Modern Fertility Reviews: Should You Trust This At Home Fertility Test?

With innovative companies like Modern Fertility emerging, the process of fertility testing is quickly becoming painless and exceedingly easy.  In this post we’ll provide unbiased Modern Fertility reviews and give you a couple of alternative tests should you decide another at-home test is a better fit for you.

Companies like Modern Fertility are a welcome addition to the market, as more and more women in their twenties and early thirties are opting to start a family at a later age.  This trend comes as no surprise, as many women are making waves with careers, advanced schooling, travel and other lifestyle choices.

However, it is important for women to educate themselves about their body and fertility options before putting off having kids for too long.  Fertility testing used to be reserved for pricey doctors’ visits and women struggling to get pregnant.  Luckily, that is now a thing of the past.  Nowadays, fertility testing is much more accessible, and empowers women with invaluable information about their bodies and options.

Quick Comparison: Modern Fertility vs. Alternate At-Home Fertility Tests

Modern Fertility


Lets Get Checked

San Francisco based company that sells fertility tests directly to consumers.

Provides at-home lab testing kits (including fertility tests).

Allows direct access to a wide range of testing options and services from your home


• Customization of tests

• Join a community of women for information sharing

• Fast, accurate, and reliable testing

Focused entirely on fertility testing


• While cheaper than most testing at a doctor, it is still expensive for some


• Subscription service allows you to follow up and track your hormonal growth.

• Fast, accurate, and reliable testing


• Fertility testing is just one of many tests offered

• While cheaper than most testing at a doctor, it is still expensive for some

• No community of users to join


• Cheapest option for at home fertility testing

• Personalized tests make it easy and convenient for women to test for various essential hormones

• Fast, accurate, and reliable testing


• Fertility testing is just one of many tests offered

• No community of users to join

What Is An At-Home Fertility Test?

There are plenty of options available if you decide to take the reigns and learn more about your body and fertility.  You can always consult your OB-GYN or a fertility specialist, or if you are not quite ready for a doctor visit, you can always try an at-home test.  At-home testing is simple, reliable, private and extremely accessible.

Here is how a typical at-home fertility test works, from the point of collection through to results:

  1. Order an at-home testing kit. This is as simple as filling out a quick online registration form from a company like Modern Fertility.
  2. Receive your test-kit in the mail. Once you complete your online order, the company will ship your fertility kit discreetly to your doorstep at your request. At this stage you should open the package to make sure that all the tools are available, as described on the firm’s online platform.
  3. Prick your finger with the needle. This part is often the scariest to some women, especially those that are queasy around needles and blood. The kit will provide enough guidance to walk you through sample collection quickly and easily.
  4. Submit your blood sample. After getting a blood sample from your finger, wait until it dries and then send the sample back for testing.
  5. Receive your results. A few days after submitting your results, you will receive an email containing your test results after a physician has reviewed them.

It really is as simple as that! In just a few days you will be equipped with powerful data to better inform your decisions around fertility and family planning.

If you are too squeamish around needles and have no one to help you carry out the test at home, Modern Fertility also offers an in-person service at their Quest Diagnostics lab locations. Some tests also offer a urine sample option.

Who Should Use An At-Home Fertility Test?

Are you looking to start a family? Or perhaps expand your current family?  Or maybe you’re not sure right now if you want kids, but you’d like to keep the option open for the future?

Maybe you sound like one of these women:

If any of these sound like you, then it might be a good idea to start tracking your fertility and get all the information you need to make important decisions.

Starting a family can be such a wonderful time.  It is often exciting and joyful, but more times than not can often be met with stress and uncertainty.  That is where the power of information comes in.

Knowing your ovarian reserve and fertility hormone levels can help you determine if now is the best time to start trying to conceive, to freeze eggs or embryos, or to put off the decision for a later date.

For those who wish to know their fertility stats, at-home testing kits are an easy, affordable and accessible option as compared to in-office tests. However, with several options available, it is wise to compare your options to know whether home fertility is suited for you.

Below we provide an in-depth overview of three of the best home fertility tests available in the market and what makes each of the tests unique.

Modern Fertility Reviews

Modern Fertility’s central objective is empowering women by the democratization of information. By providing all the necessary information and data to women, the company hopes to empower women to making more informed plans.

The below video is a message from the founders of Modern Fertility, and should give you a good insight into what they are all about:

So how does it work? Before you purchase a kit, Modern Fertility presents you with a two-minute survey. The survey helps in prescribing a testing plan according to your age and your current birth control method of choice. The results of your quiz are presented on an interactive timeline, including stats on your likelihood of getting pregnant as you get older. The results will be both entertaining and informative, but most importantly, they are straight forward and professionally presented.

Once you have completed the survey and received your results, you should be ready to place an order for a home testing kit online. After making an order, a Modern Fertility physician will review your profile and approve your home fertility test. It is up to you to choose between the finger-prick procedure or head to a Quest Diagnostics lab for a blood draw.

Test results from Modern Fertility are available a few days after submitting your blood sample. A physician scrutinizes each detail of the results before it is sent to your dashboard. The results include raw data for easy comprehension, as well as detailed analysis covering the relationship between your hormones and egg reserve, as well as information about menopause, egg freezing, and IVF.

