need a lightweight stroller? It depends mainly on your lifestyle. So why do people buy lightweight or umbrella strollers?

You Can Take it Anywhere

The reason all parents, including me, love these strollers is their portability. The ability to take your child anywhere without the hassle of a large stroller is a relief for any parent!

You can get on an airplane, a train, or a bus with a lightweight stroller due to their travel-friendly dimensions.

It Has All the Necessary Add-ons

Although they’re less equipped than regular strollers, that doesn’t make them any less practical. They have all the necessary features you need.

Lightweight strollers often come with extendable canopies, large storage baskets, and cup holders. Most of them also have a seat reclining system.

It’s Compact

The third and most prominent feature of  lightweight strollers is their compactness. All of them fold into a smaller version, which makes them easier to carry around.

Features to Consider When Buying a Lightweight Stroller

Your priorities when buying a stroller are safety, reliability, and ease-of-use. You’re going to need a few tips to find one that has all three!


Safety is the first thing I would look for in a baby stroller, it’s every parent’s priority especially for outdoor use. You don’t want your child to slip out of the seat, that’s why you should look for a stroller with a foot-operated brake. It keeps the stroller in place when you’re not pushing.

Another safety feature I would have loved to have when my kids were babies is a peek-a-boo window; it allows you to watch your little one at all times.

Weather Protection

All lightweight strollers have canopies, but you should pay attention to its size and adjustability for outdoor use. The ones with sun visors are the best for sun coverage. If they’re removable, it’s a bonus as they’d be easier to clean.

There are strollers with wind-protection windows like the Baby Jogger City, they protect your child from harsh winter conditions, and can be used as a rain cover.

Folding System

You don’t want a stroller with a complex folding system, that contradicts the main benefit of lightweight strollers. Strollers with easy folding systems are ideal to carry around.

A good folding system will allow you to do the job while holding your baby in the other hand. Strollers that stand on their own after folding are a bonus; they will require less storage space.


Large wheels mean more stability for your stroller. The wheel suspension system is also important to ensure smooth rides. Foam-filled tires are better than plastic tires in this matter.

Make sure your stroller has swiveling wheels that are easy to maneuver in all spaces. Some strollers like the GB Pockit Air have lockable wheels which are more practical.


There are a lot of stroller seats that don’t allow reclining, which can be a disadvantage if your child wants to sleep. You also need to ensure it can recline easily while your baby is on it. Additionally, seat paddings are necessary for comfort.


That’s the most vital feature; it’s in the name! Some lightweight strollers lack stability, so you need to choose one that is both stable and light to carry. Strollers with aluminum frames are the ideal choice for that.


Adjustable handlebars are the most convenient for parents’ use. They allow you to alter the handle based on your height to provide you comfort. If only one person will use the stroller, you may not need this feature.


There are some extra features on lightweight strollers that come in handy for parents. For example, cup holders are nice for coffee drinkers. Furthermore, mosquito nets are useful if you live in a hot-weather area. Storage baskets and organizers are also available in some strollers.

Best Lightweight Strollers Reviewed

I picked these lightweight strollers for their reliability and safety. Browse through them to find the right one!

1. Baby Jogger City

best lightweight stroller - baby jogger

The Baby Jogger City exceeds the other strollers in the folding department. Its auto-lock allows you to fold it using only one hand! It has a backpack-like case for ease of carrying. This stroller requires your child to be at least six months old because it has no car seat attachment.

The seat has comfortable padding and calf support for comfort. Its huge sun visor provides shade safety for your little one. Furthermore, it reclines into a flat position for sleeping and has a wind cover that’s suitable for winter.

Many users pointed out that this stroller is sturdy, despite its lightweight. They also appreciate the ample storage space. However, the fact that it doesn’t suit babies less than six months old can be upsetting for some parents.


  • Includes a reclining mechanism
  • Fold easily
  • Has a peek-a-boo window


  • Not suitable for babies less than six months old
  • Heavier than similar models

2. GB Pockit Air

best lightweight stroller - GB Pockit Air

The GB Pockit is a foldable, lightweight stroller that’s perfect for traveling. It can be put in the overhead bin in trains and planes, which is not so common for baby strollers. I would’ve loved this feature back in the day when I used to travel with my babies!

