Best Pregnancy Pillows [READ BEFORE YOU BUY]

Why should you consider getting a pregnancy pillow? The main benefit of a large body pillow is to provide support for various parts of your body.  Most of us know it is important to give your body a healthy diet, pre-natal supplements, and keep your body strong with appropriate exercise during pregnancy.  But did you know it can can be just as important to keep yourself comfortable so you can get a good nights sleep during pregnancy?

Throughout your pregnancy, your belly will continue to grow. Besides making it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, your growing belly may also add to the pressure on your hips, back, and legs during the day.

The right pregnancy pillow can help give you support for your aching body while also helping you get a good night’s rest. Find out how to choose the best pillow and then compare the top 10 choices.

Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2018 Comparison Table





Moonlight Slumber Comfort U Total Support Body Pillow

- Synthetic down fiber filling

- U-shaped

Queen Rose 65-inch Pregnancy Pillow

- Polyester fiber filling

- U-shaped

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

- Filled with polyester fibers

- J-shaped

Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Pregnancy Pillow

- Filled with polyester fibers

- U-shaped

Snoogle Chic Jersey - Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

- Polyester fiber filling

- C-shaped

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

- Polyester fiber filling

- Gusseted neck and shoulder area

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow

- Two-sided memory foam design

- Wedge shaped

Meiz U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow

- Polyethylene fiber filling

- U-shaped

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge with Jersey Slipcover

- Filled with polyurethane foam

- Wedge shaped

Boppy Multi-Use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow

- Polyester fiber filling

- Contoured shaped

What Are the Top Features of a Pregnancy Pillow?

When shopping for the best pillow, there are several features that you need to pay attention to. Selecting the right pillow may depend on how you prefer to sleep and the level of support that you want. The main features include:

  • Size and type of pillow
  • Fill material
  • Softness or firmness
  • Removable cover
  • Quality and cost

The first consideration is the size and type of pillow. Pregnancy pillows are available in various shapes. Some pillows wrap around the front and back of your body while smaller ones are simply placed below your belly.

The fill material is also an important consideration and may impact the softness or firmness of the pillow. Firm pillows are recommended as they provide more support, which is the main purpose of using the pillow.

The fill material may include Styrofoam balls, polyester fibers, micro beads, memory foam, and natural or organic filling.

The cheapest pillows are filled with small Styrofoam balls. The advantage of this filling material is that it easily shifts to the shape of your body. Pillows with Styrofoam balls tend to be lightweight, noisy, and inexpensive.

Polyester fibers and synthetic materials are quite common. These fibers are affordable but they are not very breathable. The benefit of choosing a polyester-filled pillow is that they are often very firm, depending on the amount of filling.

Micro beads share several similar features with the Styrofoam filling. They are lightweight and easily shift to your body shape. However, unlike Styrofoam balls, the micro beads are not noisy and provide more support.

Memory foam is another option for pillow filling. Memory foam pillows are often firm and easy to press against your body. The foam filling forms around your shape, providing more support for your body.

You may also find pillows with organic filling. These pillows are often expensive. However, if the filling is truly organic, it should hold up better than other filling materials.

Most pillows do not come with a removable cover. However, a cover is a great investment. Due to the size of these pillows, they are difficult to clean. The cover will help protect the pillow from your sweat.

The final factors to pay attention to include the overall quality of the pillow and the cost. The best way to learn more about these details is by reading reviews and customer feedback.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find long, rectangular body pillows and smaller, wedge-shaped pillows.

Below are some of the most common shapes and sizes.

Straight Pillow

Straight pregnancy pillow

Flexible Pillow

Flexible pregnancy pillow

U-Shaped Pillow

U-shaped pregnancy pillow

C-Shaped Pillow

C-shaped pregnancy pillow

Wedge Pillow

Wedge pregnancy pillow

How Do You Use a Pregnancy Body Pillow?

The straight and flexible pillows are considered full-length pillows as they are typically about 65 inches in length and feature a rectangular design. With these pillows, you hug them against your body while laying on your side. The straight pillows are like a standard pillow but longer.

