Fertility Doula: Everything You Need to Know

Are you trying to get pregnant with no luck? Do you have questions regarding nursing your child? Have you recently suffered from a miscarriage or are currently worried that your natural birth plan might not work out?

A fertility doula is someone who supports couples or single mothers through their journey of conception, whether they’re getting pregnant naturally or not. Working with a fertility doula is an excellent decision because she can answer questions, provide reassurance, and help you with all your needs.

Regardless of the nature of your fertility journey, your doula will be right next to you even after you have your child. In this article, we’ll talk about what fertility doulas do and why you should hire one.

What is a Fertility Doula?

Having a child is a blessing that comes with a lot of challenges. Parents who choose to go through this magical journey are subject to a lot of complex emotions, and a fertility doula will be there to help you deal with them. It’s OK to feel scared, confused, and even disappointed at times, especially if your journey is a little bit different.

A fertility doula is a trained professional who can work with you before you get pregnant. Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or you’re going to a fertility clinic to discuss medical options, your fertility doula will be right there to help you. She is a labor companion who has access to lots of information and resources that can help you throughout your journey as an expecting mother.

According to research, 1 out of 7 couples face problems with naturally conceiving, despite having unprotected sex. But even those who can get pregnant easily will also appreciate the help of a qualified fertility doula.

The journey of getting pregnant and giving birth is unique to every individual and couple. This is why your doula will work with you to create a personalized pregnancy and birth plan that works to cater to your specific needs. She understands your health condition and can help you with managing your life before and after giving birth, so you and your baby can have the best care and help possible.

What does a Fertility Doula Do?

Lots of women have misconceptions about getting pregnant. Although some women can conceive without any help, some struggle for years, which puts a toll on their bodies and minds. Having a doula will provide you with several benefits regardless of the nature of your pregnancy.

Provides Support

Her job is to provide you and your partner with medical, emotional, mental, and non-judgmental support from the time you’re thinking about having a child to the time of labor and even after you give birth. Whether you have questions related to your lifestyle as a pregnant woman or how to take care of your newborn, the doula will be able to help you.

Helps You Deal with Loss

If you have recently lost a child, your doula will help you cope with your miscarriage’s emotional and physical pain. You and your partner might have lots of questions about your recent loss and future opportunities for conceiving a child.

Answers Fertility-Related Questions

If you have questions about how fertility works or about your fertility window when you’re trying to conceive, the doula will answer all your and your partner’s questions. She is also aware of all the newest trends in reproduction technology that bring hope to those who aren’t able to conceive naturally.

Communicates with You and Your Partner

Your fertility doula will visit you at home and communicate with you in several ways that include phone check-ins and phone texts. She will also attend clinic appointments with you, provide you with online and printed materials that you can check to answer your questions, and help you with a comprehensive fertility plan that focuses on your mental and physical well-being. Your doula can also provide you with guidance for mindfulness meditation that can help you cope with stress and pressure.

Understands Your Pain

Whether you’re receiving personal or virtual support through social media, phone calls, and texts, your doula will be your go-to person when you feel frustrated because you’ve just had a negative pregnancy test or think that you’re not doing a good job breastfeeding your child. Everything related to taking care of your body and your baby after giving birth will be explained.

Tailors a Personal Plan

Because a fertility doula will be working on a personal basis with you and your partner or supportive family, you need to be careful about choosing the right doula for you. This person will be involved with the most intimate aspects of your life, and you need to be comfortable working with them.

Before labor, your fertility doula will educate you about what to expect and how things will progress, whether you’re conceiving naturally or are receiving medical help. She will explain all the risks and clear any misunderstandings or misconceptions that you might have.

Discusses Several Labor Plans

Although most doctors are more inclined to let the labor process happen naturally, having a fertility doula by your side is an extra assurance that you will have the right birth for you. Doulas provide more help when you have your birth at home but can also be present with you if you choose to give birth at the hospital or if your health status requires medical intervention.

If you prefer to have a natural birth, the doula will assess the situation and advise you with an adequate option. Things might not go as planned sometimes, and your doula will take the right action and call a doctor or take you to the hospital where you will receive the best care possible.

Even if you end up having a C-section, having a doula right next to your side will help you get back in shape mentally and physically faster. She will provide you with all the needed support during and after your surgery and can also help improve your baby’s chances of being naturally breastfed.

Helps You with Pain

A doula will suggest several pain-management options like massage and reflexology during your pregnancy and labor. Her companionship and support will also help you deal with the emotional and physical strain throughout your birth journey.

