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When Do You Ovulate after a Miscarriage?

Having a miscarriage is a physically and emotionally challenging experience. In the weeks following a miscarriage, many women experience a roller coaster of emotions. It may be confusing and stressful to start trying for another baby after experiencing a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Some women may not know when it’s best to start trying. Some may […]

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Positive Pregnancy Test Turn Negative Overnight

It can be a nerve-racking experience to take a pregnancy test, especially if you’ve been trying for several months without success. It is even more disappointing if you had a positive pregnancy test and it turned negative the next day. Home pregnancy tests are supposed to be very accurate— for example, the First Response Pregnancy Test more […]

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Do You Have Too Much Vaginal Discharge?

Vaginal discharge is usually a normal and regular occurrence. You may experience what a very watery or clear, slippery, egg white-like vaginal discharge a few days before ovulation. However, if you produce too much vaginal discharge and this lasts longer than expected, should you be concerned? Is this a sign of an infection? Before looking into possible […]

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Dr. Behairi Discusses The Thyroid & Fertility

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Maha Behairi, a resident physician at the end of her specialty training in the Joint Program of Family Medicine. You can listen to the interview (at the bottom of this blog post) or read the questions I asked Dr. Maha and her response below. Before delving into […]

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Can I Have Fertile Cervical Mucus But Not Ovulate?

If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s helpful to monitor your fertility so you can determine when it’s best to have intercourse. If you’ve been charting your basal body temperature (BBT) and/or monitoring changes in your cervical mucus, you probably know that it is important to have fertile cervical mucus or a sustained increase in […]

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VigRX Plus Review: Does It Really Work?

Our VigRx Plus reviews are available in English and 中文.  VigRX Plus is a virility supplement that was designed to provide men with better performance ability in the bedroom. It is a male enhancement product that is designed to help men enjoy a stronger libido, better control, longer-lasting desire, better and stronger erections, and stronger and […]

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Should You Use an Expired Pregnancy Test?

Many of us have been there, right? Waiting for a period that just won’t show up when expected or, on the contrary, hoping it doesn’t show up for the next nine months. But then, there’re home pregnancy tests that you can use and the results will probably put you out of doubt. If you’ve got some pregnancy […]

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10 Strategies For Improving Egg Quality

If you’ve never been pregnant and have reached your mid-thirties or early forties, you’ve certainly heard friends and/or relatives tell you that your chances of conceiving were rapidly declining. Although this is true, the decline is not as rapid as depicted by many people. There have been several instances where women in their forties have become […]

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Avoid These Foods to Prevent Period Cramps

Cramping is one of the worst period side-effects. If you have to move around during the toughest days of the period (and you most often do), cramping can pose a genuine challenge when it comes to work and commuting. Some of the foods most women regularly use are known to help alleviate cramping, but some […]

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