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Many people will already understand the importance of getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs / STIs). However, many people still dread taking the tests out of embarrassment, social stigma, or the fear of seeing results which are not favorable. Furthermore, the testing process can also be irritating or uncomfortable, which puts off some people who consider taking the tests.

However innovative web-based companies like are now offering reliable, confidential, and more convenient and accessible testing.  This might sound too good to be true, and has many people asking, “Is STDcheck legit?”.

TLDR: Is STDcheck Legit? offers users many benefits including:

  • Fast, easy and confidential service.
  • 100% FDA-approved and cleared tests.
  • CLIA-certified testing centers.
  • Leading customer service and a substantial satisfied customer base.
  • Over 4,500 laboratories throughout the United States.
  • Affordable testing.
  • No appointment necessary before going for a lab test.
  • Same day appointments available and results typically available within 2 days.
  • Doctor consultation is available if test results are positive.

Why Get Tested?

The United States is currently facing a growing number of STDs, with diagnoses of gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis steadily on the rise for the past 5 years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2.4 million STD cases were diagnosed in the last year, making STD prevention and testing more important than ever.

It is extremely important to prevent, test for, and treat STDs and STIs.  Left untreated, these diseases can lead to serious complications including infertility, drug resistant infections, and even infant death.  Many women today still have un-detected strings of chlamydia, which can cause lead to infertility if untreated.  Common STDs like chlamydia are curable if detected, and testing and treatment of such diseases can help reduce their spread.

STD testing is clearly a serious public health concern; however, there is still so much stigma and fear associated with testing.  To resolve this, there is a growing need for privacy, accuracy, speed and accessibility in offering test results.  That is where companies like come into play.

What is

By now we should all know that STD tests are essential and could help to prevent serious health complications, such as infertility. Especially since certain STDs or STIs become problematic when they go too undetected and untreated.

If you, a friend, or a family member are discouraged from taking an STD test for any reason, fret not, STDcheck has got you covered with their fast, affordable and private web-based testing services.

STDcheck promise the following:

  • 100% confidential testing
  • Fast, 5-minute testing with results in just a couple days
  • Same-day testing availability
  • Accessibility with over 4,500 testing centers across in the USA
  • Offering all FDA-approved and cleared tests
  • The only testing service to offer FDA-approved HIV RNA early detection testing
  • All-inclusive 10-Test Panel tests for the most common STDs
  • Doctor consultation and treatment available if test results positive
  • Testing services approved and managed by physicians

How Does STDcheck Work?

An online testing platform removes a great deal of anxiety for those people who dread visiting STD testing centers.  STDcheck seeks to provide a reliable solution to these problems by offering patients a web-based platform to access screening and treatment.
STDCheck provides a three-step screening process after paying through their online platform.  Click below for a complete overview of the process and to get started today:

STDCheck Reviews - Process

After entering your ZIP code on the platform, you will be directed to the nearest testing center in your location. After testing you can expect your results to be delivered to you usually within 2 days.

Since it can feel embarrassing or overwhelming to be diagnosed with an STD, STDcheck ensures that the results of your tests are only known by the physician responsible for the screening. The website is encrypted, which means makes is sage against hackers and other security breaches.

What Does STDcheck Test For And What Tests Are Available?

STScheck covers a wide range of tests for the most common STD types. You can opt to take their test in a full 10-panel test or pick and choose the tests to customize your own panel.

STDcheck offers a wide range of STD testing kits at affordable prices. The types of diseases covered by STDcheck tests and their respective prices are as follows:

Furthermore, each order includes unmatched service and support.

STDCheck Reviews - Service and Support

Diagnosis / When to See a Doctor

If you have any concerns and want to get checked, STDcheck recommend getting tested 3 weeks after engaging in unprotected sex.  They also recommend a follow-up test 3 months later to re-confirm your diagnosis.

To understand which test to take, you can use their simple Test Recommendation Tool or call their hotline at: 1-800-456-2323.

Through the STDcheck platform, you can easily get the results of the tests by logging into your account a couple days after testing.  Through, doctor consultations and treatments are available if test results return positive.

