Birth Control Cleanse: Can it Help?

If you’ve been taking birth control pills for a long time, you’ve probably been told that you need to have fertility cleansing before getting pregnant.

You’ve probably also heard about fertility herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, burdock, dong quai, red raspberry leaf, or goldenseal.

I learned about Birth Control Cleanse by Premama a couple of months ago and decided to dedicate some time to find out more about products that are reported to cleanse the body from excess hormones.

Is Cleansing After Hormonal Contraception Necessary?

One question that many women ask is whether they need to clear their body from hormonal contraceptives before they can get pregnant? In my opinion, the simple answer is “No.” My practicing colleagues in the ob-gyn department would surely agree with me on this.

To start with, there is a common perception that it will take a long time for the hormones in contraceptive pills to be completely excreted from a woman’s body before she can have a chance of conceiving.

In fact, contraceptive pills only work as long as you’re taking them correctly and consistently.

Can Your Body Completely Eliminate Hormones from Contraceptives?

When you stop taking contraceptive pills, your body can eliminate the hormones in the pills in just a few days, and you will start ovulating within approximately one to three months. Some women take a little longer to start ovulating again.

Some physicians advise that you wait until your next period (after stopping the pill) to start trying for a baby. You should remember that it is necessary you take prenatal supplements and make some lifestyle changes while trying to conceive.

Women who have been taking the pill for extended periods (i.e., > 10 years). The ovarian function in these women may be severely oppressed, making it difficult for them to have normal ovulatory cycles.

Pregnancy is not impossible, but it might take as long as four to six months (or longer) for these women to have regular ovulatory cycles.

Then there’s also the issue of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who were prescribed birth control pills to help with the disease.

Additionally, some women develop other hormonal or endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism while on the pill. These women may have trouble conceiving within less than three months after taking the pill. If this is you, it is advisable that you talk with your ob-gyn before trying any over-the-counter supplements.

Another factor that many women fail to consider is age. If you’re well into your 30s by the time you stop taking the pill, your chances of getting pregnant within the first year of trying will be lower.

If you live a healthy lifestyle and do not have an underlying medical condition that impacts your reproductive health, this will also play a part in determining how soon you get pregnant after stopping the pill.

Contrary to birth control pills, the hormone in Depo-Provera, medroxyprogesterone acetate, is not eliminated within a few days; the hormone levels can be maintained for up to three months before being completely eliminated from your body.

This brings us to the question, “Are there any products that can cleanse your body of excess hormones from contraceptive products?” Before delving into this, let’s look at one product that is claimed to help regulate the menstrual cycle and balance hormones.

Birth Control Cleanse

A couple of months ago, I learned about Birth Control Cleanse by Premama and decided to dedicate some time to find out more about this product.

According to the manufacturer, this product was designed to assist women trying to get pregnant by balancing their hormone levels and stimulating uterine health.

The products contained in Birth Control Cleanse nourish, tone, and cleanse the liver and uterus. Besides, it can regulate a woman’s menstrual cycles by removing excess hormones.

What are the Main Ingredients in Birth Control Cleanse?

The main ingredients are vitamin C and E, folic acid and iodine. In addition to other secondary ingredients, Birth Control Cleanse contains powder made from the fruit of the chaste tree.

While there is scientific evidence backing the role of folic acid and vitamins in improving egg health, a search of popular scientific databases such as PubMed and did not identify any evaluations of chasteberry in reproductive health.

There are mainly anecdotal reports as to the effectiveness of chasteberry in improving hormone health and regulating the menstrual cycle.

What Women Say about Birth Control Cleanse by Premama

I’ve searched several forums but didn’t find many reviews on Birth Control Cleanse. There are very few reviews (all positive) of this product online. Below is a screenshot of a recently posted review on Amazon.

Final Word

There is no compelling scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of supplements in regulating hormones and “clearing” the body of excess hormones.

However, supplements such as Birth Control Cleanse may be helpful in that they contain vitamins and minerals that can contribute to your reproductive health. If you plan to take Birth Control Cleanse or a similar product, my advice is that you talk with your ob-gyn first.

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