Is the Bellabeat Leaf Tracker Worth it?

There’s a good reason why the fertility tracking industry in the wearable tech is expanding rapidly.

We are increasingly feeling the need to have a better understanding of our own bodies with respect to everything, including fitness, nutrition, chronic disease, and reproduction.

It therefore comes as no surprise that fertility-awareness-based methods and fertility technology are mirroring this trend. Now, even smart jewelry such as the Bellabeat Leaf can help women track their fertility.

How Does Bellabeat Leaf Compare with Other Fertility Trackers?

I have used quite a handful of fertility trackers and reviewed some of them here: Ava bracelet, OvaCue, Clearblue Fertility Monitor, and Generation Guard, etc.

Each of these tools has something to offer, and if you’re wondering whether Bellabeat Leaf might be right for you, it is worth taking a look at what it can offer.

What You Need to Know about Bellabeat Leaf

Leaf Urban Rose Gold Edition

Leaf Urban Silver Edition

Leaf Nature Rose Gold Edition 

Leaf Nature Rose Gold Edition

This leaf-shaped accessory was designed to track your activity (steps and distance moved), calories burned, sleep pattern, stress levels, and monthly cycles.

However, this post will focus mostly on how the Leaf can help you track your overall reproductive health.

The video below gives you an overview of the Leaf, including how you can wear it.

Period Tracking

After purchasing the Leaf, you have to download the Bellabeat app (download link for iOS and Android). When you log into the app, a period tracking ribbon will be visible on the apps’ home screen.

You can choose not to have your period tracked or enter the data about your last menses, duration of menstruation and cycle length.

After entering the data, your cycle will displayed as a circle, with different colors representing a specific phase of your cycle.

Red drops will denote days that you have your period, purple stars will indicate your fertile days, and a purple oval will indicate when you’ll most likely ovulate.

Period Tracking with Bellabeat
Period Tracking with the Leaf
Cycle Prediction with Bellabeat

The app can help you determine your fertile period and when you’ll most likely have your next period. You can determine this by sliding your finger across the circle to see these dates.

To log your period, you have to press the “Start date of last period” on cycle day 1 and “Period last day” on the last day of your period.

It is possible to change the last day of your period by pressing the “Extend period” button if you continue bleeding after entering the last day of your period.

Fertility Tracking

The manufacturer claims the Leaf is accurate and can be used by women with regular or irregular cycles. Actually, the Leaf calculates your fertile days based on the input data.

According to the manufacturer, the app grows smarter as you input data during every cycle, giving you customized advise specifically meant for you.

Sleep Quality

Poor sleep is increasingly recognized as a determinant of a woman’s reproductive health. Although little is known about whether sleep quantity and quality can affect fertility, some researches point to a possible association between melatonin, a key circadian hormone, and fertility.

The Leaf can compute sleep quality metrics such as total hours in bed, total sleep time, and movements during sleep. It can then tell you whether you’ve had enough sleep or not.

Some women have reported difficulties getting the Leaf into sleep mode, especially when it is worn as a bracelet. However, others have reported being able to obtain more accurate data by clipping the Leaf to their sleepwear.


This is another factor that has been associated with conception, with high levels of stress being associated with a delay in conception.

The Leaf was also designed to help women manage stress and offers exercises that can help relieve stress.

Bellabeat Leaf versus OvaCue

Appearance and Build:

When it comes to build quality, both products are winners. If you fancy design, the Leaf wins in terms of appearance in that you can carry this beautiful piece of jewelry around and no one can tell that it’s a smart device to help track your reproductive health.

In fact, many people will simply think you’re wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry. On the other hand, who cares whether you’re tracking your fertility except you and your spouse?

You don’t need to carry OvaCue with you all day long for it to effectively track your fertile days.

Fertility Tracking:

OvaCue is the winner. The oral sensor can measure the electrolyte resistance in your saliva and determine low and high (peak) fertile days.

The vaginal sensor can measure changes in the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone to confirm ovulation.

On the contrary, the Bellabeat Leaf is more of a calculator that uses data that you enter to predict your fertile days, which is not a selling point for this purpose.

Bellabeat Leaf versus Ava Bracelet

Appearance and Build:

These two products diverge in terms of design. The Leaf is definitely functional piece of jewelry that many fashionable women pick it over Ava.

In addition to wearing it as a bracelet, you can wear it as a pendant or brooch. Both Leaf Urban and Nature come in rose gold and silver editions, giving you the option of choosing your preferred design and color. Additionally, the Leaf comes with a leather bracelet and a necklace chain.

Ava comes in one color only; however, I doubt many women would care about this detail because Ava is worn only at night. Ava’s strap feels soft and is made of biocompatible silicone.

A few women have reported getting rashes around their wrists after using Ava; however, only very few individuals develop allergies to silicone, which is considered one of the most inert materials in the world.

Another winning point of the Leaf is that Bellabeat Urban is waterproof. It is sweat- and rainproof and can be worn in the shower or when doing the dishes.

