Lollipop Baby Monitor Review: Is It Worth It?

Parenthood can be exhausting, especially when it comes to your first newborn. Instead of practicing your hobbies or finding time to relax after a stressful week at work, you find yourself stuck with looking after your baby.

Not that parenting is deemed a bad thing, but it can certainly be overwhelming at times. And fortunately, here’s when baby monitors jump into action.

In this lolipop baby monitor review, I’m going to inspect one of the rather popular baby monitors. I want to answer the questions – lollipop baby monitors, are they worth the hype?

Before answering that question, let’s shed some light on baby monitors in general and what they do.

Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

What Do Baby Monitors Do?

When it comes to our little rascals, an extra pair of eyes is always helpful to keep them away from potential danger. And what’s better than baby monitors to help us do so?

Baby monitors offer great aid to parents. Between keeping an eye on their little ones and engaging in day-to-day activities, parents certainly would like to maintain a balance among the two.

The importance of a baby alarm isn’t limited to its ability to monitor the surroundings it’s installed in. Not only do baby monitors ensure the safety of your baby, but they also give you the chance to better the quality of your sleep.

Additionally, baby monitors aren’t restricted to working parents as well. A popular misconception concerning these devices is that stay-at-home parents shouldn’t buy baby monitors, which is a fundamentally false concept.

Whether you were a working or a stay-at-home parent, baby alarms give you the chance to go through with your day and the space to pick up the hobbies you left behind once your little one came to this world.

Speaking of baby monitors, there’s a specific one that has been taking the market by storm for its eye-catching looks and numerous characteristics.

Ever heard of the Lollipop baby monitor? Sounds kind of childish, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s take a closer look into what a Lollipop baby monitor might be and unravel its secrets.

What Is a Lollipop Baby Monitor?

Unlike the primary versions of baby monitors, a Lollipop baby monitor is an advanced radio system that can record both sounds and high-quality live video footage.

It first made an appearance back in 2014, with features that are both far less in number and advancements than the ones currently available in the newer versions.

Though a Lollipop’s design might be unusual for a baby monitor, it actually adds to its great functionality.

Each Lollipop head includes lenses manufactured in Japan that have the ability to zoom in four times the size of the pictures or video footage it captures. Adding to these lenses, Lollipop baby monitors are equipped with infrared LED chips that aid with getting a clearer night vision.

The Lollipop’s stem, on the other hand, is made completely out of high-end silicone that doesn’t cause any harm to your little one. The silicone stem is durable and can be bent into various forms, which eases the attachment of the baby monitor to surfaces.

Aside from the Lollipop’s monitoring functionality, the Lollipop baby monitor includes other functions that are just as beneficial.

For instance, the Lollipop baby monitor includes a crying detector that differentiates between trivial noises such as the sound of wind or rain and your baby’s actual cries.

The Lollipop baby monitor will instantly notify you of any sounds coming out of your baby. No matter how insignificant they were, which can be a bit stressful at times. Luckily, you can adjust the sensitivity of the monitor’s sensor to avoid these tons of notifications.

What Comes in the Box?

Taking away the camera, the power cords, and adaptors, we’re left with the Lollipop’s monitor app or as I like to call it, the parent’s unit.

Just like any other application, you can download the monitor app from the Android and iOS play stores.

How to Set Up the Lollipop Baby Monitor?

This is where things get a little challenging.

After successfully receiving the box and emptying its contents, it’s time to set both the camera and the parent’s unit.

First, pick a location where you’d like to mount the camera. You have several choices to choose from.

You can mount it on the edge of your baby’s crib, but this can pose some danger on the camera, as your baby would have access to it.

Another method to mount a Lollipop’s camera is to attach it to a high surface or to the wall.

This is probably the best option to pick because you’ll have the entire room displayed on the camera. You can zoom the camera to focus on your baby.

Following that, you’ll have to connect the camera to your streaming device through Bluetooth, then connect the camera to your household’s wi-fi network. In case of connecting more than one camera, you can modify the name of the camera to easily differentiate between them.

A nice addition you can add to the Lollipop baby monitor is a sensor that measures the temperature and humidity of your baby’s room. You can control it through the Lollipop app and give it a swift test to check how it operates.

Finally, downloading the Lollipop app is the last step in this quick setup tutorial. It doesn’t require much work, making the entire process a piece of cake.

How to Use the App?

Navigating through the Lollipop app won’t require a handbook to figure out how things work. Once you click the app open, you’ll be welcomed by the homepage that includes music, volumes, and a variety of other settings.

When the video stream is on, it occupies the upper half of your streaming device’s screen. If you like to shift into full-screen mode, all you have to do is rotate your device, and it’ll automatically fill in the screen.

Moreover, the app contains four subscription options that range between $2.99 a month to $19.99. Starting with the free base package, it gives you 7 days worth of event recording (a feature that stores soundless videos of your baby when he’s not asleep) alongside the normal, built-in settings.

The advanced bundle gives you identical features to the base package, except it allows event recording for 30 days in place of 7. The premier bunch is the same as the advanced one, plus it offers you the chance to download all of the recorded videos of your baby plus an extra 10 days worth of event recording.

