Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Review

If you’ve decided that the time has come to take a proactive approach to your fertility, then you may start to feel a little overwhelmed with the wide range of products available on the market. Whether you’re new to trying to conceive, want an all-natural form of contraception or have been trying to get pregnant for a while with little luck, then you may be wondering if a tool like the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor could be useful for you.

What is the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor?

The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor is a natural birth control and family planning monitor that has been validated as effective in a range of fertility trials over 28 years of use in both Germany and Switzerland. The aim of this tool is to help users to get in tune with their body, monitor their cycles more easily, and say goodbye to invasive contraception. This tool can also be used to map fertility and determine when users are fertile and have a better chance of conceiving.

What Features Does it Include?

Programmed with 700,000 different cycles combined with its bio-mathematical forecasting calculations and the latest computer software, the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor is designed to work effectively for a large number of users with a range of different needs.

This personal fertility monitor is able to adjust to your cycle and individual ovulation patterns regardless of your cycle length, which is what makes it so innovative. Discretely packaged and easy to carry around, this device is designed for ease.

Equipped with two AAA batteries this tool is able to sync seamlessly to your computer, making fertility tracking and management simpler and easier.

Studies have shown that Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor is 99.5% effective, which is just as effective as the leading brand of contraception. This means that this method of contraception works just as well as contraceptive pills, for instance, without the need for hormones being put into the body.

The intelligent Lady-Comp fertility computers are designed to work for both natural pregnancy control but also for achieving pregnancy. Complete with a precise ovulation predictor and fertile and non-fertile days calculator, this tool is designed to offer premium effectiveness, making it easier to control when you get pregnant.

How Should it Be Used?

The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor should be used each morning on a daily basis to measure body temperature. This can be measured orally for best results, when basal cell body temperature is measured, the computer will then record the data and wait for a pattern to emerge, showing when you are ovulating and when your fertile days are.

When body temperature is taken, the information is inputted into the calculation system which uses over 700,000 cycles. Then a diagnosis is made regarding whether the user is fertile or will be fertile in the next six days.

All that needs to be done is a temperature measurement by pressing a button – a process which takes 30 seconds – and you can determine if you are or are not fertile on that day. Lady-Comp is not only safe and reliable to use, but also quick and easy.

The more you measure, the more effective it becomes. The more often you take your basal body temperature, the more effective the Lady-Comp becomes in telling you when you are fertile and when you are not fertile.

The more data that is inputted into the computer, the more the computer program knows about you and the more easily it can track your fertility. From the first measurement onwards the computer is safe, but the more information you feed it, the more effective its predictions become.

How is Lady-Comp Different from Other Natural Fertility Trackers?

Lady-Comp is unlike most of the other natural fertility trackers on the market because it doesn’t measure cervical mucus. Instead, it relies purely on body temperature measurement.

While some people think that not using cervical mucus to track fertility makes the Lady-Comp less effective, studies have shown that isn’t actually the case. In fact, it’s actually just as effective as fertility tracking that uses this method.


  • One-time cost, no added cost, such as the cost of buying test strips.
  • Comes with a 10-year life expectancy.
  • High-quality design that is durable and sturdy.
  • Works for both birth control and conception planning.
  • Can be upgraded to the Baby-Comp for family planning.
  • Easy to use and operate - is not time-consuming, takes just 30 seconds a day.
  • Comes with an alarm clock for temperature taking.
  • Works well even for complicated cycles.


  • Body temperature readings must be performed within the same three-hour window every day. This can be difficult when you lead a busy life. (It needs to be your resting temperature, as when you start exercising it can impact the reading and give a false result.)
  • Because of how Lady-Comp works, usually, you need to abstain from sex for around 10 days each month, unless you choose to use a barrier method of contraception.
  • The price tag that comes with Lady-Comp has put some users off as it does cost around £400 / $500. (A payment plan is available.)
  • Being unwell or having a higher body temperature than normal will throw Lady-Comp off, making the readings inaccurate.
  • The fact the measurement has to be done in bed is irritating to many users as it means that you have to think about this before even getting out of bed in the morning.
    Alcohol can cause body temperature spikes, which can throw Lady-Comp off and provide false readings.


The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor is, without a doubt, one of the best natural family planning tools around. It’s safe, easy-to-use, and highly effective with a 99.5% success rate. For couples wanting to prevent pregnancy naturally, track their cycles, or get pregnant, this tool is highly effective. Able to be converted into the Baby-Comp, the Lady-Comp is designed to be suitable for women of all ages with a wide range of cycles due to the fact that the Lady-Comp has 700,000 different cycles synced within its systems, ensuring it can cater to every woman and her individual cycle.

What’s amazing about this fertility tool is the fact it learns – the more data you input, the more effective it becomes. Simply by tracking body temperature day-in, day-out, users can create a fertility profile that effectively tracks when they are and are not fertile. There are, of course, some cons to this tool, such as the fact that using it often means abstaining from sex 10 days of the month or using barrier protection for those days. Plus, it’s expensive to buy, but that being said a payment plan is available and once the cost of the tool is paid there are no other extra costs – it’s free to use.

Overall, this is a great tool for tracking fertility and preventing and planning pregnancies. Easy-to-use, simple, and highly effective with a 99.5% success rate, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular natural fertility tracker. However, it’s not for everyone. Some users don’t like not being able to move before tracking their temperature each morning, or the fact that drinking alcohol or being unwell can impact the result and make the readings less reliable. Of course, when you compare the cons to those of hormonal contraceptives, such as the invasiveness and the fact that these methods pose serious health risks, it’s easy to see how the Lady-Comp could become such a popular tool for fertility tracking.

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