First Response Ovulation Test Reviews

It is necessary that you know when you ovulate so that you have intercourse during your fertile period and maximize your chances of conception. If you’re facing difficulties in tracking your cycles, you might want to look for a reliable method that will help you do this.

First response ovulation tests can take the guesswork out of trying to get pregnant. These ovulation predictor kits can give you a helping hand by detecting hormone levels in your urine.

This gives you the opportunity to take control of your fertility, and you can identify your fertile window to increase your chances of conceiving.

There are various categories of First Response ovulation tests. This review is intended to provide you with the necessary information so that you can choose a test that meets your needs.

First Response Ovulation Test, 7-Test Kit Plus 1 Pregnancy Test

This ovulation test includes seven ovulation test sticks and one pregnancy test. This makes it possible for you to predict your two most fertile days as well as test for pregnancy.

The manufacturer claims both the ovulation and pregnancy tests have a high accuracy of over 99%. The test is designed to detect an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH) level in your urine sample.

An LH surge is an indication that ovulation will occur within 24 to 36 hours and having intercourse within this time frame can increase your chances of conception.  


  • The results are easy to read. The test line should be as dark as (or darker) than the control line for a positive ovulation test result.
  • According to the manufacturer, the pregnancy test is the only one that gives results six days earlier than your expected period.
  • The testing method is not messy because you only need to hold the ovulation stick in your urine stream.


  • There are only seven ovulation sticks, and these may not be enough to last during one cycle, especially if you have very long periods.
  • When compared to a kit that contains 20 ovulation sticks, this kit is relatively expensive.
  • Some women have reported finding it difficult to read the test results.

First Response Ovulation Test, 7-Test Kit Plus 1 Pregnancy Test makes it easy for you to detect your most fertile days of the month. Further, it includes a pregnancy test stick that permits you to determine whether you have successfully conceived.

Although the test kit includes only seven sticks and may not be enough to last during one cycle, for some, it is cheaper than buying 20 sticks that may not be used up during a cycle.

First Response Test and Confirm Ovulation Test Kit, 11 Count

This test and confirm ovulation test kit comes with ten ovulation sticks to determine when you are likely to ovulate and one digital ovulation stick to confirm the first test results.

Like the First Response Ovulation Test, 7-Test Kit Plus 1 Pregnancy Test, this kit enables you to predict two days in a month when you are most fertile and likely to get pregnant.

It does this by detecting your LH surge, a sign that you will ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours. Sexual intercourse during this period increases your odds of getting pregnant.


  • The test has a 99% level of accuracy in predicting when ovulation will occur.
  • It provides clear results, and these can be confirmed in three minutes.
  • The kit has two ways of detecting your most fertile days. It uses the test sticks and the digital ovulation stick. This ensures accuracy in determining when ovulation will occur.


  • Some users may find the use of lines unclear in comparison to a kit that gives a straightforward 'YES' or 'NO' result.
  • Testing involves two processes—one using an ovulation stick and the other using a digital stick. Some users might find this time-consuming compared to other methods that require the use of one ovulation stick.

First Response Test and Confirm Ovulation Test Kit, 11 Count utilizes a two-step method to pinpoint ovulation. This ensures that you get an accurate result and therefore increases your chances of pregnancy, should you engage in “baby dancing” with your partner.

The only downside may be the two-step process and the fact that results are displayed as lines rather than a clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Nevertheless, this product is rated by many women as one of First Response’s best ovulation test kits.

First Response Digital Ovulation – 20 Tests

This digital ovulation test includes a digital reader and 20 test sticks that are enough for a month’s supply.

It also helps determine the two days when you are fertile by detecting your LH surge. The manufacturer claims the test has an accuracy rate of 99%.

For instructions on how to use this test, follow this link: First Response digital ovulation test instruction manual.


  • According to the manufacturer, the test has a high accuracy in detecting a woman's fertile days.
  • The results provided are clear and simple, with a 'YES' meaning that there is a surge in LH. You should have intercourse within the next 24 to 36 hours. A 'NO' means that you should continue testing.
  • It uses digital technology to detect when ovulation occurs.


  • The test kit can only be used during one cycle and when it shows a 'YES', it cannot be used anymore.
  • Many women have reported that their digital reader stopped working a few days after using it.

First Response Ovulation Test Directions

To obtain accurate results, it is best that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer. First Response ovulation tests are easy to use and you can find the instructions in the package that comes with the test or on the manufacturer’s website.

The guide gives you detailed instructions on when you should start testing during your cycle. The package insert also includes a chart of all cycle lengths. 

Final Words

Among the first response ovulation tests reviewed, First Response Digital Ovulation with 20 tests appears to be the most beneficial. Besides including enough ovulation sticks that can last for a whole month, the test kit displays results as a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, which many women find convenient to read. Unfortunately, this test is among the least rated First Response tests.

The First Response Test and Confirm Ovulation Test Kit, 11 Count is our runner-up. This test kit uses two ways to test for ovulation thereby increasing the accuracy rate in detecting the surge in LH. However, it only has one digital ovulation test that you can use to confirm the test result. Additionally, it displays results as lines.

Finally, the First Response Ovulation Test, 7-Test Kit Plus 1 Pregnancy Test which comes with seven ovulation test sticks and one pregnancy test gives you the option to test for ovulation and check whether you successfully got pregnant.

However, like the First Response Test and Confirm Ovulation Test Kit, 11 Count, the First Response Ovulation Test, 7-Test Kit Plus 1 Pregnancy Test displays results as lines. In addition, it does not include enough test sticks to last for at least one month.


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