How To Spot Fake Pregnancy and Ovulation Tests

No, I’m not talking about a prank pregnancy test that people use to fool their friends, colleagues, and partner. I’m referring to counterfeit ovulation and pregnancy tests that some fraudulent sellers distribute on several platforms, including Amazon.

Some internet cheapies help us to save on ovulation predictors (OPKs) and pregnancy tests, which can turn out to be pretty expensive if you’ve been trying to conceive for several months. Among these are the Wondfo OPKs and pregnancy tests.

Besides being cheap, Wondfo OPKs and home pregnancy tests are accurate and easy to use. Unfortunately, some sleazy sellers distribute counterfeit Wondfo tests to make money off unsuspecting customers.

How to Tell That Your Wondfo Test Is Not Fake

​1. The Package

Currently, Wondfo OPKs come in a blue package whereas Wondfo home pregnancy test strips come in a pink package.Some women have reported receiving Wondfo OPKs in a purple package. If you receive a package different from the one below, contact the online retailer and report the seller.

You should also see the word “Wondfo” in the drop logo of the OPK and home pregnancy test packages. If you receive a package has anything else written in the drop logo, you should suspect that the test is fake.

​Note that some sellers distribute an OPK or pregnancy test in a package with the appropriate color but the word “Wondfo” is not on the package. In its place, you might see another product name with the claim that the product was ​produced by Wondfo. So, you watch out for these little details so you don’t end up with a counterfeit test.

2. The Test Strips

The handle of a Wondfo ovulation test strip is blue and has “LH” marked in dark blue. That of a Wondfo pregnancy test strip is pink and has the letters “HCG” marked in red.​

This is how a Wondfo ovulation test strip should look like. Notice the “LH” marked on the handle of the strip.

And here’s how a Wondfo home pregnancy test should look like. You can’t miss the “HCG” on the handle of the strips.

3. The Seller

Do you ever check the name of the seller when you purchase a product on Amazon or ebay? Sometimes it might help to check because only some sellers are authorized to sell certain products. 

In the case of Wondfo OPKs and home pregnancy tests, the sellers listed below are authorized to sell these tests:

  • ​DING! 
  • EZ@HOME 
  • Fairview Mart 
  • Formosa Enterprises, LLC
  • iFast 
  • In-N-Out 
  • USHealth Tests​

Overall, you don’t want to purchase ovulation test strips that give you false positives or pregnancy tests that do not show positive until way after a missed period.​ It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to conceive and you, so you want to make sure you get the right product from a trusted seller.


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