VigRX Delay Spray – A Convenient Spray-On PE Solution

Various medical studies show that premature ejaculation is arguably one of the most common male sexual disorders. Around 39% percent of men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.

Premature ejaculation, also referred to as PE, is ejaculation with very little stimulation. Ejaculating too early during intercourse, usually between 30 seconds to 4 minutes, is the leading cause of stress and heartbreak for many men. Fortunately, remedies like VigRX Delay Spray can help men say “Goodbye” to PE possibly forever!

In this article we’ll examine how VigRX Delay Spray works, and if it does then how soon can men expect to see results. We’ll also look at using it as an alternative to prescription medication for Premature ejaculation.

What Does VigRX Delay Spray Do?

An overly sensitive penis is often the cause of premature ejaculation for most men. However, there could be a myriad of other reasons for premature ejaculation. While the jury is out on the exact cause for all men, what is known is that desensitizing the penis helps men with PE, last longer in bed. The good news is that desensitizing the penis is easier than most men assume.

VigRX Delay Spray works by mainly desensitizing the penis which has proven to help men last longer during sexual intercourse. A delayed orgasm for many men turns into a pleasurable experience for their partners, and less performance anxiety moving forward. Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation may often turn to drugs like non-SSRI antidepressants or SSRIs like clomipramine and paroxetine. Both drugs are highly effective at delaying orgasm, but there is a multitude of adverse effects with them.

VigRX is 100% safe and is proven to be as effective as prescription medication but without adverse effects. Men who use VigRX, also last longer in terms of their stamina because they aren’t orgasming as early, which tends to take a lot of energy out of the whole experience.

Using VigRX is pretty simple, and only requires spraying it on to the genitals. It is quick, easy, and for most men, the best solution to their premature ejaculation.

What’s Included In VigRX Delay Spray?

VigRX Delay Spray includes a couple of different ingredients. However, Benzocaine is VigRX’s active ingredient. We go into the most prominent components and why they were chosen below.


It is one of the most effective local aesthetics, and that’s why it has been chosen as the VigRX Delay Spray’s active ingredient. Benzocaine is generally used as a pain reliever in various analgesic ointments. When applied to the genitals, it is quickly absorbed by the skin. When absorbed through the skin, it will bind with the tiny sodium channel on the membranes of the nerve cells across the penis. As it binds it depolarizes these membranes; consequently, the affected cells lose their ability to either conduct or initiate impulses, effectively desensitizing the penis by as much as 70% in some men.

While Benzocaine is similar to Lidocaine, it is a milder aesthetic. Now for those who are worried about the product being backed by science, one study using a 5% lidocaine solution on test subjects reported them having experienced much greater pain relief compared to a solution of 20% benzocaine. In other words, lidocaine is 10x more potent than Benzocaine, which does not make it the best choice for something like a delay spray.

A very strong aesthetic can decrease sensitization exponentially during sexual intercourse for longer than it should and consequently have adverse effects. On the other hand, an aesthetic like Benzocaine delays it for long enough so that the experience of intercourse is more pleasurable.

Ginseng root

Ginseng root has long been an ingredient in ancient as well as modern traditional Asian medicine to treat sexual dysfunction. The Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea, investigated the effects that ginseng root had on the male reproduction system. The results concluded that the extract enhanced a man’s performance in bed. It is used in the VigRX Delay Spray as an ingredient that supports long-term mal sexual health. Using the product extensively would mean that sooner or later, most men would not have to rely on it (VigRX Delay Spray) to control their premature ejaculation.

Other ingredients included in VigRX Delay Spray include:

  • Wild Yam
  • Turnera extract
  • Raspberry fruit
  • Wild Yam
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Licorice root

How Should VigRX Delay Spray Be Used?

You only need to 1-3 applications of VigRX Delay Spray on the penis shaft and glands. Then make sure to rub it in nicely until it is all absorbed.

The product takes around 10 minutes to take effect, after which intercourse can be commenced. However, you’ll want to wash your penis with water or a wet towel before oral sex.

VigRX Delay Spray is not recommended for use by teens under 18-years of age. Those who wish to use it should get a doctor’s recommendation.

How Effective is VigRX Delay Spray?

To understand how effective VigRX Delay Spray is it is important to start with an understanding of how the male sexual system works. During masturbation, oral sex or intercourse, the pleasure you experience is down to the sensation felt from the friction and stimulation in the genitals.

The nerves located on the penis receives these sensations and sends them to the brain. The brain then interprets them as pleasure signals, and so you experience joy.

At some time during intercourse, the body reaches a point of heightened excitement which causes the central nervous system to trigger ejaculation. Ejaculation is brought about by contracting pathways within the genitals, which consequently pumps sperm out of the testes.

The contractors usually occur simultaneously as your seminal vesicles and prostate glands release semen. The pulsing of the penis is brought about by semen coming out.

