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How to Choose the Best Basal Thermometer

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, one of the first things you need to do is figure out when you ovulate each month. This can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re just coming off of birth control or aren’t in the habit of tracking your cycles. A great tool that can help simplify the […]

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Generation Guard Vs Smart Basal Thermometer

When it comes to tracking our cycles, many women are familiar with the terms “rhythm method” or “natural family planning.” Nowadays, women use the term “fertility awareness” to refer to cycle tracking and monitoring. While many people still opt for other birth control options as opposed to cycle tracking mainly because the latter is very […]

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How to Use a Basal Thermometer to Get Pregnant

“We’re having a baby!” This is an exciting announcement, isn’t it? Most couples dream about starting a family. Unfortunately, some couples are unable to achieve their dreams due to infertility. Some couples, due to their busy work schedules, might find it difficult to plan baby making. This is especially true if one partner traveled a lot […]

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