Best Nursing Tanks – Top 5 Picks

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Forget that, tank tops are a girl’s true rock! From layering underneath clothes on chilly days to wearing them as independent tops on hot days, tanks are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe.

Tank tops are there for us when we just want to chill around the house, and they support us during hectic workout sessions, but did you know there are tanks designed specifically to make breastfeeding a whole lot easier?

Yes, it’s true! Tanks tops are once again proving to be one of the handiest clothing items a nursing mother could ask for. Today, we’re reviewing the best nursing tanks money can buy to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

But first, let’s talk about the different styles of tank tops, as well as the features you should keep an eye out for so you can make the most of your purchase.

Styles of Nursing Tank Tops

Nursing tank tops are made, first and foremost, to boost comfort. However, this doesn’t mean they’re created equal. Nursing tanks come in a wide range of cuts, fabrics, colors, and of course, styles.

Not only do these styles set nursing tanks apart from regular tank tops, but they also make them different from one another to serve the various needs of breastfeeding mothers.

Generally speaking, there are 3 main styles of nursing tank tops you can find available on the market: clip-down style, pull-down style, double-layer style. Here’s a breakdown of each one:

Clip-down Style

Clip-down nursing tanks are what happens when we combine a regular nursing bra with a normal tank top.

Like your favorite nursing bra, this type of tank top comes with clips on the strap, allowing you to fold down the top part of the tank for easier nursing when you undo the clips.

Clip-down tanks often come with a built-in bra so they can function as a bottom layer under your clothes.

Pull-down Style

As the name suggests, pull-down style tank tops are meant to be effortlessly pulled down to allow babies easier access. Consequently, such nursing tanks typically have a V-neck or crossover design.

Pull-down nursing tanks are more on the casual side of the fashion spectrum, and so, they’re better suited for bedtime or days spent inside the house.

Double-layer Style

Another popular type of nursing tank tops is the double-layer style. Such tanks consist of 2 layers; the top layer ends between the chest and abdomen area at mid-torso, while the bottom layer starts from there and extends down.

The top layer can be pulled up whereas the bottom layer (usually a v-neck or a scoop neck) can be pulled down to allow access for your baby. The double-layer style is pretty common among mothers who prefer to show as little skin as possible when breastfeeding in public.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Nursing Tank Top

When shopping for the best nursing tank, there are several features you need to take into consideration to ensure you end up with a tank top that really fulfills your demands when it comes to comfort, practicality, and looks.


By now, you can probably tell there are different types of nursing tank tops out in the market and they ultimately serve the same purpose. However, since they don’t do it in the same way, you need to take a minute and think about the level of practicality that a certain nursing tank can add to your life.

This is mainly because what works for one mother doesn’t necessarily work for the other. For example, a pull-down nursing tank may be easier to use for a friend of yours, while you’d deal better with a clip-down style tank.


The material of your nursing tank is a key contributing factor to the overall comfort you’ll be receiving. Luckily, nursing tank tops can be made using a diverse range of materials to give breastfeeding moms an array of options to consider. Being soft and comfortable, cotton is among the most popular materials used to make nursing tanks. Additionally, the vast majority of tanks includes a percentage of spandex to allow for some stretching.

Built-in Bra

If you’re planning to replace your nursing bra with a nursing tank top, make sure it features a built-in bra that offers enough support for your girls. Whether or not this support keeps you comfortable will depend on your breast size, so hold on to your nursing bras until you find the right fit. This is especially true for busty moms.

Adjustable Straps

If you’re aiming to buy a nursing tank with spaghetti straps, then you should check if they’re adjustable. This is important to help you maintain a proper fit, particularly as your breasts change size.

Pockets for Nursing Pads

Some nursing tank tops include pockets to accommodate nursing pads. This comes in handy if you plan to use the tank as a bra.


To make your life a bit easier, you want to be able to simply throw your nursing tank in the washing machine. So, check to see if it’s machine-washable

5 Best Nursing Tank Tops

Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Tank

best nursing tanks - Rumina

If you plan on pumping, chances are you’re going to love the Pump&Nurse Tank from Rumina.