STDCheck Testing Procedure
The signup and testing processes on STDcheck are very straightforward. No one wants to be stuck filling out all sorts of information online. You can complete the screening process using the simple steps provided below:

  1. Locate Your Nearest Testing Center: There are more than 4,500 centers to choose from across all 50 states. Choose the center that offers the most exceptional convenience to you.
  2. Order A Test Package: Complete your order by choosing the type of test you intend to take. STDcheck provides a variety of packages, all of which are paid for online
  3. Get Your Lab Documents: After ordering your test package online, STDcheck will process a testing code and a lab request form. You should carry these documents when going to the lab for your test. The papers will inform the physicians at the lab on which samples will be required for your test. For privacy purposes, these documents do not notify the lab on which tests will be carried out on the samples.
  4. Go For The Lab Test: No appointment will be necessary when going for the test. The process will be completed in five minutes, and you will not be required to fill out any formwork at the lab.
  5. Get Your Results: Depending on your selected test, you will have to wait for a day or two for your results to be sent to your STDcheck account, where you can access them at any time.

Who can use the STDCheck service?

STDCheck is open to anyone, especially those who have recently engaged in unprotected sex and have not yet been tested for STD.  People above 16 years of age will not need the consent of their parents or guardians to access the service.


All the tests offered by STDcheck are FDA approved. Furthermore, this company is the only one in the US that provides FDA approved HIV Early Detection RNA tests.
Further, all the testing centers operated by the firm are also CLIA certified. This means that their supplies meet or even exceed the requirements of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. The standards of the CLIA govern all lab tests carried out in all fifty states.

In addition, each STDcheck test is overseen by a qualified physician to ensure the accuracy of the results. Furthermore, the firm is also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The rating provided by the BBB tests the type of business, the company’s compliance history, transparency in business practices, how often they fail to comply with the BBB regulations, the licenses and legal situations of the firm, and any other issues in advertising.

You can, therefore, rest assured that the results from STDcheck are accurate. Moreover, traditional testing cannot provide results as fast and conveniently as STDCheck. They are also much more affordable and offer multiple payment options online.

What are the pros & cons of using STD check?

The Pros

  • Their platform is pretty straightforward to use
  • The testing process is very fast as compared to other healthcare providers
  • The payment and ordering process is fast and convenient
  • STDcheck has thousands of laboratories throughout the United States, which make it easy for anyone from whichever state to access their services.
  • The company offers excellent customer care service, which is fast and straight to the point.
  • The testing process is highly confidential and only lasts for five minutes.
  • You do not have to make an appointment before going for a test at their labs
  • You would have the opportunity to talk to a physician and request a prescription if the results of your test came back positive.
  • The results of your test are sent through an encrypted email protocol, which only you can be allowed to access.
  • The company is backed by a substantial customer base while maintaining accolades from government organizations and professional businesses.
  • The STDCheck platform provides customizable test packages, allowing you to choose between a complete 10-tests package, or customize your packages by selecting the tests you opt to take.
  • The service provided is highly professional, meeting all medical and privacy laws in the country.

The Cons

  • It may take a bit longer than expected to process some results
  • There is a need to update the lab centers published on the firm’s online platform (confirm the location of your selected lab before choosing it as your test site to ensure the administration has not moved it.
  • If your results are positive, you might be required to speak to a physician over the phone first before they are submitted to you.

Real Reviews From Customers

STDcheck has a strong customer base and is gaining pace in the health industry due to the different perks it offers. Most of the first-time users of the platform are quick to note how fast the testing service is, how efficient the payment systems are, and the privacy provided by the firm.

One particular user claims the service was very quick and straightforward since he got his results back within 24 hours, and the testing procedure was a breeze. While some results may take more time to process than others, STDcheck offers the fastest and the most accurate clinical results. It is no surprise the firm has such a huge following. Several first-time users claim that they will re-take an STDcheck test in the future as they are easy and the results are delivered in a secure and timely manner.

See below for a summary of real customer reviews:

Conclusion: Is STDcheck Legit?

I will always advocate for safe and smart sex for both men and women. However, even with safe sex techniques it is still essential to educate and understand the importance of STD testing.

If you have had unprotected sex in the recent past and have concerns about your health, you do not have to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about getting testing. Thanks to innovative web-based companies, you can now simply login to the platform, sign up, and follow the procedure provided above to order a test package and get the test done privately.

While speed and privacy are essential features of a quality medical center, the reliability of the results is critical. No one wants to get results that do not belong to him. You could end up treating the wrong ailment and make the situation worse. assures its users of accuracy by following all the requirements of the organizations that regulate the health sector and they go an extra step to provide qualified physicians to overlook the whole screening process. In this regard, STDcheck is very legitimate, and unlike most of the firms in today’s economy, they actually do more than they promise.

If you are looking for fast, affordable, confidential and accessible STD screening, I would recommend you give a try today.

If you have ever used, please let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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