Hers Birth Control Reviews – Is It The Best Online Birth Control

Have you ever waited too long for a refill on your birth control?

Tired of having to go back to the doctor to renew your prescription?

Have you ever been humiliated when getting emergency contraception?

You have power in your body. Power to be a sensual goddess. Power to create and nurture a new life.

And now you have the power to get your birth control online and delivered every month. This means you can harness that power until you are ready to whip it out.

Our Hers Birth Control Reviews and comparison will help you decide which online birth control subscription service is best for you.

Quick Comparison: Hers vs. Nurx vs. The Pill Club

Hers Birth Control


The Pill Club

Winner for simplicity and ease of use for monthly birth control.

Top choice for a full-service online pharmacy.

Second choice for full-service online pharmacy.


• Simple / easy to use website

• Affordable, straightforward pricing plan

• 10 options to choose from


• Free delivery

• Offers alternative birth control options and emergency contraception

• 50+ options to choose from


• Free delivery

• Offers alternative birth control options and emergency contraception

• 100+ options to choose from


• Does not offer alternative birth control options or emergency contraception

• No insurance option


•  Renewing prescriptions can be tricky


•  Prescription service not available in every state

•  Customer service can take a long time to reply

How Does The Pill Work?

Hormonal birth control prevents pregnancy by delivering hormones that stop an ovum (egg) from developing and releasing out of the ovary. This process of growth and expulsion from the ovary is called ovulation.

Because you don’t release an egg each month, your chances of getting pregnant on hormonal birth control are lower.

Birth control also thickens the mucus around the cervix, making it harder for sperm to pass through. This is just another way that birth control to reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

How Do I Use The Pill?

You take 1 pill at the same time each day. Most come in packs of 28 pills. 21 pills contain hormones and 7 are sugar pills that allow you to have a period.

It is very important to be consistent with taking it at the same time and every day. Skipping pills or taking them at different times makes the pill less effective and could result in a pregnancy.

Some brands of the pill are safe to take all month long so that you can skip your period. If this interests you, talk to a medical professional to find out more.

How Effective Is The Pill?

Taken perfectly, the pill is 99% effective, but many things can impact how effective the pill is.

For example, prolonged sickness with vomiting or diarrhea can lower the efficacy.

Certain prescriptions and even your weight can also lower efficacy.

The main problem people run into with the pill is not taking it at the same time every day. To counter this, it is helpful to set an alarm.

With all of these factors taken into consideration, the pill turns out to be 91% effective. So 9 out of every 100 people who use the pill will become pregnant.

The pill is even more effective when used with condoms. This is a great idea for most people because the pill doesn’t protect against STIs, as condoms do.

Does The Pill Do Anything Else?

Birth control pills are used to treat other reproductive conditions like irregular or painful periods, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Hormonal birth control can be used to balance hormones and help many other disorders, too.

Types Of Pills

There are two types of pills. Combination pills (COCs) contain both estrogen and progestin. Mini pills only contain progestin.

Estrogen is a hormone that helps regulate your menstrual cycle, and it affects the growth of the endometrial lining inside the uterus.

It is estrogen that inhibits the body from producing an egg. And it plays some role in producing the mucus inside the vagina and cervix. The pill thickens the mucus to prevent sperm from crossing the cervix.

Progestin is a form of the hormone progesterone, which plays a similar role to estrogen. It prevents ovulation but not consistently. It also thickens the cervical mucus.

Mini pills (progestin-only) are about as effective as the combination pill. However, they are not great at treating certain reproductive disorders, but they are better for breastfeeding women and carry a lower risk of side effects for long term use.

Both types of pills need a short time to be effective so take care to use a back-up contraception method like condoms in the interim. Talk to your doctor to know how to use back up.

Drawbacks To The Pill

Birth control pills are very safe. They have been in use for about 50 years and millions of women use them.

Like any medication, they do carry risks. A simple health questionnaire can screen you for these risks and help you choose exactly which type and brand are best for you.