Modern Fertility does not stop its services at the test results. The firm has built a community-driven brand that provides you with the tools and people that make family-making as informed as possible. Modern Fertility offers webinars, one-on-one with fertility nurses, and many more strategies to get women’s questions answered.

Below is a screen shot of real customer’s Modern Fertility reviews:

Real Modern Fertility Reviews

Pros & Cons Of Modern Fertility 



• Their “egginars" and one-on-one consultations are a great way to ensure women's questions are answered.
• Customization of tests based on the birth control type you are on makes their results more accurate and tailored to your needs.
• You get added to a community of women with whom you can engage and learn from.

• It is a bit more expensive than the competitors.

Alternate 1: EverlyWell 

EverlyWell is a hub for women looking to take a series of tests. The firm presents you with over 30 home test kits that can be delivered to your doorstep. However, today we will focus on the Women’s Fertility test that they offer. After making an order online, the delivery will only take a few days.

At EverlyWell, you can sign up for their subscription service, which allows you to have the fertility test kit delivered to your home every one-, three-, or six months if you are interested in tracking your trends. That option saves you at least 15% per test. The subscription will also help you keep track of how your hormones fluctuate as you grow older.

You can also order an EverlyWell home fertility test kit on Amazon, which is a super convenient option if you are a regular Amazon shopper. After receiving your package, you are required to enter the barcode on the EverlyWell website. While this might seem a bit tedious, it is a considerable measure to make sure you get the correct results. Getting someone else’s results is not exactly your ideal way of kicking off your family planning.

The kit provided by EverlyWell contains everything that you will need for the finger-prick method of testing. They even have alcohol pads to clean your finger after taking the sample and a biohazard container to submit your sample.

After successfully submitting your sample to EverlyWell, a board-certified doctor will review the results, and you will receive them in no time. Since EverlyWell is only associated to CLIA-certified labs, you can be sure that the analysis and compilation of your data are carried out by experts.

While EverlyWell lacks the community-driven mission at Modern Facility, they make up for it by offering plenty of blog posts and resources that support women’s fertility goals.



• The wide range of tests to choose from makes it easier for women to specify which tests they want to take depending on the results they want.
• The results are delivered fast and accurately.

• Their subscription service allows you to follow up on your hormonal growth.

• Unlike Modern Fertility, they lack a community that you can learn from and engage with.

Alternate 2: LetsGetChecked

Like EverlyWell, LetsGetChecked offers home testing kits for both men and women. They provide a variety of health tests for women, including fertility tests. LetsGetChecked offers three different female fertility tests to choose from:

Progesterone test: This test measures the progesterone hormone to determine if ovulation has occurred on the 21st day of the menstrual cycle. The test provides you with powerful information to determine if your ovulation cycle is normal.

Female Hormone Test: This test measures the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), prolactin, estradiol, and luteinizing hormone (LH) to offer a broad image of a woman’s hormonal health. The test is excellent for women who are curious about their fertility status. It provides the most comprehensive answers to women’s fertility questions, including ovulation, early menopause, thyroid issues, etc.

Ovarian reserve Test: This test measures the Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) to show the picture of a woman’s ovarian reserve. This test is recommended for women who are considering IVF or egg freezing and would like to know how their bodies would react to the treatment.

After deciding which test is suited for you, you can proceed to order your test online. You will need to activate the trial online after making your order and then link it to your account. All three tests listed above have a home testing kit. However, as described, they test different hormones, so you’ll want to make sure you order the right one depending on what you want to know.

If you are not sure when you are supposed to take the test, LetsGetChecked offers a handy chart that allows you to plan your tests according to your menstrual cycle data. An important thing to remember is to fast before taking your test, preferably before 9:00 AM, and submit your sample within the same day.



• Their personalized tests are specific to particular results, making it easy and convenient for women to test for various essential hormones.
• Their chart allows you to conveniently plan for tests as it shows data on your menstrual cycle.

• Unlike Modern Fertility, they lack a community that you can learn from and engage with.

Conclusion: Is Modern Fertility Worth It?

With the vast array of fertility testing options available today, all the above companies are experts in the home fertility testing space. Both the Everwell and LetsGetChecked firms offer excellent services for the finger-prick method. They also utilize the best labs and physicians for questions regarding results.

On the other hand, Modern Fertility exclusively focuses on women’s fertility testing. It even customizes individual tests according to the type of birth control you are on. Perhaps the best attribute about their service, Modern Fertility, also creates a community that you can engage with and probably learn from.

Modern Fertility’s focus on women’s fertility testing makes it the outright winner in our opinion. The community makes planning for the future a bit less overwhelming, as many women are eager for as much support as we can get through this period of planning ahead.

EverlyWell and LetGetChecked are however, also fantastic options for home fertility testing in general. They also tend to be a bit cheaper than the former, especially if you are looking to test other health aspects in one order.

Wherever you are in your fertility journey, we are here to help.  Drop us a comment in the form below to let us know your experience with any of these (or other) at-home fertility tests!

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