The way VigRX Delay Spray works is to prolong the effect of those sensations by working as a mild anaesthetic. Benzocaine is the active ingredient in many condoms designed to delay ejaculation and is also the active ingredient in VigRX. However, unlike wearing a condom, the penis feels the full sensation associated with natural intercourse. Furthermore, if you’re trying to have a child, it does not prevent pregnancy like a condom is meant to do.

When the penis absorbs the spray, it decreases the perception of friction. So, the penis requires more stimulation to trigger the required orgasm, which turns out to be more satisfactory for your partner. If anything, using VigRX, can help men last three times longer in bed. It is also shown to help with erectile function. The use of all-natural ingredients also improves blood flow as well as ensures maximum fertility, and many men also report feeling more aroused when using the product.

Here is what VigRX Delay Spray Can Do For You:

  • Delay ejaculation by as much as three to four times longer
  • Improve sexual pleasure
  • Raise fertility
  • Help with erectile issues
  • No adverse effects even with extended use
  • Can be used and benefits men of all ages

VigRX Delay Spray Compared to Other Similar Products

VigRX Delay Spray isn’t the only premature ejaculation cure/fix on the market. Many other products are marketed and sold, claiming to have similar effects. Some of these require a prescription, but others don’t. The major difference is that most other products don’t work nearly as well as VigRX. Men who use them often reported short term effects if any.

Male desensitization products fall into two categories, i.e. ones that use all-natural ingredients like VigRX and others that are similar to drugs which require FDA approval and a doctor’s recommendation. VigRX sits somewhere in the middle. It uses Benzocaine as an active ingredient, but it is supported by nearly a dozen natural ingredients that offer short and long-term male enhancement benefits. So, in a way, it is more of a cure if used extensively as compared to a short-term solution.

Most other sprays that claim to have the same effects are often short-lived. Some are overly powerful and can have adverse effects. Furthermore, if the formulation isn’t fortified with ingredients that regulate blood flow, enhance libido and sexual pleasure, it is a product that will not work for very long. That’s why men using other products report that after a few uses those products stop working or were losing their effect.

Here are a couple of more reasons why men should choose VigRX Delay Spray:

  • Men will see the effects of the spray in a few as 10 minutes.
  • Most men using it will last at least three times longer in bed.
  • No short or long-term side effects of using VigRX Delay Spray.
  • It isn’t a drug and so does not require a doctor’s prescription.
  • Supports long-term sexual health.
  • Improves libido and sexual stamina.
  • Benefits men of all ages.

Prices and Where to Buy VigRX Delay Spray From?

A bottle of VigRX Delay Spray is a single month’s supply. However, you’ll save time and money by buying more and here is how:

Buyers get free express shipping with a 6-month supply of VigRX Delay Spray. However, all buyers are entitled to a 67-day money-back guarantee. Which means that if they are not happy with the product, within that time, they can send it back.

Why Should Men Use A Desensitizing Spray Like VigRX?

The reason why any man would want to use VigRX Delay Spray is so that they want to last longer in bed. However, as it turns out, the formulation is such that there are a couple of other benefits associated with using the product.

It can help men with the following:

  • Enjoy their sexual relationship more because they feel happier knowing that their partner is satisfied.
  • Better orgasms that stem from the fact that the spray delays a lot of excitement until it climaxes
  • Often men suffering from premature ejaculation also have a problem getting their partner pregnant. Here too VigRX helps as it improves sperm quality and quantity with the use of an all-natural formulation.
  • VigRX Delay Spray gets you ready for intercourse in 10 minutes.
  • Improves short and long-term sexual health.
  • Helps maintain a very good and hard erection.
  • Men have more stamina in bed.

How Soon Do Men See Results from the Spray?

As mentioned earlier, VigRX Delay Spray starts working within 10 minutes. So, you can apply and wait ten minutes until intercourse. Compared to other similar sprays and medication, VigRX Delay Spray works faster, and users are in no inherent danger of causing their partners any discomfort.

You can also spray again and use a higher dose if the previous one didn’t hold off ejaculation as long as you would have liked. There are no side effects to using it in quick successions.

Once the spray takes effect, the penis can be wiped down for oral sex. That said VigRX Delay Spray is not poisonous, but we ask that people wipe down to be on the safe side.

We strongly advise men to follow the instructions that come with VigRX Delay Spray for safe use.


Premature ejaculation (PE) is a very stressful and difficult sexual condition for many men. Often it occurs when men expect it the least. That said it is a common disorder for which VigRX Delay Spray is the perfect solution. While it provides excellent short-term relief, the formulation is meant to offer long-term sexual health. Men using it regularly will soon overcome the condition.

Buying and using VigRX Delay Spray does not require a prescription despite it being as potent and effective as most prescription medications for the condition. It is without adverse effects and the reason why many men may choose it over other similar products.

Men shouldn’t leave their relationships at the mercy of PE because it is something that can be fixed. Furthermore, VigRX Delay Spray is more than just a quick fix; it is an excellent long-term solution.



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