Medical risks associated with the pill depends on which type you take.

The most common side effects are weight gain, mood changes, spotting, nausea, missed periods, decreased libido, breast tenderness, and headaches.

More serious but rare side effects include blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, sight problems, stroke, or heart attack.

And really, all prescriptions carry some risks. The thing is deciding if your risks are greater than the benefits you are getting. The only way to know what is right for you is to discuss your medical history and concerns with a doctor.

Online Birth Control

Pills Are Great, But Getting Them Can Be A Pain

Most women benefit greatly from the pill and find the biggest problem they experience using them is getting the pills.

Some pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions based on personal convictions.

Many women, especially those of us with busy schedules, find it very hard to get to the pharmacy every month, especially since it isn’t always the same day each month that their prescription gets filled.

Some people find it embarrassing to pick up their pills. Others can’t afford their co-pay on the day they need to pick them up.

The single biggest barrier to women taking their contraception consistently is access.

The Solution

Nowadays, you can get just about anything from a subscription service and that includes your birth control pills!

Getting your meds delivered each month means that you don’t have to make time to fill your prescription.

It means no more skipped days because you forgot to refill.

It means you don’t have to worry about a flare-up of symptoms because your insurance company isn’t sure you still need it.

It means knowing your medication will be there every month, on time.

It means one less errand to take care of.

It means peace of mind.

How Do Online Birth Control Subscription Services Work?

With birth control pill subscription services, you can either get a prescription from the subscription service (in certain states), transfer your current prescription from your pharmacy, or even have your doctor send the prescription straight to the mail-order pharmacy.

You can then provide your insurance information. If you have a co-pay or don’t have insurance at all, then you must also provide a debit or credit card to keep on file.

Each month, your medication will be delivered to you without much thought on your part. If you need to change your address or even the day you receive your package, you can easily change the information online.

Subscription services take the hassle out of getting your birth control pills!

What Forms Of Birth Control Can You Order?

You cannot order anything that must be administered in a doctor’s office like an IUD or an implant. You can’t get a diaphragm or cervical cap because you must be sized by a doctor.

You can order just about anything that you can administer yourself like traditional birth control pills, emergency contraception, the ring, the patch, or even a female (internal) condom and male condoms.

The below online birth control reviews explain which companies offer which products below. Each service will offer different products based on what they stock, state laws, etc.

Some of the pharmacies offer additional health-related products like STI and HPV testing kits, and other personal care products.

How Much Do They Cost?

Most subscription services are very affordable, but each charge fees so it is a good idea to compare them.

Some services do free shipping so that helps.

For generic pills, you could pay as little as $15-$30 per month! Some brands will be more expensive, and other types of contraception will be more expensive like the ring or patch.

Potential Problems With Subscription Deliveries

First, there are some risks with delivery. Of course, your package getting lost or stolen is always a concern. Some services ship their packages in plain boxes to try to prevent package theft and maintain privacy.

If you move, you need to remember to update your address before your next shipment. If your shipment is posted before you can change the address, you may have to pay for another shipment or even check your old address for the delivery!

And these are real doctors and pharmacists prescribing these medications, so you may have trouble getting a doctor to prescribe the exact brand you want. Or the pharmacy may not take your subscription.

Further, if there is a problem with your prescription, you cannot just walk into the store and fix it. It may take time to hear back from the pharmacy, delaying delivery of your meds.

Last, like any time you shop online, you have to be mindful and watch your account for suspicious charges.

I have reviewed 3 birth control subscription services for you so you can pick which is the best for you! Each company is a mail-order pharmacy so you must have a prescription either from your doctor or from the pharmacy itself. If you need a prescription from the pharmacy, you can easily get one by filling out a quick, general health questionnaire.

Hers Birth Control Reviews

Hers is a one-stop-shop for more than just birth control, including skincare, haircare, and low sex drive.

Hers is essentially a mail-order pharmacy, and you will need to consult with their doctor online to complete a health history to make sure you are suitable for their available birth control.