Thanks to its innovative construction, this tank allows moms to quickly insert pump flanges to save precious time and make pumping hassle-free. The no-hole patented design supports natural positioning over your unique nipple locations.

The Rumina tank also functions as a regular pull-down style for easy access. It provides complete coverage during nursing or pumping, so you can use it directly when you’re out and about. Moreover, this nursing tank is made using a cotton/spandex blend for maximum comfort and flexibility.


  • Saves pumping time
  • Supports natural positioning over nipples
  • Adjustable straps
  • Full coverage during nursing and/or pumping


  • The side insertion of the flanges can be tricky at first

Smallshow Women’s Maternity Nursing Top

best nursing tanks - Smallshow

The Smallshow Nursing Top is an excellent choice for breastfeeding mothers looking for a nursing tank top that’s both simple and practical.

Instead of having straps and a low cut neckline, this tank offers a modest rounded cut and a short-sleeved design that makes it suitable to wear as a cute top. You can dress it up with some maternity jeans or leggings for a laid-back look.

The Smallshow Nursing Top is a double-layer style tank that provides quick and easy access for nursing. It’s made from soft, stretchy fabric to give you a comfortable fit.

Additionally, this nursing tank top is available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll definitely find a design that you like.


  • Basic style, suitable for casual outfits
  • Comfortable fit
  • Many color options
  • Great value for money


  • Not machine-washable
  • Wrinkles easily

Bearsland Women Maternity Tank Top

best nursing tanks - Bearsland

The Bearsland Women Maternity Tank Top is another amazing option for breastfeeding mothers who prefer a double-layer design but want a more stylish look.

This particular tank top is far from basic, it comes in a wide range of floral prints so you easily create a chic look without the need for layering. It also features a smart design with multiple ruffles that allow for discrete nursing while being covered.

The Bearsland Double-layer Nursing Tank is made of a rayon and spandex blend, resulting in a soft, stretchy, and comfortable look. It also includes adjustable straps to ensure a flattering fit.


  • Smart discrete design
  • The ruffles provide coverage when nursing
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Soft blend


  • Runs a bit too large

Storq Nursing Tank

best nursing tanks - Storq

For breastfeeding mommas in the market for a high-quality, practical clip-down nursing tank, this one from Storq has got your back!

Suitable for postpartum and throughout breastfeeding, this ultra-soft tank top will keep you feeling comfy and supported any time of the day. With its simple one-handed clip-down mechanism, you’ll have no trouble allowing full boob access to your baby.

The Storq Nursing Tank features adjustable straps for a proper fit, as well as a completely tag-free design to prevent  irritation. It also comes with zig-zag stitching detail to look like real clothes, available in multiple colors to let you mix and match.


  • Easy one-handed access
  • Tag-fee
  • Zig-zag stitching detail
  • Non-bulky
  • Suitable for days in and out


  • Not for very busty moms

Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Nursing Cami

best nursing tanks - Bravado

Last but definitely not least, the Body Silk Nursing Cami by Bravado Designs is a great choice for mothers looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle with comfortable nursing.

This tank top features a built-in bra design, which is a total game-changer when it comes to discrete breastfeeding. Made using 95% nylon and 5% spandex, this cami adopts a 4-way stretch fabric to hug your figure even when your shape changes.

The Bravado tank top is a clip-down style that allows maximum skin-to-skin contact. It includes removable foam inserts and a seamless wire-free structure for extra comfort.


  • Seamless
  • Built-bra design
  • Removable foam inserts
  • Form-fitting fabric
  • Luxurious feel


  • Limited colors
  • Lacks support

Wrap Up

Choosing the right nursing tank can be quite a challenge, especially with so many features you need to consider such as practicality, style, and material. This is why we included only the best nursing tanks to make sure you get a great purchase no matter what you pick.

That being said, our vote today goes to the Bearsland Women Maternity Tank Top. This high-quality nursing tank has a smart design that boosts practicality and discretion. It’s also very soft and comes with adjustable straps to guarantee a proper fit.

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