Best Ovulation Kits

If you’re looking forward to getting reliable results with an ovulation test, it is important to use the best ovulation kit available.

A good kit should have a high sensitivity level to detect even the lowest amount of luteinizing hormone so that the user can find it easy to interpret the results. The kit should also be easy to use and the user should not have to wait for long periods to read the results.

Given the number of ovulation kits on the market, it may not be easy to determine the best one to use. They all have different features and functionalities and come with a different number of strips.

This review covers some of the best ovulation kits to help you choose a reliable tool to track ovulation.

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Blue Cross One Step 50 (LH) Ovulation Test Strip Pack

This kit contains 50 test strips. They detect the surge in luteinizing hormone, which gives you an indication that ovulation will occur within 24 to 48 hours.

You can obtain results by dipping the strips in urine for a few minutes. When the results are positive, the test line appears and it is at darkest when you approach ovulation.

To know when and how to read results of standard ovulation predictors, read this post comparing ovulation predictor kits and fertility monitors.


  • They are sensitive and therefore can detect the slightest amount of the hormone. This means that they can detect a surge easily.
  • The kit is available at a low cost. This is important for someone who needs to use more to detect the hormone surge.
  • They provide results fast so you do not need to wait long for results.


  • Reading results may not be as easy as digital readers because of the use of lines instead of a direct yes or no answer.

Blue Cross One Step 50 (LH) Ovulation Test Strips tests a surge in luteinizing hormones with fast-using strips.

The test strips are easy to use and provide accurate results in no time, allowing you to determine whether you are ovulating or not.

Wondfo One Step Ovulation (LH) Test Strips, 50-Count

Like the Blue Cross Ovulation kit, the Wondfo Ovulation Kit contains 50 test strips.

You can use the strips to check when you have a luteinizing hormone surge, a sign that you will likely ovulate soon. The chances of conception are high at this time.

Further, after testing for a couple of cycles, you will be able to determine your most fertile period, which is five days before ovulation and on the day that you ovulate.


  • The strips are highly sensitive and can therefore detect a small rise in LH. This way, you can know when ovulation is near and increase the chances of conception.
  • The level of accuracy is high, a guarantee that when the test line is dark, it is indeed a rise in LH
  • The test is easy to use because it requires simply dipping of the strip into the urine stream for a few seconds and then waiting for results.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • For some users, the strips take longer than the stipulated time to give results. One has to wait for more than the advertised 3 to 5 minutes to find out if the results are positive or negative.
  • Sometimes the lines may not be easy to interpret. A dark test line indicates a positive result. Some people may have a problem determining if the line is dark enough.

Easy@Home 25 Ovulation (LH)

Easy@Home 25 Ovulation (LH) Urine Test Strips test the level of the luteinizing hormone to determine when ovulation will occur.

This helps you determine when you should plan to have intercourse to increase your chances of getting pregnant. This is especially helpful in women with irregular cycles who have difficulties in pinpointing when they ovulate.

Furthermore, you can start testing early during your cycle if you’re unsure, especially when your cycles irregular, and not worry that you will run out of test strips since 25 strips may be used for more than one month.


The ovulation kits reviewed here are similar in function. They are all urine-based tests designed to detect your luteinizing hormone surge. They have a high level of accuracy and sensitivity, which means that they can detect the slightest increase of luteinizing hormone.

However, based on the price, the Blue Cross One Step 50 (LH) Ovulation Test Strip Pack is the winner. The runner up is the Wondfo One Step Ovulation (LH) Test Strips, 50-Count.

The last in this category is the Easy@Home 25 Ovulation (LH) Urine Test Strips because the pack is the most expensive among the three products reviewed. Nevertheless, all these products are fairly priced.


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