Fertility Stones Are a Thing, but Do They work?

​Fertility stones are trending among women trying to conceive. These stones are believed to improve a woman’s chance of conceiving. If you believe in the power of crystal energies, then you probably know that fertility stones have been used for several centuries.

But why have they become a thing? Do they really work?

How Do Fertility Stones Work?

​People who work with crystal energies believe these gemstones emit frequencies that can bring harmony to your body and mind.​

Additionally, it is believed that when placed on the body, these gemstones will draw out negative energy.

Different cystals are associated with different energies and healing properties. Let’s take a look at those that are believed to improve fertility and support pregnancy.

1. Moonstone

This gemstone, referred to as a “woman’s healing stone”, is believed to be a great gemstone for fertility. Crystal healers report that moonstone balances hormones and regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Given its purported ability to boost female energy and improve natural conception, crystal healers recommend that women use it when they’re trying for a baby. ​

Other properties that have been reported for moonstone is its ability to draw love to its user. Women trying to conceive are advised to wear the stone during baby making; however, they’re advised to focus on love instead of pregnancy during the process.

2. Rose Quartz

​This love stone is said to promote self-love and emotional stability, forgiveness, as well as compassion. It is also said to improve sexual dysfunction, increase fertility, and promote a healthy pregnancy.

Rose Quartz Fertility Bracelet by Fairhaven Health

3. Carnelian

Like the other two gemstones mentioned above, this gemstone is said to boost fertility and increase energy levels.

Other properties have been attributed to it, including its capacity to stimulate the reproductive organs in both men and women and balance sex hormones. It is also reported to draw negative energy and help prevent a miscarriage.

4. Aventurine

​This gemstone, also considered a stone of love, is said to boost the wearer’s feelings and emotions. It also believed to promote positive feelings and self-confidence.

Aventurine has also been used to improve fertility and crystal healers report it can support pregnancy.​

5. Unakite

In addition to improving fertility, this gemstone is said to promote a healthy pregnancy and has benefits during childbirth in that it helps to keep the wearer calm and focused.

6. Pearls

These stones are reported to improve fertility and can draw negative energy from the wearer’s body.

7. Aquamarine

This gemstone is believed to prevent miscarriages. It is also usually recommended for use in women who have a history of miscarriage.

8. Fluorite

It is reported to stabilize reproductive hormones. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrrome (PCOS) and those in the perimenopausal period might benefit from using this gemstone.

9. Smoky Quartz

​It has been reported to have many benefits on sexual health in both men and women. It boosts sexual energy and increases fertility.

It is also believed to have a good effect on the uterus and is advised in women who have uterine myoma and those in the menopausal period. Men who have prostatitis (inflammation or swelling of the prostate gland).

10. Jade

This gemstone is believed to be a great choice for women wishing to conceive. Because stress and emotional stability are important factors that can affect a woman’s chances of conceiving, it is thought that women who are very emotional would benefit from wearing this gemstone. Crystal healers believe jade can alleviate negative emotions.

11. Ruby Zoiste

​This combination crystal contains the properties of ruby and those of zoisite, and it is reported to promote fertility in both men and women.

12. Turquiose

This crystal is used to protect the unborn child and it is thought to help decrease Braxton Hicks contractions (i.e., contractions that occur before true labor).

Where Can You Buy Fertility Stones?

​You can easily buy fertility stones or fertility bracelets with gemstones online. However, there have been quite a good number of fake sellers online, including those who came up with fake healing crystals such as galena geodes. ​

You can buy fertility bracelets with gemstones on Amazon or eBay, but you should check that you’re buying from a reliable merchant who has received excellent reviews.

Will You Get Pregnant if You Use Fertility Stones

​Many women wear fertility bracelets with gemstones maybe out of belief, tradition, or suggestion from relatives or friends. Some believe it wouldn’t hurt them if they wore these bracelets and hope there’s at least a chance that it might increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Any science behind the efficacy of these gemstones?

There is no scientific evidence demonstrating that gemstones inherently possess any of healing powers attributed to them.

Although one study suggested that crystal healing may induce a placebo effect in patients who receive the treatment, fertility was not addressed in that study. Till date, no study has shown that fertility bracelets actually work.

In fact, scientists suggest that crystals might not have anything to do with the “apparent healing” of a person who reports feeling better after undergoing crystal healing.

Bottom Line

​Do I recommend fertility stones? No.

Do I plan to use them to enhance my fertility? No?

Would I wear gemstones if given the opportunity? Yes, definitely! They are beautiful, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a bracelet with gemstones.

We would love to hear your thoughts on fertility stones? Do you own a fertility bracelet? Please share your experience in the comment box below or contact us if you wish to share your experience privately.


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