The U-shaped and C-shaped pillows are often referred to as total body pregnancy pillows. With the C-shaped pillow, you straddle the lower curve of the pillow between your legs and rest your head on the upper curve. There are also J-shaped pillows, which provide a little more length at one end compared to the C-shaped pillow.

With the U-shaped pillows, the pillow wraps around your front and back side. This is the largest type of body pillow as it is typically the size of two full-length pillows. Depending on the size of your bed and whether someone else sleeps in the bed, these pillows may be too large. However, they also provide the most support.

The wedge pillows are the smallest and least expensive of these options. They are small pillows that are shaped in a wedge. You wedge the pillow below your belly while laying on your side. However, you still need to use your regular pillow for your head.

You can also place the wedge pillow behind your back to help you stay on your side throughout the night. While these pillows are small and convenient, they do not provide total body support as some of your other options do.

What Are the Best Sleep Positions During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, doctors typically recommend that pregnant women sleep on their sides. Pregnancy pillows are designed to make it easier to sleep on your side by providing support between your legs, below your belly, or both.

Doctors also recommend trying to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your left side may improve blood flow to the placenta, helping to deliver important nutrients to your growing baby.

What Sleep Positions Should You Avoid During Pregnancy?

Along with the correct sleeping position, you should learn which sleeping positions to avoid. Basically, anything other than sleeping on your side should be avoided.

Sleeping on your back may result in back pain and limit blood flow to the placenta. When you lay on your back, the abdomen rests on the intestines, which can block proper blood circulation.

Doctors also recommend that pregnant women avoid sleeping on their stomachs, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Sleeping on your stomach with a growing belly is uncomfortable, may cause damage to your baby, and may cause further back pain.

The only recommended position is sleeping on your side. Luckily, body pillows make it easier to stay in this position.

Explore the Top 10 Pregnancy Pillows

Now that you know what to look for in a pregnancy pillow, you can begin comparing some of the top choices. Here is a closer look at the top 10 pregnancy pillows.

Queen Rose 65-inch Pregnancy Pillow

The Queen Rose 65-inch pregnancy pillow is a full-body U-shaped pillow. With these pillows, you get 65 inches of support behind your back and 65 inches of support in front of your body along with these features:

  • Full-size U-shaped pillow
  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Polyester fiber filling
  • Not machine washable

While the pillow is primarily meant for sleeping on your side, you can also position it to provide support when nursing or simply lying in bed watching TV.


  • Besides the size, there are several great features to this pillow. It is filled with polyester fibers, includes a hypoallergenic cover, and comes with a 90-day guarantee.
  • The polyester fibers provide the firmness that you need in a body pillow. When laying on your side, this helps prevent you from rolling over.
  • The hypo-allergenic cover is also useful as most body pillows are not machine washable. The cover is 100% cotton, providing a soft material to lay your head on. It also features a zipper for easy removal.


  • The only drawback is that you may need to wait a day or two for the pillow to expand. The pillow comes vacuum-sealed, which means that you need to give it time to expand after unpacking. Once fully expanded, the pillow looks massive.

Moonlight Slumber Comfort U Total Support Body Pillow

The Moonlight Slumber Comfort pillow is a U-shaped body pillow that you can wrap all the way around your front and back. It also provides support for other positions, including reading and nursing.

Here are the main features:

  • U-shaped pillow for complete support
  • Synthetic down fiber filling
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for multiple position.


  • Unlike many body pillows, this pillow is machine washable. You can throw it in the washing machine whenever necessary without worrying about damaging the fill material.
  • Despite a couple potential drawbacks, the Moonlight Slumber Comfort U pillow is a wonderful solution for staying comfortable throughout your pregnancy. It is large and features quality synthetic down fill material.


  • Synthetic down fibers are used for the filling material. The manufacturers named the material Fusion Fiber. It is a breathable material that provides medium firmness. However, the greatest advantage of this material is that it holds its shape. It will not flatten or clump together.
  • Some people may not like the weight of this pillow. The quality synthetic down material is relatively heavy. However, this weight is necessary to give you the support you need.
  • Another issue that may impact some users is the durability of the pillow. While most people love this pillow, a few customers have mentioned that the seam along the middle of the pillow split after several months.