Your doula will also help your partner with their co-parenting role. She provides your partner with emotional and mental support, so they can perform their job adequately as they take part in the beautiful journey of conceiving and giving birth. A doula is a coach and will never push your partner aside, but she will work with both the mother and her partner to help them relax and understand their roles.

Helps You After Giving Birth

After giving birth, you and your partner might struggle with taking care of your newborn. Some women have problems with breastfeeding or suffer from postpartum depression that makes them feel that they’re not doing a good job.

Your doula will visit you several times to provide you with nursing advice and help you and your partner or any family members who wish to help you on your journey. She will demonstrate what you should do when you’re changing diapers or bathing your child. If your child is having problems with latching, your doula will help you with several techniques and suggest tools that can help you overcome this problem.

Is a Fertility Doula Right for You?

Choosing a doula is a personal choice. You don’t have to get a doula if you don’t feel comfortable having one, but hiring a doula comes with lots of benefits. She will be your pregnancy and labor coach, answering all the questions that you and your partner might have.

A doula will help you through your natural birth and will discuss all your options if you have your heart set on a specific birth plan. She will also be there next to you if your situation requires medical intervention or if you decide to take an epidural.

It’s recommended that you consider hiring a doula when you’re planning to get pregnant. She will suggest several pregnancy options and even attend the doctor’s appointments if you choose to go through artificial insemination.

How Much Does Hiring a Doula Cost?

The cost of a doula varies by region and the type of services she’s ready to provide you with. The cost of hiring a doula can be anything between $800 and $2500. However, some insurance companies will be ready to cover some of the costs of your doula, depending on your insurance plan. You need to contact your insurance company and discuss your options.

Some doulas charge per visit, while others have a flat rate. Basically, the doula’s services include a prenatal visit, discussing labor and delivery, and a post-delivery follow-up. In some cases, you might need more support or have a specific health situation that requires more intervention from the doula. In this case, you will probably pay more for doula services.

When Should you Hire a Fertility Doula?

You can hire a doula as soon as you decide on having a child, as she will help you assess several options or might suggest tips to help you conceive naturally. Some women choose to hire doulas once they know they’re pregnant, but it’s recommended to get your doula before the time you’re 20 weeks pregnant, so she can help you with a personalized plan that works for you.

If you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to conceive, hiring a fertility doula will provide you with the right holistic guidance that you need. Fertility problems are emotionally, mentally, and physically draining, so your doula will be your companion and coach.

Most doulas fill up quickly, so it might not be easy to get an appointment with the doula of your choice. You might need to book several appointments until you find a doula that you actually feel comfortable with. Remember that a doula will be working with you exclusively, and she will give you all the time you need.

How Do You Become a Certified Fertility Doula?

If helping other people with parenthood is your life calling, then you should consider becoming a certified doula. Getting certified training will improve the natural talents that you already have and help you understand how to help women with their pregnancy and birth.

Your training will provide you with the necessary tools that you will later use with various clients. You’ll also be confident enough to tailor specific pregnancy and birth plans that work for different individuals depending on their age, beliefs, health, and other factors. Your education will provide you with information regarding the following:

  • Fertility nutrition.
  • Fertility challenges.
  • Exercises and fitness.
  • Preconception health and wellness.
  • Sexual health.
  • Genetic considerations.
  • Pain-management options.
  • Alternative birth plans and more.

Your mission is to help healthy parenthood become a reality for your potential clients. You will have to head to a parental or fertility institute where you will be educated by other experienced and certified doulas who will get you equipped for your future role as a parental coach.

Where to Find a Certified Fertility Doula Near You?

Most doulas get introduced to new clients through their older clients. Word of mouth is the most potent and most efficient way of landing your future doula because you can also listen to testimonials from people who worked with her for months.

You can also search online to find a doula near you. Some doulas work with fertility centers, and you might be able to hire a doula as part of your fertility management plan.

Several doulas work independently and will publish their services online. You can check their social media accounts and read comments and reviews of previous clients.

You might need to look around a little before you have your heart set on someone. If you hire a doula before getting pregnant, you might have to work with her for at least a year or more. This is why you need to be extremely careful about who will gain access to the most intimate aspects of your life as you, your partner if you have one, and your doula should all be on the same page.

Wrap Up

Hiring a fertility doula provides expecting mothers with the needed coaching. A fertility doula can work with you before getting pregnant, especially if you’re facing problems conceiving naturally. She will explain everything you and your partner or anyone who’s assuming a co-parenting role might need to understand before the arrival of your baby.

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