ClinicalGuard Ovulation Test Strips: Do They Work?

Ovulation tests can come in handy when you’re trying to get pregnant; at-home test strips are especially useful because they’re fast with results.

The tests help you know when you’re ovulating so you’re aware of your cycle.

ClinicalGuard ovulation test strips are among the fast-acting kits that indicate ovulation. In this review, I’ll walk you through its pros and cons, so you can decide whether it suits you or not.

ClinicalGuard Ovulation Test Strips

Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips

Easy@Home Ovulation Test Strips

Upon buying the set, you’ll receive 100 strips and 20 pregnancy test strips. After taking the test, the line that’ll appear will reveal whether you’re ovulating or not. If you’re fertile, the line will be dark.

Wondfo offers you 50 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy tests upon your purchase. It works the same as ClinicalGuard; the darker the color that appears is the closer to ovulation you are.

This kit comes with 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy tests. There’s also an application offered by the company that can help you track your cycle.


• ClinicalGuard strips have high accuracy in detecting hormone levels.
• The kit is relatively affordable.
• The strips are easy to use.


• The results are easy to read.
• The test is affordable compared to others.
• It’s highly accurate in detecting hormone levels.


• The predictor app is pretty useful in tracking your cycle
• The ovulation test is accurate


• Some users find the results hard to read because the strips are thin and the colors can be baffling.
• Some users commented the test only shows results when the hormone’s level is high


• The tests take time to show results, as opposed to the company’s claims.
• Some users mentioned that pregnancy tests’ results are inaccurate.


• The HCG tests’ results are inaccurate
• Some strips are wiped out, which causes the results to be unclear
• You need to take the test multiple times to get specific results

Are Ovulation Test Strips Accurate?

Reading a lot of users’ reviews will get your mind jumbled. Some will complain the tests are inaccurate and others will praise the accuracy of it. The question is, are they accurate all the time? The answer is no, there are a few times when the results may be inaccurate.

The accuracy of ovulation test results depend on many factors. Let’s check them out.

The Purpose

You must realize that the ovulation test won’t tell you if you’re getting pregnant or not. Buying it on that basis won’t get you the results you want. Ovulation test strips only detect the level of LH in your body, which lets you know whether you’re close to ovulation or not.  This will help you to track your cycle and know which days are your most fertile.

Your Cycle

If your cycle is unpredictable or irregular, it might be confusing to use ovulation test strips. You’ll have to run the test many times to get accurate results because your ovulation window may be hard to detect.  This may result in you needing more test strips than someone with a more regular cycle.


If you’re using birth control pills or fertility drugs, the chances are high that you may see inaccurate results. The reason is the imbalance in your body’s hormones, which will make it hard to detect your LH levels.

Health Conditions

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a quite common condition among women. It can cause irregular cycles and LH levels to fluctuate, which causes the test strips results to be inaccurate.

How to Use Ovulation Test Strips?

  1. Urinate in a plastic cup or container.
  2. Remove the strip from the foil pouch.
  3. Insert it into the urine pointing the arrow downwards; make sure not to immerse the MAX line.
  4. Leave the strip in for a few seconds.
  5. Remove the strip and put it on a dry surface.
  6. Wait for a few minutes and then look for the results.

ClinicalGuard Ovulation Test Strips Review

Like all other test strips, ClinicalGuard strips work on detecting the Luteinizing hormone (LH) level, which is an indication that ovulation will take place in 24-36 hours.

They work like the other types as well. You insert the strip in your urine and wait for a few minutes. The line will then change its color according to your fertility window.


  • The test has a sensitivity of 25 miU.
  • Easy to use by yourself without instructions.
  • The results appear after 5 minutes.
  • Results appear as color bands.
  • The strips are packed individually.

Results Guide

Some ovulation test results vary in the way they’re presented. You should know what the results look like so you’re not confused.

If your LH level is high, two color-bands will be visible. The test band will be similar in color to the control band or it’ll be a bit darker. That means you should ovulate within the next 24-36 hours

If your LH is low, either one band will be visible, or the test band will appear significantly lighter than the control band.


  • The package comes in a lovely, eye-catching design
  • Considering the low price, the quality is acceptable
  • The test has a high sensitivity for bodies with fluctuating LH levels
  • It has a pink-colored indicator that’s easier to use than blue ones


  • There is a margin for error
  • The test won’t tell you whether your hormone is at its peak or it’s just high
  • Some users got a bad batch that wasn’t very effective

Wondfo Ovulation Test

Wondfo is pretty easy to use, it works just like most ovulation test strips. It’s FDA-approved and has a high sensitivity in detecting the LH levels.

The resulting line gets darker each time your ovulation is getting closer. The strips are also quite easy to read and don’t require instructions.


  • High sensitivity
  • Early detection
  • FDA-approved tests
  • Results appear as colored lines


  • It detects the ovulation window accurately
  • Easy to use and read


  • The pregnancy tests might not be accurate
  • The results take time to show

Easy@home Ovulation Test

The Easy@home app that accompanies this kit is what makes it different from others. Once you download the app, you have a remote tracking system of your cycle, which helps you predict the ovulation window. The test strips are the same as other brands. They come with bonus pregnancy test strips.


  • Compatible with a mobile app
  • Quick results
  • Strips are wrapped individually


  • Includes a free mobile app
  • High accuracy


  • Its sensitivity isn’t the best compared to the other options and it may require re-testing.
  • Pregnancy test results are inaccurate


Users have claimed ClinicalGuard ovulation test strips as one of the most effective ovulation tests on the market. It works pretty well for people with a low budget and high usage.

The affordable price will allow you to try several times to ensure an accurate result without worrying about money.

Although not as accurate as Clinicalguard, Easy@home and Wondfo are still good alternatives.

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