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Many couples dream of having children. While some couples get pregnant within three months of trying, some take much longer and others need medical help for this to happen.

Biologically, some men and women can’t conceive and they have to resort to other options such as adopting a child or using a surrogate. 

In some cases, couples do not know when it’s best to have intercourse because the woman has irregular cycles. This can make it difficult for the couple to achieve a pregnancy.

Fertility monitors have increasingly become popular among women because these devices help them take control of their cycle and know just when it is right to baby dance to get pregnant. They come in different models and price ranges.

However, high-end monitors are more likely to produce the results that you and your spouse might be looking for within a short time. Besides, some are designed for women with irregular periods and long cycles.

Here are some of the best fertility monitors on the market:

OvaCue Fertility Monitor with Vaginal Sensor

ovacue fertility monitor

The Ovacue Fertility Monitor is an excellent tool for testing your fertility. It identifies when your body is likely going to release and ovum.

Unlike urine and saliva-based monitors, this monitor features a vaginal sensor. The device is made with the latest technology to detect minute changes in the levels of luteinizing and estrogen hormones that typically happen before ovulation.

The monitor displays the information collected in form of clear color bands. The fertility gadget can be used at home and with ease.

Learrn more about the Ovacue Fertility Monitor in the video below.


  • The most striking thing about this monitor is the vaginal sensor. Forget collecting your urine or saliva, this device works differently.
  • It is known to produce accurate results. It tracks the fertility days and notifies you so that you can optimize on them.
  • It is best suited for women with irregular cycles. Where other methods have failed, this monitor has surpassed all the obstacles.
  • It is easy to use. You take both the vaginal and oral readings on a daily basis.


  • It is very expensive.
  • For the first cycle, you might get some inconsistent results, but over time, the device works just fine.

Ovacue Fertility Monitor with Vaginal Sensor is ideal for women with irregular cycles (i.e., those with polycstic ovarian syndrome).

With the oral and the vaginal component, the gadget provides precise and accurate results. Although it is very expensive, the cost is relatively lower compared with other devices such as the Lady-Comp fertility monitor, which costs about $400.

Maybe Mom Mini Ovulation Microscope

maybe mom mciroscope

UPDATE: If this product is unavailable on Amazon.com, you can check the manufacturer's website here. Alternative choices include Maybe Baby Saliva Ovulation Tester, Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope, KNOWHEN Saliva Ovulation Test, and Geratherm OVU Control Fertility Test. Read more about these tests here.

The Maybe Mom Mini Ovulation Microscope is among the best fertility monitors that test saliva to determine ovulation cycle.

For best results, the manufacturer advices that you use it daily so that you can create effective charts to track ovulation.

You don’t need a messy uring test with this fertility monitor. All you need is to either place a few drops of your saliva on the slide or simply lick it. 

The test is easy to perform and you can read your results within a few minutes. This mini ovulation microscope is also easy to easily clean, and it can be be carried around in a purse.

The video below shows you how to use the Maybe Mom microscope to check your fertility status.


  • It is saliva-based, which makes it convenient for use at any given place.
  • The kit is easy to use. The readings are clear and after use you can easily clean the monitor.
  • The little microscope helps you to view the fern-like structure, which signals when you are ovulating.
  • It can also be used as a pregnancy test. If even after ovulating you still encounter the “ferning,” you may be pregnant.


  • It might breakdown since it is quite fragile but if handled correctly, this should not be a problem.
  • While the manual says you will only need to wait for five minutes for the saliva to dry, you might need some more time.

Maybe Mom Mini Ovulation Microscope is a suitable product for women looking for a simple device to monitor their fertility cycle. If you hate temping and peeing on test sticks, this product might be a good choice. 

It comes with a small microscope, which you can use to view the results. However, it is a fragile product and needs to be handled carefully.

OV Watch Fertility Predictor with 3-month supply of sensors

ov watch fertility predictor

UPDATE: The OV-Watch is no longer available. You may consider using the Ava Fertility Bracelet, which tracks nine physiological parameters and predicts your most fertile days. Ava can also be used during pregnancy to monitor during the entire process. See my full review here.

Forget urine testing or the saliva microscope and simply wear the OV watch to track your cycles. This watch is the ideal choice for women who hate to measure their basal temperature or monitor their cervical mucus on a daily basis.

This watch makes fertility tracking easy. All you need to do is wear the watch and it does all the work of collecting the necessary data to help you track your fertility.

The watch carries a biosensor and a processor, which takes readings right from your skin at 30-minute intervals. Unlike other fertility monitors that track hormones, this assesses the level of chloride ions.

The manufacturer claims that this watch is able to identify six fertile days during your cycle.


  • It is easy to use since you wear it as any piece of jewelry.
  • The fertility gadget is convenient. You do not have to wait for the saliva to dry or the urine to be tested.
  • It is a more affordable option.
  • The package comes with a 3-month supply of sensors.


  • The sensor is bound to be damaged if not stored under the right conditions. However, you will have a three-month supply of sensors.
  • It is not for women who have cycles that exceed 38 days.

OV Watch Fertility Predictor with 3-month supply of sensors is an excellent gadget at a high level of convenience. However, it is fragile and it is only suited for women with shorter cycles.


Ovacue Fertility Monitor with Vaginal Sensor is the best fertility monitor among the three reviewed above. This is because the vaginal sensor works best for women of different cycles. However, it is very expensive and may not be a good choice if you’re on a tight budget.

The OV Watch Fertility Predictor with 3-month supply of sensors is no longer available. However, do not despair if you find it unappealing to measure your basal body temperature and monitor your cervical mucus.

A better wearable tracker, Ava bracelet, is now available for women who wish to track their fertility without going through the hassle of using a basal thermometer and manually charting their readings.

The Maybe Mom Mini Ovulation Microscope is also a good choice, but this fertility monitor appears to be unavailable on Amazon.com. You may get the product on the manufacturer’s website or check this list of top saliva-based fertility monitors.


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