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Link Between Asthma “Blue” Inhalers and Infertility

​According to a recently published study in the European Respiratory Journal of the European Respiratory Society, ​the use of commonly sold inhalers (also known as “blue” inhalers) was associated with decreased fertility. In a large study that included 5,617 asthmatic women, researchers found that those who used “blue” inhalers had a 30% increased risk of failing to […]

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How to Find a Conception-Friendly Lubricant

It is no surprise that women who’ve been trying to conceive suffer from vaginal dryness–a finding that has been linked to  stress associated with infertility, timed intercourse, and adverse effects of fertility drugs.  If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, you’re probably not be feeling so good down there and might need some help to find a lubricant that […]

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How to Not Go Nuts While Trying to Conceive

It should be fun trying to get pregnant when you’re ready for it, right? But experience has shown that those days of excitement and happiness can slowly become one of doubt and frustration.  Some couples have reported assuming they’ll get pregnant within six months of trying. And for most of these couples, it’s a huge […]

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Timing or Not Timing Sex: What’s Good for Couples Trying to Conceive?

Several factors may affect a couple’s ability to get pregnant, including poor timing of intercourse. While couples are sometimes advised to have intercourse frequently (at least three times per week), conception can only occur around the time of ovulation, i.e., about five days before up to several hours after the egg is released. Consequently, to […]

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Are Fertility-Friendly Lubricants Helpful?

So you’ve been trying to conceive and have been advised to have intercourse at least two to three times a week. Or have you been told to have intercourse every day during your fertile window? And if you didn’t conceive after the first month, chances are you’re having intercourse a little more frequently than usual. […]

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Ovulation Predictor Kits Versus Fertility Monitors

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a few months without success, you might want to consider using an ovulation test or a fertility monitor. These devices can help you track your ovulation cycles and maximize your chances of conception. But like many women, you might be wondering which of them–an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) or […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Egg Quality: 10 Strategies You Can Start Today

If you’ve never been pregnant and have reached your mid-thirties or early forties, you’ve certainly heard friends and/or relatives tell you that your chances of conceiving were rapidly declining. Although this is true, the decline is not as rapid as depicted by many people. There have been several instances where women in their forties have […]

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The Fertility Diet

If you’ve been having difficulties getting pregnant (or getting pregnant again), there’s no magical diet to help you achieve this; however, there are foods that can help improve your fertility. These are not the so-called fertility foods such as ginseng, kelp, yams or oysters. The real fertility foods include whole grains, healthy fats, lean protein, […]

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