Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks

If you’re looking to get pregnant but can’t seem to get anywhere with regular ovulation predictor test sticks, which do not seem to give you the results that you’re so badly looking for, you can use these Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks.

These test sticks were designed to help you know more about your fertility and the best times of the month for you to have intercourse to conceive.

It might seem unthinkable, but for some couples things might not be happening because they do not understand their fertile window and “just do it” with the hope that they’ll get pregnant during that cycle. If you’re in this situation, you should consider using a reliable method to track your fertility and understand your body.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks sticks were designed to help with that process. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor Test, 30 Fertility Tests, for example, includes 30 test sticks so that you can track your fertility for two entire cycles (assuming you have a cycle length of 30 days or less).

These sticks monitor the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and estrogen in your urine. You need to test daily so that the monitor can analyze your data and identify your “peak fertile days.” This can help you and your spouse know when intercourse is most likely going to lead to conception.

To improve a couple’s chances of getting pregnant, some doctors advice their patients to have intercourse once every two days. However, it is not always possible for some couples to do this, especially when one or both partners travels a lot for work.

These fertility test sticks, when used with the Clearblue monitor, can make things easier for you and your partner to plan baby making.


  • Identifies up to 6 fertile days 
  • Detects LH and estrogen
  • Is non-invasive
  • Works for regular or irregular cycles
  • Contains enough sticks for two cycles
  • Ninety-nine percent accurate at detecting LH and estrogen
  • Works with Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor to read results


  • Comes with 30 sticks, which can suffice for two cycles
  • Ninety-nine percent accuracy rate
  • Identifies up to six days fertile days 
  • Monitors two reproductive hormones: LH and estrogen


  • Requires Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor to work
  • The test sticks can become expensive, especially for women with long cycles
  • Doesn't work so well in women with long cycles


If you’ve been trying to conceive for more than three months, you may have noticed that pregnancy doesn’t just happen when you have intercourse. Remember those days when our parents would tell us that “you’ll get pregnant IF you have sex”? Well, it turns that wasn’t even close to the truth.

For some couples, pregnancy might not be happening for different reasons. If timing is a problem, it would help using tools to help you identify days when you’re likely to get pregnant. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is one of those tools that can help you do this.

The monitor and test sticks allow you to track your fertility by measuring the levels of LH and estrogen in your urine. The Clearblue monitor and test sticcks help you know your high fertility days, thereby improving your chances of conception.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks includes 30 test sticks. For women with an avarage cycle length of 28 days, this means the test sticks can be used for two cycles.

Although it can get expensive to buy the test sticks whenever you need a refill, the manufacturer boasts that this set can detect your fertile days with a 99% accuracy.

The company is also the #1 recommended by most doctors, and the Clearblue monitor also works for women who have irregular cycles. In most cases, women with irregular cycles are unable to get accruate results with fertility tracking tools.

Possible Alternatives

One Step Highly Sensitive Ovulation/Fertility Strip Test

A relatively inexpensive option, the One Step Highly Sensitive Ovulation/Fertility Strip Test is a small unit that comes in packs of 20. The test strips permit you to track ovulation.

All you have to do is follow the testing instructions of the manufacturer; the instructions are included in the package.

The manufacturer claims the test is 99.9% accurate, and it is FDA- and CE-approved. According to them, the test strips are very sensitive and can detect LH spikes so you can monitor the changes in color intensity to identify your most fertile days.

One of the downsides of this test kit is that some women have expressed difficulties in reading the results. However, results can be obtained within a few minutes of testing.

Easy@Home Ovulation

The Easy@Home Ovulation set is less expensive and comes with 50 ovulation strips as well as 20 pregnancy tests. The ovulation strips allow you to easily test LH levels while the pregnancy tests are designed to monitor hCG levels.

The ovulation tests are easy to use and provide an accurate result quickly while the pregnancy tests will provide results within three to five minutes. In short, everything is included in this set to help you determine when you ovulate and when you finally get pregnant.

Overall, you can monitor your cycles by spending less with this test kit-something that you may pay more if you used more expensive tests. However, note that some expensive tools have an added advantage in that they are easier to read and more accurate.

Final Words

Overall, the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks, when used with the monitor, seem to be a good fit for most women facing difficulties in identifying their fertile window.

The Clearblue range of products are highly trusted by obstetricians, and if you’re looking for a reliable fertility tracking device to monitor your cycles, this product is right for you.

Although these test sticks are relatively more expensive than some ovulation predictor test sticks and should be used with the Clearblue fertility monitor, you are sure to get accurate results. Besides, the results are are easy to read, as the device clearly indicates whether it is “high” or “low” fertility.

You will get up to six fertile days, which is a plus given that other ovulation predictor kits can detect four or less fertile days. Additionally, the test sticks and monitor detect both LH and the estrogen in your urine to give you better results.

The test sticks can be enough for you to use through two menstrual cycles. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks are easy to use and you’re sure to get accurate results if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


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