Boppy Multi-Use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow

The Boppy Multi-Use Slipcovered Total Body Pillow is designed to provide head-to-toe support. The contoured shape is unique and helps it stand out from other options. Here are the main features:

  • Full body pillow with contoured shape
  • Polyester fiber filling
  • Measures 48” long
  • Washable cover
  • Machine washable pillow and cover

When lying on your side, the pillow should be placed in front similarly to a full-length body pillow. However, unlike the straight or flexible full-length pillows, this pillow curves around your head and between your legs. You get more support while side-sleeping for your neck, back, belly, and hips.


  • Polyester fibers are used for the filling. Most people find that the filling is firm enough to provide comfort and support.
  • It is also easy to move the pillow around to find the perfect position.
  • The main benefit of this pillow is its contoured shape. However, you may also enjoy the 100%-cotton cover. Both the cover and the pillow are also machine washable.
  • If you are not too tall, the Boppy should do a great job of keeping you comfortable. It is contoured for greater versatility and comes with a washable cover.


  • You will not find any disadvantages to the Boppy other than the size. It measures 48 inches, which some women may find too short for total body support.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge with Jersey Slipcover

The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is a firm little pillow with a comfortable slipcover. Here is a closer look at this pregnancy pillow:

  • Wedge shape for belly support
  • Washable jersey knit slipcover
  • Measures 14” x 4” x 12”
  • Filled with polyurethane foam


  • The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is small, yet it provides the support that your belly needs when lying on your side.

  • You can also use it for lumbar support when sitting. Some women continue to use the pillow after pregnancy to support their breasts when side-sleeping and to support their backs when breastfeeding.

  • The slipcover is also convenient. The jersey slipcover is ultra-soft and machine washable. You can easily remove it from the pillow and throw it in the washing machine.

  • Another benefit is the firm filling. The polyurethane foam is very dense and should not lose its shape no matter how you use the pillow.


  • There are no disadvantages to discuss. This is a simple little pillow that works as advertised. For less than $20, you get a small pillow that you can wedge below your belly or behind your back.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is a C-shaped pillow. This shape is designed to support your neck, back, tummy, and hips when sleeping on your side. Besides the shape, you should explore these features:

  • Measures 60” x 24.8” x 7.2”
  • Includes a machine washable cover
  • Filled with polyester fibers
  • Not machine washable


  • Many people enjoy this pillow due to its unique shape. The manufacturers refer to the J-shape as a horseshoe shape. It is designed to replace the need for a head pillow, giving you support from head to toe.
  • When you place the pillow behind your back, it prevents you from rolling onto your back while providing support for your head and hips.


  • The polyester fibers that are used to fill this pillow may not hold up with regular use. Some customers have complained that it lost its loft by the end of their pregnancies. However, these customers may have washed the pillow in a washing machine, which may damage the fibers.

The bottom line is that the Leachco Snoogle pillow is comfortable for all stages of your pregnancy. You may even find it useful after your pregnancy when breastfeeding or sitting.

Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Pregnancy Pillow

The Leachco Back N Belly pillow has an interesting contoured shape. If you are looking for complete support, you should take a closer look at this pillow:

  • U-shaped pillow with contoured shape
  • 100% sateen cotton cover
  • Firm polyester fiber filling
  • Not machine washable


  • This U-shaped pillow has an hourglass contoured shape. The contoured shape is the same on both sides of the pillow. If you tend to switch sides throughout the night, you may enjoy this design. Whichever side you sleep on, you get the same shape and support.
  • The cover is another advantage of this pillow. The zippered cover is easy to remove and put back on the pillow. It is also machine washable and incredibly soft.


  • One possible disadvantage of this pillow is the filling. It is filled with polyester fibers, which are quite common. However, the pillow is very densely filled to increase the firmness of the pillow. Some women may find the pillow to be too firm while others may prefer the firmness for the support that it provides.

In the end, if you are looking for a firm pillow, you should consider the Leachco Back N Belly contoured pillow.