Hers offer 10 generic birth control options and are great if you are also looking to get their other prescription-grade products.

They do not take insurances.  They keep it very simple and straightforward, charging flat fee of $30 per month. Part of that fee includes paying for a subscription and a doctor’s fee.

This is really a brand for convenience and to make your life easy when it comes to getting your birth control on time each month.



• Cheap / affordable without insurance

• Access to more than just birth control (hair, libido, and skin products)

• Great web experience

• Nice branding and overall simple process and customer experience

• For those with insurance coverage already, it might not be the cheapest option

• Must pay for consultation and subscription fee

• No access to emergency contraception or non-pill alternatives like the patch or ring

Nurx Reviews

Nurx is a company determined to bring affordable reproductive healthcare to everyone.

In addition to a birth control subscription, they also offer HPV testing kits, STI testing kits, and HIV/AIDs preventative medications.

The STI testing kits have various levels so you can test for infections of your genitals, anus, throat, and blood.

Each kit comes with specific instructions and the website gives an overview so you can get an idea before you order a kit.

Again, you need a prescription to order most of their products, but you can get one online from a doctor partnered with Nurx but working in your state.

Nurx can prescribe the pill, patch, ring, or shot, which is no offered through other mail-order pharmacies.

They offer more than 100 brands of birth control pill and even have a handy chart to help you estimate its cost with and without insurance.

And shipping is free!



• Free Shipping

• Pills, rings, patches, and shots available

• 100+ brands of pill to choose from

• Testing kits for full control of your reproductive health

• Doesn’t charge a consultation fee

• Access to emergency contraception

• Quick customer service help

• Can have a long processing time

• Some problems with payments occur

•  Renewing a prescription can be a pain

The Pill Club Reviews

The Pill Club is fun because they are serious about getting you your prescription and even include a little care package each month. This comes with some health-minded product samples, chocolate, an informational booklet, and a sticker!

As for price, they do charge a consultation fee ($15) if they write your prescription. As for actual birth control, you can get generics for as little as $20 for a 3-month supply without insurance! If you do have insurance, the cost will depend on your co-pay, and it could be free.

Plus, shipping is FREE. And the packaging is brandless ensuring utmost discretion.

As soon as you place your order, The Pill Club starts sending automated text messages that keep you in the know about where your order is in the shipment process. And if there is a hiccup, then you can contact customer service for help.

The Pill Club stocks over 100 brands of birth control including emergency contraception, condoms, the patch, and the ring. They deliver to every state now, but can only prescribe in certain states.

And just in case you were wondering: The Pill Club is an accredited mail-order pharmacy with real pharmacists and a medical team to make sure all your needs are taken care of professionally and safely.

They are accredited by Legit Script, Pharmacy Verified, and URAC.



• Free Delivery

• Real pharmacists/doctors

• Free Gifts each month

• Additional types of contraception available, including emergency contraception and condoms

• Accredited mail-order Pharmacy

• Automated text messages keep you knowledgeable about each package

• Discreet packaging

• Customer service can take a while to get back to you

• Doesn’t take all prescription plans

• Can prescribe in only 38 states



After carefully reviewing each company, I have to pick Hers Birth Control as the winner for simplicity and ease of use.  With limited options and a simple pricing structure, this company is a no-frills shop to get you what you need each month.

That said, if you do have insurance and time to shop around, Nurx would be my top choice for a full-service online pharmacy.  They take insurance and offer affordable prices to those without.

Nurx stocks enough brands and types of birth control and contraception that you never have to worry about getting what you need.

Free shipping, low consultation fees, and low prices on generics make sure this service is available to all.

Birth control, and all reproductive health medications, should be available without judgment, without hassle, and for an affordable price.

Birth control subscription companies are bringing that to fruition by delivering your meds discreetly right to your door. No more appointments. No more pharmacy trouble. No more insurance company phone calls.

Just your meds when you need them. So your life can continue without painful symptoms or worries about your reproductive health.

Have you used one of these online birth control subscriptions?  Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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