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Best Basal Thermometers

A list of popular basal thermometers was reviewed to determine which ones were more accurate, provided fast results, and were user-friendly. We selected 5 basal thermometers based on these criteria to help you chart your way to pregnancy. TOP PICK If you need a very sensitive thermometer that has the capacity to adjust to your […]

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Generation Guard Vs Smart Basal Thermometer

When it comes to tracking our cycles, many women are familiar with the terms “rhythm method” or “natural family planning.” Nowadays, women use the term “fertility awareness” to refer to cycle tracking and monitoring. While many people still opt for other birth control options as opposed to cycle tracking mainly because the latter is very […]

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How to Use a Basal Thermometer to Get Pregnant

“We’re having a baby!” – exciting words to announce to friends and family, right? When talking about children and parenthood, women are commonly the most sensitive about it. Most couples dream about building a family. Sadly, some couples are in circumstances that won’t allow them to have a baby. Couples having issues in intimacy are […]

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