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow

The Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow is a wedge-shaped pillow filled with memory foam. However, it includes a couple unique features, such as:

  • Two-sided memory foam design
  • Compact wedge shape
  • Plush machine-washable cover
  • Perforated foam layer for better breathability


  • Wedge pillows are used to support the belly, which may relieve pressure on your back. However, the support that you get depends on the firmness of the pillow. With this pillow, you get two firmness options.
  • The pillow includes two separate layers of memory foam, each with a different density. One side is softer while the other side is firmer.
  • Besides the two memory foam layers, there is a perforated layer between the two sides, providing greater breathability. This helps keep the pillow cool throughout the night.
  • This pillow is also equipped with a comfortable, plush cover. It features a zipper, making it easy to remove and clean.


  • While you get two sides with different levels of firmness, some people still feel that the pillow is too thin. However, most women agree that it does a great job of relieving pressure on the back.

Overall, this pillow is quite comfortable and small enough to pack in a carry-on bag when traveling. You can also continue to use it after pregnancy for support when sitting.

Meiz U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow

When you need a versatile body pillow, the Meiz U-Shaped Total Body Support Pillow deserves your consideration. It includes premium filling and the following features:

  • U-shaped pillow
  • Polyethylene fiber filling
  • Washable cotton cover
  • Measures 55” long


  • This large U-shaped pillow includes several useful features. The first detail to look at it is the polyethylene fiber filling. This material offers comfort and is very fluffy. While it is soft to lay on, it still provides enough firmness for proper support.
  • The polyethylene material is also breathable. This helps keep the pillow cool and prevents it from losing its density.
  • The pillow also comes with a washable cotton cover that features double zippers. The zippers make it easier to get the cover off. It is also machine washable and hypoallergenic.


  • There is one issue that you should consider before getting this pillow. It only measures 55 inches long, while many U-shaped pillows are closer to 65 inches. The shorter size may not work for some people.

While this pillow may be a little short for some people, it does provide great comfort. If you are not completely satisfied with the pillow, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

The Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow is a full-length, U-shaped pillow with a few variations to help provide additional support. Examine the rest of the features to learn more about this pillow:

  • Gusseted neck and shoulder area
  • 100%-cotton washable cover
  • Polyester fiber filling


  • The Naomi Home Cozy body pillow is a cozy pillow. It includes a gusseted neck and shoulder area for a little extra support when replacing your standard head pillow.
  • The pillow is filled with polyester fiber, which is one of the most common filling materials. The density is medium-firm. It is not too soft or too firm, which should suit most women throughout their pregnancies.
  • You also get a soft, machine washable cover. The 100% cotton cover is zippered, which always makes it easier to remove and put back on.


  • While the filling material offers medium firmness, some customers may find it to be too fluffy. However, this may depend on your personal preferences for pillows.

Should you get the Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow? It provides several great features, including the gusseted neck area and the washable cover. However, the fluffiness may not appeal to everyone.

Snoogle Chic Jersey – Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

The Snoogle Chic Jersey is a total body pillow with a C-shape. It includes many of the features that you want in a body pillow, including the following:

  • C-shape body pillow
  • Jersey knit cover
  • Polyester fiber filling
  • Not machine washable


  • The Snoogle total body pillow has a C-shape with a little extra length near the ends. This should provide a little extra support. It is also easier to position than a standard straight body pillow.
  • The pillow comes with a washable pillow cover.
  • The jersey pillow cover is made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend. Most people find this to be soft and comfortable.


  • Some women find the material of the jersey pillow cover scratchy. This is one of those details that may depend on your own personal preference.
  • Another potential issue is the filling material. As many other pillows, this body pillow is filled with polyester fibers. While these fibers can be breathable, this pillow is densely filled. This provides more firmness but also limits the breathability of the pillow. During the night, the pillow may not remain cool.

The bottom line is that the Snoogle Chic Jersey pillow offers a couple features that should appeal to everyone and a couple features that not everyone will enjoy.

Conclusion: Which Pregnancy Pillow Should You Buy?

You now have 10 great options for pregnancy pillows. Each of the products discussed possesses the features that you need in a quality pillow, including comfort and support.

If you have enough room in your bed, the U-shaped pillows provide the most support. This is followed by the J-shaped, C-shaped, and full-length pillows. However, if you do not require total body support, the wedge pillow is effective for helping to support your belly or back.

You should also remember to sleep on your side and choose a firm pillow. A firm pillow may help keep you from rolling over onto your back. Keep these details in mind as you shop for the best body pillow for your pregnancy.

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