This stroller has an aluminum frame and swiveling wheels that are lockable; it includes storage that’s useful for shopping.

The stroller’s small size comes with a tradeoff though; the storage basket and canopy are smaller than usual, and you won’t find a carrying strap. The whole thing can be put into a backpack instead.

Moreover, the stroller comes with padded handlebars to ensure a comfortable grip. It’ll be ideal for outings that require a lot of walking.

Users love the fact that this stroller makes traveling easier; most of them praised its tiny size after folding.


  • Compact and small in size
  • The back wheels have foot-operated brakes
  • Adjustable harness system
  • Ships fully assembled


  • The canopy is small in size
  • Doesn’t have a carrying strap

3. The Jeep

best lightweight stroller - Jeep

The Jeep North Star is ideal for brief outings and traveling. Its lightweight makes it a practical on-the-go stroller; it features a removable organizer that parents will love, along with the storage basket. The North Star has a large canopy that you can expand; it has a sun cover to protect your baby.

Regarding the safety of this stroller, it has a 3-point safety harness and foot support. As for the versatility, it has swiveling wheels and suspension system. Furthermore, the comfort point is covered in its seat;  you can adjust it into the headrest and you’ll see the softback material that allows for airflow.

Consider this stroller if you take your baby for a lot of outings.

Parents who used this stroller praised its sturdiness, they pointed out that it’s easy to use up steep hills, onto beaches, through ruins, and on hiking paths. They just think it’d be better if the baby was able to sleep in it.


  • Front and back wheel suspension system
  • Three-point harness
  • 40-pound weight capacity


  • The seat is not suitable for sleeping
  • There are no shoulder straps

4. UPPAbaby

best lightweight stroller - Uppababy

The G-LITE stroller’s safety and stability are its most outstanding features; it comes with a remarkable 5-point harness, a suspension system, and parking brakes in the wheels. You can keep your hands off the handle and it’ll not move an inch.

Moreover, for the user’s comfort, the stroller’s handles’ design allows you to push comfortably no matter how heavy it is. Its design makes it easy to grip.

As for the extra benefits, The G-Lite features an extendable canopy and a large storage basket. Furthermore, it can be easily folded in two steps using only one hand.

The size and height of this stroller make it an ideal choice for tall parents.

Users mostly approve of the UPPAbaby’s durability, they were able to use it for quite some time without the need to maintain it. Moreover, they mentioned it’s easy to clean and maintain; it doesn’t take much time to care for it. They also appreciate the shade it offers their babies.


  • The extendable sun visor
  • You can easily fold it
  • 5-point harness


  • Its recline is not suitable for sleeping

5. Bugaboo

best lightweight stroller - bugaboo

The versatile, lightweight stroller from Bugaboo is a pleasure to own. It has all the features parents love to see in their baby stroller; an all-wheel suspension, a reclinable seat, an adjustable handle, and a storage basket.

The Ant has a relatively narrow seat that’ll be inconvenient for older children. It folds into a small compact that can be put in an airplane overhead pin. However, the folding system could’ve been better; it takes 6 steps for it to fold.

The stroller’s seat is reversible, which is rare in lightweight strollers. Moreover, the Ant has an extendable canopy that covers your child from the sunlight. The Bugaboo Ant is the closest choice to a regular stroller, it would be great for parents who don’t travel much.

Most users mentioned that the folding system can be a bit of hassle, but they love the fact that the stroller is easy to maneuver and use.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Rotatable seat
  • Travel-friendly


  • The seat is a bit narrow
  • Complicated folding system
  • A bit heavy compared to other brands


The top pick of lightweight strollers will definitely be the GB Pockit Air. It doesn’t only offer superior durability and high-quality materials, but it also holds a Guinnees world record for being the most compact stroller out there! The GB has it all; the safety features, the swiveling wheels, and the ease of assembly.

Compared to the UPPAbaby, for example, which is the closest to it in price, you’ll find that the GB wins in the safety department, having brakes and wheel-suspension.

Now that you learned a bit about lightweight strollers, we hope you find the perfect stroller for your adventures with your little one!

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