Generation Guard Vs Smart Basal Thermometer

When it comes to tracking our cycles, many women are familiar with the terms “rhythm method” or “natural family planning.” Nowadays, women use the term “fertility awareness” to refer to cycle tracking and monitoring. While many people still opt for other birth control options as opposed to cycle tracking mainly because the latter is very subjective, we now have more advanced basal body temperature (BBT) thermometers​ that can make cycle trakcing less sketchy.​

In recent years, manufacturers have created basal body thermometers that can give you more precise data than the traditional thermometers that your granny and those of her generation used. While my all-time fav is the iProven Clinical Basal Thermometer (read my post on best basal thermometers for more), I couldn’t help finding out about other BBT thermometers that many moms love. These are the Generation Guard Clinical Basal Thermometer and Smart Basal Thermometer.

Generation Guard Clinical Basal Thermometer​

This clinical basal thermometer by Generation Guard can help you track your BBT with confidence. The thermometer is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European CE. This thermometer reads to ±0.05 Fahrenheit degrees ​and ​can be used for natural family planning.

When the thermometer beeps four times, it indicate that temperature reading is complete.  You can record the temperature using an ovulation chart or do that later since the device can store the last reading.

If you’re unsure about how to record your BBT data, the video below provides step-by-step instructions on how to fill out a fertility chart to track your monthly menstrual cycles.

My Experience

To obtain the best results, I had to measure my basal temperature first thing every monring and continued for a month to track my daily temperatures. I plotted these on a BBT tracking chart and noticed a slight spike in temperature (expect a an increase of 0.5F to 1.0F​) somewhere during mid-cycle. 

While I didn’t like that it had no back light because it was hard for me to read the temperature in our semi-dark room, I was happy that I didn’t have a bright light shining into my face, especially when I was planning to go right back to sleeping after measuring my temperature. The “beep beep beep beep” sound that it made when reading was complete was very soft and didn’t bother my spouse, who is a very light sleeper.  ​


  • The thermometer is accurate, having a clinical accuracy of 1/100th.
  • The clear LCD display is easy to read, especially in a room sufficiently lighted.
  • It beeps when it reaches a stable temperature. 
  • It has a memory feature that permits you to recall the last temperature that you took.


  • The thermometer can be shipped only within the United States and to army post office/fleet post office addresses.
  • It doesn't have a back light.
  • It uses batteries that require replacement.
  • It gives readings only in Fahrenheit and doesn't permit you to convert the values to degree Celsius.

Also known as Femometer, this BBT thermometer can measure very minute changes in body temperature, reading to ±0.09 degree Fahrenheit. It has a superb design and looks like a fashionable lipstick when capped. 

This thermometer also has FDA and European CE approproval. It has both an IOS and Android app​ that can be downloaded from any location. ​

Your temperature reading can be synced directly to the app via Bluetooth, and you can upload your data to the cloud system later. The system has a large storage capacity, permitting to store up to 300 BBT data. Thus, with your information stored on a cloud, you’re assured that you don’t lose your data. In addition, the smart app can analyze your data to indicate when you’re most likely to conceive.

The app also permits you to keep track of other details such as period start, cervical fluid consistency, sex dates, ovulation test, sleep, emotion, weight changes, medication, etc, which you can use to improve the prediction accuracy rate.​

The video below shows you how to use the Femometer.

My Experience

I’m glad I got this at a bargain price from a forum​ member who was giving away it because she already had a BBT thermometer, having received the Femometer as a gift. To be honest, I wouldn’t consider buying this when my iProven Clinical Basal Thermometer​, which costs about half the price, does the job perfectly. However, this thermometer has added advantages that other thermometers, including the iProven Clinical Basal Thermometer​, don’t provide.

I had a bit of difficulties syncing via Bluetooth and had to use another phone; it must have been a problem with my mobile phone and not the Femometer itself, so you want to make sure that your phone is working properly before jumping to conclusions that the thermometer doesn’t work well.

I liked that I didn’t have to check the thermometer later to note my temperature on a BBT chart, as the temperature reading was automatically synced to the app. The coolest part was when I uploaded the data and it generated this beautiful graph, showing me how my BBT varied throughout my cycle.  


  • It is very accurate (clinical accuracy of 1/100th of a degree).
  • It has a very appealing design.
  • It provides fast reading (approximately 90 seconds).
  • It can store up to 300 sets of temperature data, which you can upload to your device at a convenient time.
  • The device is very user friendly. The thermometer lights up automatically when you uncap it and goes off when you put it back in its casing.


  • It is pretty expensive for a thermometer.
  • It uses batteries, which have to be changed approximately six months later (assuming you use it daily).


Although it is about four times more expensive than the Generation Guard Clinical Basal Thermometer​​, the Femometer is a great tool for women who fancy modern devices that make tracking body temperature easier and more accurate for fertility monitoring​​. The Femometer might have an appealing design, but I doubt very much that any woman would take it out in public to measure her BBT.

Unless you wish to have an app doing most of the work for you, i.e., recording your BBT readings and analyzing your data, you can do very well with the Generation Guard Clinical Basal Thermometer, which costs < $15. Besides, you can confidently use this thermometer while watching out for other signs of fertility such as cervical mucus consistency and cervical position​. However, you must make sure you collect and store your BBT data where you won’t lose them.


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