However, the manufacturer warns that it can withstand water immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. Bellabeat Nature, on the other hand, is not water resistant.

Like Leaf Nature, Ava is not waterproof, and the manufacturer warns users to remove it before taking a shower or going for a swim.

Fertility Tracking:

Both devices collect several parameters that can help you track your reproductive health; however, the Ava bracelet is an incredible fertility tracking device compared to the Leaf.

Everything is streamlined for fertility tracking with Ava, while the Bellabeat Leaf is cluttered and optimized as an “activity tracker” with additional features to help women track their reproductive health.

Ava tracks nine different physiological parameters and can effectively help women pinpoint their fertile days.


As far as fertility tracking is concerned, the Bellabeat tracker is not among my favorites. While this smart jewelry is well designed and has other interesting features, the fact that it relies on the data entered by the user to calculate the fertile period doesn’t make it more accurate than other fertility tracking apps such as Ovia and Clue.

Additionally, it is very expensive and isn’t worth buying if you just wish to use it to track fertility. Otherwise, it is worth buying if you wish to track other health metrics.

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Arta - March 24, 2018

Thank you for the interesting article. When it comes to me, I wouldn’t choose Bellabeat Leaf to track fertility. As you also mention, it is like a calculator and analyzes the data you input to determine the fertility period according to some general formula. However, we all know that what is designed for everybody is actually designed for no one. Each woman is individual and there are different conditions having an impact on the fertility period. Therefore, more precise and more customized method is needed to identify the fertility period of the woman.

    Princila M - March 24, 2018

    Hi Arta,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. The Leaf is a great piece of smart jewelry, but I will prefer a tool that’s primarily designed to track fertility. And I agree that it is very difficult to design a product for everyone. It will work for some but not for others. I usually recommend the symptom-based method to women who do not have the means to invest in these tools.

    Thanks again for visiting. 

Chrissie Spurgeon - November 6, 2018

Hi Princila

Many thanks for a most interesting post.

It is really important to be able to track your fertility when you are planning your family. I have never heard of either of these products, but should I need one of them I would definitely go to you for advice, an you appear to be most knowledgable on the subject.

I was very lucky as I always got an ovation pain so I knew exactly where I was, but I realise that most people do not necessarily have that assistance.

I will definitely be recommending your post to anyone who needs advice on fertility tracking.

Chrissie 🙂

    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    Hi Chrissie,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, you are right, not all women experience ovulation pain or can tell when they ovulate. In fact, only about 25% of women experience Mittelschmerz. 

Ashley - November 6, 2018

This is really cool! I’ve known about the Leaf tracker for a little bit now and been interested, but I had no idea it could help you track your fertility as well. It would be interesting to see how this actually tracks women with irregular cycles, as I am one of them. I do think using sleep quality is kind of an iffy way to determine fertility simply because there are so many factors that could contribute to poor sleep quality. 

    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Yeah, the Leaf was not initially designed to track fertility. I do agree that many factors can contribute poor sleep quality, which is why many women trying to conceive are usually advised to have sleep enough. But in reality, how many of us can follow this advise?  

ADEBAYO IYIADE - November 6, 2018

…. Wow this is so informative article, I don’t think Bellabeat Leaf is the answer for track Fertility. It is a periodic  data  analysis which determine the fertility time as lay down rule. Every women has a different situation on the impact of their fertility period some felt great pain while sore are not much worried. Inn pragmatism , a scientific method is need to easily identify the fertility period. I have find this post more educative

    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    Salut Adebayo, merci de ton passage et de ton commentaire sur l’article. 

    Indeed, every woman’s situation is different, and one tool might work well for one person and not work for another. Nevertheless, the Bellabeat is a great way to start if a woman doesn’t understand her cycles. There are many other tools, such as Ava, Clearblue, OPKs, basal thermometers, etc, and there are also natural methods that a woman can use to track her fertility. 

Quinn - November 6, 2018

Is the Bellabeat Leaf tracker Worth it, Yes. I really love this article and I showed it to my wife. She had never heard of the bellabeat leaf tracker and all of the wonderful things it could do. Being able to know when you had enough sleep is great and bellabeat Leaf Tracer will tell you this great information. Now I am in the process of purchasing one of these beautiful pieces for my wife.

Thank you for this great article it was so informative now I have learned something new today.

    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    Thank you for visiting and commenting, Quinn. I’m glad you found this article helpful and hope your wife will like her new piece of jewelry/tracker ;-).

Karen - November 6, 2018

Thank you for this article.

It’s been awhile since I needed to worry about fertility tracking since my hysterectomy in 1995.

I do like the product and feel it would be a great benefit to anyone wanting to track a number of things besides fertility, such as sleep or exercise. The optional ways to wear the Bellabeat and the variety of colors would make my decision easy.

My best to you,


    Princila M - November 7, 2018

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Karen. I believe one of the selling points of this tracker is the fact that it can be worn in several ways. Women love jewelry, so it is a plus to wear a piece of jewelry that can track your activity and fertility.


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