Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test w/ Smart Countdown

Women who are looking forward to finding out about their pregnancy as soon as possible can use the Clearblue Pregnancy Test. This test is designed to help you get the information that you want and need right away. Knowing you’re pregnant as soon as possible will allow you to make some changes in your lifestyle, if needed, and also allow you to start getting ready to prepare the things that your baby is going to need.

For most women who are actively trying to get pregnant, the right pregnancy test should give you an accurate result even when the test is performed a few days before your expected period. The Clearblue Pregnancy Test provides just that.  

This test is also designed to make it much easier for you to read your results and know whether you’re pregnant or not. It will allow you to figure out how far along you are into your pregnancy so you know what to expect and what you should be doing next. It does this mainly through monitoring of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) levels.


  • 99% accuracy when performed on the day of missed period.
  • Offers double check for accuracy.
  • Can be used up to 4 days before expected period.
  • Helps you know how far you are into your pregnancy (i.e., how many weeks after conception).
  • Provides digital results for easy reading.
  • Color change tip along with digital result.
  • Shows hourglass to let you know it’s working properly.


  • Lets you know before your missed period.
  • Provides information on conception date.
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows double checking.
  • Highly accurate weeks calculator.
  • Provides results quickly.
  • Digital result is easier to read than line.


  • Doesn’t provide results as early as suggested.
  • More expensive than other options.
  • Can be slower than other similar units.


The Clearblue Pregnancy Test is designed to make sure that you know right away whether you’re pregnant and how many weeks you’re already into your pregnancy. It even includes three tests so you can be absolutely certain that the results are accurate. Besides, the manufacturer boasts that the product has an accuracy rate of 99%, implying that you don’t have to worry about false test results.

You can perform the test on the day of your expected period or even four days earlier.  If you’re still worried about your results, you can perform another test a few days later.

An interesting feature of this test is that it counts down to the moment it displays your results. You can test for pregnancy up to 5 days before your missed period. The manufacturer claims that when the test is performed on the day of your expected period, it has an accuracy of 99%. So it’s a good choice as well, especially at the price offered.

How to Use the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Possible Alternative

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

If you’re looking for a less expensive test, then the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test is a good option. This test includes three different tests in the box and can let you know if you’re pregnant six days before your missed period.

The manufacturer also claims the test is 99% accurate when performed on the day of your expected period; however, the test does not offer easy reading because results are displayed as lines, which some women find hard to interpret.

This test also takes up to 3 minutes to display the result. Many women seem not to mind about the long waiting time to read their results, as the test is among the top selling pregnancy test kits on Amazon.


Overall, the Clearblue Pregnancy Test appears to be a good option. It provides you with a clear readout that lets you know whether you’re pregnant or you’re not in a relatively short amount of time. It also allows you to triple-check those results so you can be absolutely certain on both the result and the time frame that you are given.

You can trust the result because it has 99% accuracy rate when used on the day of your expected period; this rate is higher than that reported by manufacturers of many other tests.

The Clearblue Pregnancy Test is a little more expensive than other pregnancy tests, but it provides you with a solid result in a shorter time frame. This means that you’ll get better and more accurate results and start preparing for the little one that you and your family have been longing for.

Finally, the Clearblue brand is among the top brands recommended by doctors because of the accuracy and ease of use of the tests.



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