The Best Postpartum Underwear for New Moms (2021)

Being a new mom, though wonderful, is both emotionally and physically overwhelming. And with everyone around you giving their two cents on the do’s and don’ts, it can also be very confusing.

But let’s get something straight, while you now have a new baby to take care of, you also should be taking care of yourself. Post-delivery you’ll need to take care of your body, and knowing which underwear to use to provide the best support and comfort for you is one step in that direction.

So for the sake of your sanity, I’ll be your best friend on all that has to do with postpartum underwear, the good, the painful, and the bloody ugly by reviewing 5 of the best postpartum underwear on the market to suit your specific needs.

Everything You Need to Know About Postpartum Underwear

What is postpartum underwear? Do I need it? What are my options?

Here I will do my best to answer your most pressing questions about postpartum underwear to best aid with your decision.

Why Do You Need Postpartum Underwear?

Whether you opt for a C-section or vaginal birth, apart from saving your sexy undies, there are a couple of main reasons you’ll need postpartum underwear.

Support & Protection

Holding it all together. No, I don’t mean this just metaphorically. You will literally need to hold it all together. Finding postpartum underwear to properly support and protect your c-section incision and vagina is crucial in the healing process.

Discharge & Bleeding

Postpartum you’ll have discharge/bleeding, lochia, which will usually last from 4 to 8 weeks.

The flow of this discharge varies from one new mom to the next. But you can ease the discomfort with the help of proper postpartum underwear to accommodate the maternity pad and prevent leakage.

Why Do You Need Mesh Underwear After Birth?

Most hospitals provide new mommies with disposable mesh underwear to use post-delivery. The mesh is breathable and elastic, making it comfy. It also helps hold your maternity pad in place, making it a good and easy option for the first couple of days post-delivery.

But then how do you decide what to do for the coming 6 to 8 weeks once you’re home? You may ask yourself, why not just wear my normal underwear paired with a pad?

What Are the Best Underwear to Wear After Giving Birth?

Some new mommies do opt for that and use their old panties, big panties, period panties, or whatever you call it. These are ones you won’t mind throwing if they’re ruined. Though this is an easy option that won’t cost you a penny, it lacks many of the functionalities needed for post-delivery underwear.

It doesn’t offer much in terms of support, especially if you’re a c-section mommy, nor will it offer enough protection from leakage. Also, wearing your regular panties may not be as comfortable as you’re used to this soon post-delivery.

Though big or period panties may provide more than old underwear in terms of space to accommodate the maternity pad. Like its counterpart, old underwear, it lacks the basic functions of postpartum underwear. Last but not least, spending weeks in period panties won’t do much for overcoming the postpartum blues.

So, what is the best alternative? Well, that’s postpartum underwear.

Brands in the market offer you many different types and styles that you can choose from.

Types of Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum underwear can be categorized by style and material.

Let’s discuss the most common styles available first.


This is for the hassle-free days. Just rip and throw. No laundry, no mess. I find these panties good for the first day or two when you’re still getting the hang of things.

Full Brief

This option offers more coverage for both your abdominal and vaginal areas and the backside. It helps with keeping your pad in place while offering protection.


These are the ones that offer most support as they’re very high waist and are usually of material that helps hold everything in place. Some find this type very supportive, while others find it constricting and uncomfortable.

The other thing to consider is the fabric of the underwear. I’ll point out the pros and cons of each to help with your decision.


Pros: Light and disposable

Cons: Lacks support and protection


Pros: Breathable, soft on stitches

Cons: Lacks support, may leak


Pros: Offers support and absorbs moisture

Cons: Maybe constricting for some


Pros: Soft and moisture-wicking, a good alternative to cotton

Cons: Synthetic, may be irritating to some

What to Look for When Buying Postpartum Underwear

There are a few things to consider when picking the best postpartum underwear for you.

Fit & Comfort

Most postpartum undies are designed with your comfort in mind. Innersy, for example, makes a pair that is 95% cotton, so that will be one less to worry about when you’re enjoying your early days as a new mommy.


Whether you need the support for your c-section, vagina, or both, a pair of postpartum underwear that offers proper support such as Kindred Bravely.


A moisture-wicking pair of postpartum undies are great for when the mommy night sweats come, and they will come. So grabbing a pair like Frida Mom’s
postpartum undies are a good idea.


