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Fertility Tech for Men: Is It Worth It?

With advances in tech, more and more couples are relying on at-home fertility tools to track their fertility. Nowadays, we have bracelets, apps, mattress monitors, and smart thermometers to help couples get pregnant.   However, most tech gadgets cater for women and many people tend to forget that there is very effective fertility tech for […]

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Top 7 Foods To Increase Sperm Production

Have you planned your menu for this week’s dinners? Hold on! You might want to read this first, especially if you are struggling with getting an erection and have a low sperm count. A low sperm count and an inability to get an erection may reflect your low testosterone levels, poor general health, and lack […]

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Nuts for Healthy Sperm? Get Your Nuts Covered!

Western couples are very worried about the current sperm crisis. Last year a meta-analysis suggested a 50 to 60% decline in sperm counts among Western men during. While researchers agree that the causes of this continuing decrease should be urgently determined, few solutions have been proposed to resolve it. Recently, the International Nut and Dried […]

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Which Home Male Fertility Test is Reliable?

​If you and your partner are unable to get pregnant, although it is something that you both want, it is advisable that you visit a fertility consultant instead of buying a home male fertility test. While several home male fertility tests have been developed during the last decade, it might be difficult for you to determine […]

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Fertility & Erectile Dysfunction [READ THIS]

If you have erectile dysfunction, it might be difficult to get your partner pregnant naturally through sexual intercourse. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have healthy sperm. On the contrary, you may have sperm that are healthy enough to fertilize an egg. What is the Cure for Erectile Dysfunction? You should start by talking […]

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