Best Ovulation Predictor Kits

If you think procreation is just fun and hyperactive intimacy, you might want to think again. Several couples are facing difficulties having a baby. Is it really so difficult?

Basically, a woman gets pregnant when sperm reaches the egg. But it’s not that easy. Women are only fertile for a few days in a month and it is only then that the sperm will be able to fertilize the egg.

If this short fertile period is missed, the woman will have to wait for her next fertile period to get pregnant.

Predicting whether you are fertile or not is tedious and can be very frustrating, especially when your cycles are very long or irregular. Women’s ovaries do not have a notification that will tell them, “Hey! I just produced an egg.”

Having sex every day to get pregnant is not always the best solution. If there is no egg available, it would just not make sense at all.

And trying to conceive every day can be physically tiring, not to mention that both partners might have busy, everyday responsibilities.

For the sake of convenience, many couples find using an ovulation predictor kit very effective in determining their fertile period. With an ovulation test, a couple can know when it is best to have to have intercourse to increase their chances of pregnancy.

How an Ovulation Predictor Kit Will Help You Get Pregnant

An ovulation predictor kit is a device that determines whether a woman is fertile or not. Many women use other methods to know their fertile periods, such as using a calendar (counting days of the menstrual cycle) or charting their basal body temperature.

Though these methods are effective, they can be tiring and not preferred by couples who have busy schedules.

Many women find an ovulation predictor kit to be an effective tool to help track their fertile period. When a woman is fertile, her body secretes luteinizing hormone.

An ovulation predictor works by detecting the presence of this hormone in the woman’s urine. Most ovulation predictor tools work this way; some detect estrogen.

An ovulation kit will indicate a positive on its display if luteinizing hormone is detected. Once you get a positive test, you have intercourse, as a positive test is an indication that ovulation will happen soon.

The Best Ovulation Predictor Kits

The effectiveness of ovulation predictor kits is very important to couples. That is why many companies have produced fertility monitoring kits to supply the growing demand.

There are several brands on the market and although they all use the same concept, i.e. detect the luteinizing hormone surge, their sensitivity and accuracy rates differ, with some brands having an accuracy rate of 99%.

There are two types of ovulation predictor kits: those that detect luteinizing hormone in urine and those that measure the presence of the hormone in saliva.

For test kits that require a urine sample, these are used in the same way as pregnancy tests. If a kit indicates positive (YES+), then expect to ovulate after 12 to 36 hours. For some kits, results are displayed as lines, with the test line darkening as you approach ovulation.

A saliva-based test is more complex to use and requires that you examine a sample of your saliva under a small microscope, which typically comes in the kit. You are expected to see a ferning, crystal-like pattern if you’re ovulating.

When picking an ovulation predictor kit, it is best to check the features of the product. Below is a comparison of the best kits available at online and local stores:

Wondfo Ovulation Test Kit

The Wondfo Ovulation Test Kit uses urine to track your fertile days. It is affordable and has the reputation of having an excellent accuracy.

No professional training is needed, and the test results are easy to read. The kit comes with enough test sticks to permit you to test several times in a month.

Find out more about this ovulation test here

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor comes with sticks for a urine test and a separate device for monitoring. After dipping the stick in urine, it must be inserted in the device.

The device will then read the luteinizing hormone and estrogen levels to determine whether you’re ovulating or not. It has a memory feature that can store information from the last 6 cycles.

Although it is on the high end in terms of price, the device guarantees long term usability and great accuracy.

Read the full review here.

Ava Fertility Bracelet

If you want something more advanced and more accurate, you may want to try the Ava bracelet. Instead of detecting your estrogen and LH level in saliva or urine, this device relies on several parameters to track your fertility.

All you have to do is wear the bracelet when you go to bed and its sensors will collect data on nine different physiological parameters.

Read more about the Ava fertility tracker here.

KNOWHEN Saliva Fertility Tester

KNOWHEN Saliva Fertility Tester is an FDA-Approved device that monitors fertility through saliva. The package comes with a free DVD that provides how-to instructions. It also comes with a mini-microscope.

This device is pricey but it can be used long-term. 

Read more about KNOWHEN here.


To maximize your chances of conception, it is important that you understand your cycles. The ovulation predictor kits above will help you know the perfect time for intercourse to increase your chances of having a baby.


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