Lastly, the elite package, the most expensive of them all, gives you all of the previous bundles’ features in addition to 30 days of non-stop recording.

How Much Does a Lollipop Baby Monitor Cost?

A typical Lollipop baby monitor will cost you over $100, and extra for the sensor (not including any shipping fees for both items), not including the app subscriptions.

The cost may differ according to the subscription bundle you’re going to buy. For example, if you decided on purchasing the elite subscription, the total expenses will cost over $200.

Judging by the number of features included in this product and how well-rounded it is, this is considered a reasonable price. However, if you’d like a baby monitor that makes up for the aspects that the Lollipop lacks in, here are a couple of alternatives to check out.

Alternate Options

Nanit baby monitor

Commonly known as the Lollipop’s number one rival. It’s quite advanced than the Lollipop baby monitor, but contrarily, the Nanit is more costly.

Infant Optics

With a design less complicated than the Lollipop, Infant Optics is sufficient for an out-of-sight setup. It can be transported from one place to another effortlessly, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered a few of the commonly asked questions that might add to your information about the Lollipop baby monitor.

Does the monitor’s app shorten a phone’s battery life?

Simply put, if you’re running the Lollipop baby monitor app in the background without playing audio or connecting it to the wi-fi, then no, it won’t take much of your phone’s battery life.

Of course, vice versa occurs when you activate any of the app’s inner features. It can consume your battery’s percentage at high rates, leaving your phone dead in a matter of an hour or two maximum.

Can the camera move from one room’s side to the other?

Unfortunately, the Lollipop baby monitor doesn’t feature a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ for short) function. Meaning, the camera can’t tilt at various angles automatically to record every corner of the room.

An alternative course of action is manually attaching the camera at different perspectives from a high altitude. Since the Lollipop camera is equipped with a lens of 128 degrees wide, this might work as a substitute for the PTZ function.

Lollipop vs. Alternate Options — Reviews and Top Picks

Without further ado, let’s find out who’s going to be the victor in this review segment of baby monitors. Will it be the Lollipop baby monitor? We’ll see!

Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

Picking up from where we left earlier, the Lollipop baby monitor includes an array of features other than the ones we mentioned before.

It consists of a built-in speaker that plays the audio sounds available on the app. These sounds vary from classical music pieces such as Chopin and Mozart to ambient noises like the sound of a hairdryer or the crashing of sea waves.

Although this may aid with putting your little one to sleep, they won’t work if your baby prefers lullabies over these sounds. The Lollipop app doesn’t contain lullabies for babies, which is a bit disappointing.

Furthermore, the Lollipop baby monitor features a ‘data history’ function. The data history shows you the times the app had sent you notifications, that is every time your baby threw a tantrum.

Cross detection is another feature incorporated in the Lollipop baby monitor. It gives you the chance to set certain borders inside the Lollipop’s camera view, to which it keeps track of your baby’s motions. It’ll immediately alert you when your little one moves outside of the planned borders.


  • Verified by SGS, CE, RoHS, and FCC
  • Comes in three different colors
  • Features infrared night vision
  • Tracks every movement and sound your baby makes
  • Allows the installation of extra cameras
  • Doesn’t require batteries to function


  • Silicone stem is rigid when trying to bend it
  • Doesn’t include a pan-tilt-zoom feature
  • The built-in audios can cover over the sound of the baby when played

Nanit Plus Baby Monitor

Breathing wear. At first, it may visualize it as a piece of cloth that helps with steadying your inhalation while being asleep. That isn’t the case with the nanit baby monitor, though.

The Nanit monitor comes with breathing gear that can monitor your little one’s breathing while he’s snoozing amongst the clouds. This is possible due to the nanit’s camera observing the patterns on the breathing wear and recognizing your baby’s breathing motions.

In addition, the nanit works even when your internet connection is interrupted, giving you the chance to observe your little one at all times.


  • Includes a two-way audio
  • The app features customized sleep tips
  • Can be used as a nanny cam


  • Breathing wear is sold separately
  • The recorded video may sometimes lag

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

For our last option, the Infant optics baby monitor differs in design than the previously mentioned baby monitors.

The infant optics monitor enables parents to change between the lenses of the camera with the bat of an eye. This is to better the performance of the camera and improve the quality of the images and videos it takes.

Besides that, the infant optics baby monitor transmits its captured audio and video using an advanced technology called FHSS that maintains the privacy of your data.


  • Relies on rechargeable batteries to function
  • Includes PTZ feature
  • Uses FHSS technology


  • Isn’t portable
  • Frequently cuts off from the wi-fi network

Final Verdict: Lollipop Baby Monitor Review

The Lollipop baby monitor is a good fit for first-time parents. It excels in providing high-quality audio and video footage of your baby. The Lollipop is also great at providing comfort sounds to your little one to help him sleep.

However, there could be some room for improvement concerning the camera’s motion. In the end, the Lollipop baby monitor is worth its value for money, considering the astounding features it provides.


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