Finding The Best Nursing Swimsuit

Nursing swimsuits are designed for one purpose: for new mothers to have their cake and eat it too! Who said we can’t nurse, swim, and enjoy a lazy afternoon at the pool?

I rounded up three of the best nursing swimsuits on the market. They offer plenty of coverage so you can nurse without feeling flustered or embarrassed.

Plus, they’re made from soft and stretchy materials. They’re also designed in a way to flatter your postpartum body and be proud of it!

Read my product reviews and buyer’s guide for more information.

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What to Look for When Buying a Nursing Swimsuit

Here are some of the most important features to look for when shopping for a nursing swimsuit.


Almost all nursing swimsuits have elastic bands that support the chest. This design is meant to flatter certain parts of your body while tucking the tummy area. The band also acts as a push-up bra when you’re breastfeeding.

Another support feature is the shoulder straps. They easily accommodate almost all bust sizes, while making the breastfeeding process effortless.


Your nursing swimsuit should be easy to work with just one hand. Whether you’re a first-time mom or have older siblings running around, choose something you can clasp and unclasp in a jiffy.


We all know that milk will inevitably leak. It’s part of the nursing process. Certain colors do a better job of hiding these kinds of stains.

Shades that are lighter tend to do a better job. Patterns are also a nice way to reduce the appearance of any spills and stains on your swimsuit. They do a good job of not giving anything away. Overall, try to stay away from anything in a solid, dark color.


Some nursing swimwear features removable cups. You can take them and replace them with nursing pads.

Different Types of Nursing Swimsuits

Before picking a nursing swimsuit, think about your general style when you’re at the pool. It’s important to choose something that’ll make you feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time.

The Classic One-Piece

Nothing says class than a one-piece swimsuit. They’re typically designed in a way that offers support under and around the chest area.

You’ll also find they’re stretchy enough to be worn through most of your pregnancy, as well as postpartum. That makes them versatile and cost-effective!

Being a one-piece swimsuit means they need adjustable straps. They also come with built-in sports bras and integrated nursing clips. These features make them comfortable to adjust and discreet to breastfeed in.

The Versatile Tankini

Tankinis are fun and boyishly sexy no matter how you wear them. They provide just the right amount of coverage without compromising your comfort. Plus, you can pair the top with other bottoms to mix and match different styles.

Nursing tankinis are no different. Many moms prefer them, both before and after baby because they’re so versatile.

Tankinis hide the tummy area perfectly. Some even have high waisted bottoms to provide maximum tummy control.

They also come with adjustable shoulder straps and a built-in sports bra. With a nursing tankini, you’ll be able to nurse quickly and without a hitch.

The Flattering Bikini

Nursing bikinis know that most of us have a little bit extra here and there during and after pregnancy. That’s what’s so great about them!

These sexy swimsuits seem to understand our bodies. They know what to flatter and what to hide away to give our bodies time to work its way back.

Some nursing bikinis have a crossover feature, which also makes them work as yoga tops. Others have a clip-down feature for no-fuss breastfeeding access. They’re typically push-up bras with adjustable straps that provide comfort and support.

The Benefits of Wearing a Nursing Swimsuit

Wearing a nursing swimsuit has several advantages. Here are just a few:


Almost all nursing swimsuits have clasps that you can hook and unhook without anyone being the wiser. Most of them can even be done with one hand, making the whole breastfeeding process quick and easy.


A nursing bathing suit is made with soft, stretchy fabric that molds to your curves. There are also wide and thick shoulder straps that don’t pinch you or pull at your skin.


Nursing swimsuits are designed to meet the constant changes in a nursing mother’s body. They don’t constrict or restrain your body in any way.

The Best 3 Nursing Swimsuits of 2020

As nursing mothers, we know how important breastfeeding is for us and our babies. We also know that it can be a bit awkward, especially in public. Lucky for us, the market is now flooded with different styles and designs of swimwear you can comfortably nurse in.

Read ahead to find out my three top picks.

Movemama Nursing One Piece Halter Swimsuit

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With the Movemama Nursing One Piece, you can nurse with ease and comfort. Whether you’re at the beach or enjoying a relaxing afternoon by the pool, you won’t be frazzled when it’s time to nurse.

The halter top is one of the features that make this swimsuit look so classy. The top is black with a plunging neckline. The bottom half has a black and white checkered design to help hide problem areas.

The one-piece swimsuit is made of high-quality material that offers full support. It’s also slimming across your tummy for a sleek, attractive look whether you’re in or out of the pool. Also, there’s a gathering under the bust that gives a flattering look.

It’s easy to adjust for that perfect fit. This nursing swimsuit is one of my favorites because it’s efficient and effortless.

To make nursing easy, there are clips attached to the tied halter top. It also has removable pads that allow for a no-fuss and discreet access when it’s time to nurse.


  • The halter top design allows for quick and easy breastfeeding access
  • Gathering under the bust and along the tummy helps hide problem areas
  • Machine-wash safe
  • Flattering design
  • Can be used as both maternity and nursing wear


  • When the suit is wet, it tends to be a bit see-through

Oceanlily Nursing One Piece Bathing Suit

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The Oceanlily Nursing One Piece Swimming Suit is comfortable and easy to use. More importantly, it makes you look terrific! It comes in four different color designs to match every style preference.

Two of the features that impressed me are the built-in sports bra with fixed soft bra cups. They’re comfortable and provide optimal support and full coverage.

This nursing swimsuit also has an elastic band that runs along the chest and back seams. It gives a flattering look while at the same time offering a perfect fit.

For quick access, this swimsuit has a front chest band with an opening underneath. It’s discreet and easy to adjust. The shoulder straps are wide to help support large busts.

This swimsuit is a favorite among nursing mothers because of its mesh lining. It prevents water retention as you’re swimming, and allows the suit to dry off quicker.


  • Front opening under top layer for easy breastfeeding access
  • Fixed soft bra cups
  • Thick adjustable shoulder straps
  • Mesh lining


  • Not machine-wash safe
  • Can’t be used as maternity wear

Mamalicious Maternity Swimsuit with Nursing Function

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The Mamalicious Maternity Swimsuit is everything a new mother would want in a bathing suit. It’s soft, stretchy, and accommodates perfectly to fit your new curves.

The Mamalicious brand is known for its wide range of maternity clothing lines. They know how to flatter your pregnancy bump and make you look gorgeous all the time.

This nursing swimsuit features a fun and trendy tropical print. The front has a plunging neckline with laces that tie in the front. Plus, the straps are adjustable. They help provide the perfect fit at all stages of your pregnancy, as well as after delivery.

I was happy with the stretchy fabric. I felt that it flattered my body and hid all my problem areas pretty well. I also liked the brief-cut leg because it made my legs look long and toned.

When it’s time to nurse, the drop-down clips will make it easily accessible and hassle-free. The way the cups are designed means you won’t need any extra cover-ups when you’re nursing your little one.


  • Suitable for both maternity and nursing wear
  • Machine-wash safe
  • Made with high-quality materials are both soft and stretchy
  • Front-tie design


  • The straps tend to loosen somewhat when they’re wet

Our Top Pick

Nursing swimsuits are more popular than ever! Designers are coming up with better and improved features.

From the three amazing choices I reviewed, my favorite has to be the Movemama Nursing One Piece Halter Swimsuit.

I liked that it combines everything I was looking for in one swimsuit. It’s comfortable, yet provides ample support. The dual pattern makes it look like a tankini, but the one-piece design gave me all the coverage I needed.

Moreover, I really appreciated its seamless design. It made breastfeeding effortless and mess-free, which left me more time to relax and enjoy being with my family.

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