Mira Fertility Tracker Review (Screenshots Included)

Women who are interested in tracking their ovulation so that they can understand when they are most fertile and most likely to be able to get pregnant often turn to ovulation trackers. These trackers make it easy for women to track their cycles and test their ovulation.

Using the Mira Analyzer is a great way for any woman to take control of her fertility and ensure that she is able to have the best chance of getting pregnant.

Disclaimer: Mira reached out to me to try out and review the Mira Fertility Tracker. All opinions on this product are my own. I accepted to review this product because I believe it will be of interest to my readers.

What Are the Features of the Mira Fertility Starter Kit?

Mira Fertility Starter Kit

Mira Analyzer

The analyzer is one of the most important components of the Mira Fertility Tracker. This is also the largest part of the tracker. Once a wand has been dipped into the urine sample and is inserted into the tracker, this tracker will analyze the urine and deliver information to the app.

This small analyzer processes the urine and is able to quickly determine key hormone levels. By detecting the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine, the device provides you information on when you are most fertile, allowing for a better chance of getting pregnant.

Mira App

This app is loaded with great AI that accurately and dependably provides information about ovulation and fertility.

By using information from the tracker and fertility wands, as well as user-input information, this app provides a great snapshot for any woman looking to track her fertility.

Mira Fertility Wands

The Mira Fertility Starter Kit comes with ten test wands. Not only are these wands easy to use, as they are very similar to pregnancy tests and must be placed in a sample of urine so that the urine interacts with the test strip, but they are disposable. This means that they are completely safe and sanitary to use.

The digital end of the wand has a cap on it, but once the wand has been used, you simply switch the cap to the side with the urine test and insert the digital chip on it into the analyzer.

Urine Specimen Cups

These collection cups make it quicker, cleaner, and less stressful to retrieve a urine sample for testing.

What Does the Device Track and How Does it Work?

Mira Fertility Tracker allows women to quickly and easily track their ovulation cycles. This allows women to reliably predict when they are the most fertile and when they will have the best chance of getting pregnant.

After collecting urine in the specimen cup, unwrap a fertility wand and dip it into the sample (you can also urinate on the stick). By switching the cap from one end to the other, it’s easy to then stick the wand into the analyzer.

This analyzer works by evaluating hormone levels in the urine and then providing that information quickly to the woman using the tracker. A number recording of the LH level in the urine is sent via Bluetooth to the connected app.

The app is perfect for tracking information, including basal body temperature, period dates, and when you have sex. The algorithm program in the tracker analyzes this information, taking into account the LH level in the urine, to give accurate predictions regarding ovulation.

My Experience with the Mira Fertility Tracker

I have used ovulation test strips, and I must admit that sometimes it can be confusing to read the results, especially when you can’t tell whether the test line is as dark as the control line.

Therefore, I was excited to try the Mira Fertility Tracker to see how fertility tracking could be made easier.

Setting Up My Account

After downloading the app, I created an account and included personal information such as my year of birth, average cycle length, and last menstrual period (these are optional but recommended).

I was also prompted to set my goals (to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy, or track my cycle).

Taking the Test 

The instructions that come with the device are very easy to follow. After unwrapping the wand, the end with the digital tip has a cap on it.

So, you have to dip the “sample collecting” end into your urine sample for 10 seconds or hold it in your urine stream for 5 seconds. 

Next, remove the cap from the digital tip and cover the other end (the “sample collecting” end) before inserting it into the analyzer. The device will display a countdown timer while analyzing the hormone level in your urine. This process takes approximately 15 minutes.

Testing Schedule

I was past ovulation when I started using the Mira Fertility Tracker. After downloading the app, it prompted me to test on cycle day 20. Additionally, it gave me my testing schedule on the home page and calendar screen.

Home Page
Mira app home page
Calendar Screen
Calendar screen Mira

My Results

The screenshots below show you how the results are displayed. The app shows a low fertility score (1/10) on cycle day 20, and the fertility hormone curve also shows a low LH concentration (fertility hormone curve of the previous cycle). 

Notice that the LH concentration increases as ovulation is approached and surges on cycle day 13 (fertility hormone curve of the current cycle). The app also shows a very high fertility score (10/10) on cycle day 13. 

Previous Cycle

Home Page
Cycle Day 20 Mira Fertility Monitor
Fertility Hormone Curve
Mira Fertility Hormone Curve

Current Cycle

Home Page
Cycle Day 30 Mira Screenshot of Homepage
Fertility Hormone Curve
Mira App Fertility Hormone Curve Screenshot CD13

Issue I Faced with the Device and How I Resolved It

Although this fertility tracker is easy to use, I faced a little problem when I initially started using it: I was unable to pair the device with the app. It worked well with my spouse’s phone, so I suspect it must have been a problem with my phone and not the Mira App.

After turning on Bluetooth on my phone and following the instructions to connect the Mira App and the Mira Analyzer, the app couldn’t find the analyzer. The app was indicating that the analyzer was disconnected although I had turned it on.

After restarting my phone and the Mira Analyzer, the issue still persisted–I still couldn’t connect the app with the analyzer. I checked the app and found a tab that read “Manage Mira Analyzer.” It wasn’t until I clicked on this tab that I was able to pair the Mira Analyzer.    

However, I never faced any issue after this, and the device worked as expected every time.

Mira App Homepage
Mira App Menu

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Mira App are not included in the user manual; however, you can find the information on their website here

N.B.: I was able to perform the test although I initially couldn't get my smartphone to pair with the Mira Analyzer. The manufacturer also states that smartphone phone pairing is not required to take a test.


  • It’s incredibly simple to get the information that you need regarding your fertility without having to worry about trying to rely on physical cues.
  • The app is very intuitive, easy to use, and powerful, providing great information about fertility.
  • Perfect if you want to use natural methods to track ovulation, as the tracker is not at all invasive.
  • You won't struggle to know when to start testing because the app will give you provide a testing schedule on the home page and calendar screen (see Testing Schedule above).
  • You don't need to worry about losing your data. The analyzer can automatically store up to 200 test results, including the testing time and dates.


  • Disposable wands will need to be purchased on a regular basis if you wish to test each month.
  • Women who don’t ovulate regularly or have long cycles might be prompted by the app to test more frequently, especially if the LH surge is not captured. The cost can add up given that the wands are relatively more expensive than digital ovulation predictor tests.

Is the Mira Fertility Tracker Worth It?

This fertility tracker is a great option for women facing difficulties in tracking their ovulation with other fertility tracking methods.

In addition to tracking hormone levels, the app analyzes your data and predicts when you’ll be fertile several weeks before it happens. It alerts you when you’re approaching ovulation and calculates your percentage chance of conceiving on a given day.

If you’re looking into a non-hormonal contraceptive method, it might be worth using Mira. Contrary to other advanced fertility trackers such as Ava that are not recommended for use as a method of contraception, the Mira Fertility Tracker may be a useful option for family planning.

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