I know, I know. But hear me out, even though getting your figure back may not be your priority right now, your future self will thank you for taking this into consideration when picking the perfect postpartum panty. Some panties like the UpSpring C-Panty are designed to help slim you down.


Depending on how much you want to spend, you can find a pair of postpartum underwear for you, from the more affordable options Frida Mom and Always offer to the more pricey but durable UpSpring C-Panty.

When Can You Wear Regular Underwear Postpartum?

This depends on your rate of recovery and discharge, but the good news is that you can probably go back to wearing your comfy cotton briefs or sexy panties from 4 to 8 weeks post-delivery.

However, some mommies actually prefer wearing postpartum underwear longer, up to 12 months post-delivery, as they find them more comfortable than their regular underwear.

Top 5 Postpartum Underwear

There are many excellent options available for you when it comes to postpartum underwear. Depending on the method of birth and your own personal preferences, these are 5 of the best options to choose from.

Frida Mom

best postpartum underwear - fridamom

Frida Mom has come up with a great alternative to the mesh underwear they provide us with at the hospital. These disposable panties are designed to be light with a cotton feel and allow for wicking away moisture. A huge plus in combating those postpartum night sweats!

You can choose from two styles; high waist or boyshorts. Both options feature a pocket designed to hold your pad in place. Another benefit is that they come in two sizes, regular and petite.

The downside is that even though they’re disposable, I expected them to hold well, but they rip easily. It’s useful then that they come in a pack of 8, so if you decide to go for this option, make sure to stock up.


  • More comfortable than mesh alternatives
  • Has a pocket to keep pads in place
  • Wicks moisture


  • Not durable 
  • Don’t provide support for c-section incision

Kindred Bravely

best postpartum underwear - kindred

These panties are intended for c-section birth support, but if you gave natural birth, these are also a great option. They feature a high waistband and breathable material composed of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. They offer protection for your c-section stitches while allowing it to heal.

They’re also designed to accommodate bigger sized maternity pads, which you’ll need especially the first couple of weeks post-delivery.

A nice perk of these panties is their stylish design, at a time when you don’t feel at your best, this will help give a boost to your morale.

But take note these run small, so I recommend getting a larger size to ensure comfort.


  • Great for c-section support
  • Size allows for maternity pads
  • Stylish feminine design
  • Machine washable


  • Sizes run small
  • May stain

UpSpring C-Panty

best postpartum underwear - upspring

The Upspring C-Panty is also designed for c-section mommies to help with recovery, but with an added benefit. The silicon-lined waistband is intended to aid healing and reduce swelling and scar visibility.

Believe it or not, this pair might help make the journey back to your pre-pregnancy figure a bit shorter by using medical-grade compression, which helps in slimming down your tummy area!

A drawback of these for some is the price tag, which is considerably higher than its counterparts.


  • Great for c-section support and healing


  • Some find it
    uncomfortable, too constricting and tight
  • More
    expensive than other alternatives

Always Discreet

best postpartum underwear - Always

A leader in menstruation products ‘Always’ offers disposable underwear that has a super absorbent built-in pad. This takes away from the hassle of having to get both underwear and pads. So less laundry, a definite perk! These come in a pack of 18 scented pads, that are leak-proof.

The downside is it’s not specifically designed for postpartum discharge and bleeding, so the design doesn’t offer support for c-section. It acts more as an adult diaper, which is not very flattering.


  • Built-in super absorbent pad
  • Leak-proof
  • Disposable


  • No support for c-section stitches
  • Scented, so beware if you suffer from allergies
  • Unflattering design


best postpartum underwear - Innersy

What sets apart this panty from other reviewed options is the fact that it’s made of almost 95% cotton. A definite plus if you’re allergic to synthetic fabrics.

They offer full coverage of your hips, tummy, and backside, making them super comfy. While the tummy control feature is also a nice one, it’ll hide your tummy while reducing the muffin top effect.

This pair provides adequate support without being too constricting. However, some of you might find this not enough, especially if extra support is needed.


  • Comfortable
  • 95% Cotton


  • Not enough support
  • Some find quality not up to par

Our Verdict

So the moment of truth, though each of the reviewed products clearly has it’s pros, I find Kindred Bravely possesses most of the important postpartum underwear functions.

Kindred Bravely is a suitable option for all mommies, no matter which birth option you opt for.

It scores really well in terms of support and protection, and it’s machine washable, so you don’t have to worry if it stains. Plus, it’s really affordable!


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