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How Do Ovulation Tests Work?

In some parts of the world, child bearing is placed highly in society. Often times, society pressures women to bear children, which can cause childless women to feel inadequate. Some people go to many lengths to have a baby. Over the years, different fertility solutions have been developed.Sometimes, these methods can be extremely expensive. Of […]

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Can an Ovulation Test Detect Pregnancy?

The traditional way of detecting pregnancy is to urinate on a home pregnancy test and wait for the results. However, there are other ways of determining whether you are pregnant. An ovulation test is intended to determine when you are ovulating. Basically, the test is used to figure out the best time to have sex in […]

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How Soon Can You Take a Pregnancy Test?

Whether you are planning to get pregnant or are worried about being pregnant, it is often difficult to wait to take a pregnancy test. You want to know the outcome as soon as possible. Yet, if you take the test too soon, the results may not be accurate. The typical recommendation is to wait until after […]

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Fertility Stones Are a Thing, but Do They work?

​Fertility stones are trending among women trying to conceive. These stones are believed to improve a woman’s chance of conceiving. If you believe in the power of crystal energies, then you probably know that fertility stones have been used for several centuries. But why have they become a thing? Do they really work? Content How Do […]

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