Viritenz Review: How Effective and Safe is this Product?

Viritenz is a product designed to help men suffering with erectile dysfunction (ED).  In this Viritenz review we do a deep dive into the research to help you determine if this supplement is safe and effective.

Before we get to the review, you should know that millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. While this condition is mostly associated with older men, erectile dysfunction can occur at any age. Common causes include stress, a lack of energy, low testosterone levels, and poor blood circulation. The manufacturer of Viritenz claims that the product is an all-natural supplement that is designed to tackle all these issues and more.

Finding the right supplement to help treat your erectile dysfunction can be a challenge. Many of these supplements claim to work instantly, giving you more sexual desire and stamina for the rest of the day.

The manufacturer claims that Viritenz is one of the best male enhancement products and there are no reported issues with side effects. While they let you know upfront that it may take several weeks before some of the ingredients pay off, can it really deliver the results it promises for users, i.e., improved erections and improved endurance?

This Viritenz overview will help answer this question.

What is Viritenz?

Viritenz is a health supplement that is marketed to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It includes a variety of herb extracts that may assist with the most common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Viritenz is sold in capsule form, with most bottles containing 30 or 60 pills, providing either a one- or two-month supply. The manufacturer recommends that you take one pill per day to start seeing results within the next three to four weeks.

This male enhancement pill is designed to chemically activate several important biological processes. The primary role is to increase blood circulation to the penis, which is one of the more common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Viritenz also includes several ingredients that may boost testosterone levels. A lack of testosterone may increase the risk of premature ejaculation and result in a weakened libido.

Other ingredients are included to help your body and brain react to the increased testosterone, which may assist with overall energy and stamina.

Who Makes Viritenz?

18Nutrition is the company behind this product. They are an LA-based nutrition company that has a history of manufacturing dietary supplements.

After thorough research, we found that 18Nutrition has a poor rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In fact, the company has 25 complaints closed in the last three years (source Better Business Bureau).

Viritenz review customer complaints on BBB

Viritenz Ingredients

Viritenz includes a mixture of all-natural ingredients intended to help support healthy sexual function. This is achieved in multiple ways, thanks to an assortment of herbs and extracts. Here are some of the main active ingredients listed by the manufacturer:

  • Catuaba bark
  • Ginseng blend
  • L-Arginine
  • Maca root
  • Oat straw
  • Oyster extract
  • Pumpkin seed powder
  • Tongkat Ali

Many of these ingredients are commonly included in male enhancement supplements, especially L-Arginine. L-Arginine is an amino acid with antioxidant properties that converts into nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide allows blood vessels to relax, improving blood circulation.[1, 2]

Maca root is another ingredient that is often used in erectile dysfunction pills. It offers several benefits that can help to improve sexual health.[3] Consuming Maca root is believed to help improve energy levels and the libido.

The oyster extract, oat straw, and pumpkin seed powder are used to help boost testosterone production. The pumpkin seed powder contains a lot of zinc and fatty acids that are known to improve testosterone levels. The oat straw also assists with this process, along with helping to support the health of your brain.

The remaining ingredients all provide at least one benefit for general health. They are all-natural ingredients extracted from herbs, seeds, bark, and other plants.

There are no additives or chemically-altered ingredients, providing you with a safe, natural supplement.

How Good Is Viritenz?

The manufacturer claims that this supplement can provide a wide range of benefits to help address erectile dysfunction. These include:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Boosting the libido
  • Stronger erections 
  • Increasing sexual energy and stamina
  • Supporting healthy sperm
  • Increasing testosterone production
  • Higher levels of sexual satisfaction

This combination of health benefits may help treat many of the issues that often result in erectile dysfunction. While blood circulation is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction, a lack of energy, stamina, and sexual desire can all contribute to the problem.

The manufacturer also claims that Viritenz includes L-Arginine, which is commonly found in many other erectile dysfunction pills, to help improve blood circulation. The additional ingredients all support sexual health in varying ways. For example, Maca root may help to improve energy levels, while several of the extracts are included to boost testosterone levels.

The manufacturers of Viritenz have not conducted clinical studies to test its efficacy, and the Food and Drug Administration has not reviewed this supplement. So, the statement that Viritenz is the “#1 selling male enhancement” pill might be misleading.  

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Pros and Cons of Using Viritenz


  • Viritenz includes a few essential advantages that appear to make it a good supplement for erectile dysfunction. These advantages include the ease of use, effectiveness, and money-back guarantee.
  • Viritenz includes a few essential advantages that appear to make it a good supplement for erectile dysfunction. These advantages include the ease of use, effectiveness, and money-back guarantee.
  • The manufacturer also affirms that if you are not happy with the results, you can get your money back. 18Nutrition offers a money-back guarantee on all their products, including Viritenz.


  • This supplement has not been thoroughly reviewed or studied in a lab, so there are no data to support its efficacy.
  • Viritenz is relatively expensive compared with other nonprescription male enhancement pills. One bottle of Viritenz (30 softgels) costs roughly $80. If you’re looking to save some money, you have to order more bottles.
  • One major issue that struck us at the time of our research was that the overall rating of Viritenz on the manufacturer’s website was 4.7/5. A couple of websites that previously had customer reviews of the product had taken down the content. 
  • While we did not find negative reviews related to the product per se, we found that customers complained about being overbilled. Was 18Nutrition being shady about charging customers?
  • Another drawback is that this product cannot be used by diabetic patients. While this is mentioned on the product, the manufacturer does not mention it on their website.
  • Although you can return the product, you might not have a complete refund. Additionally, customers have reported that the return process can be lengthy and frustrating.

Customer Reviews of Viritenz

The average customer review for Viritenz is 3.5 / 5 stars on Amazon at the time of updating this article (April 2020).  See below for a balanced summary of real customer reviews:

  • 1 Star: “The product arrived and it states not to use if you have high blood pressure. I would not of purchased this item it it was listed in the description.
    Adding on to this review. Don’t waste your money, this product did nothing to help.”
  • 5 Stars: “This supplement is amazing! I read reviews online and they say that Viritenz has the best combination of the ingredients known to work wonders and it’s true. You notice effect only on second week, but it worth to wait. Highly recommended!”

Frequently Asked Questions about Viritenz

1. Does Viritenz help treat erectile dysfunction?

Viritenz is a health supplement and does not have approval from the Food and Drug Administration. There are also no independent studies to help verify the effectiveness of this pill. 

2. Is it worth taking Viritenz for erectile dysfunction?

The manufacturer claims that Viritenz is one of many different male enhancement pills available to help treat erectile dysfunction. It includes many of the same ingredients found in other supplements. However, there is no evidence that Viritenz will treat erectile dysfunction.

3. Is Viritenz safe to take? Are there any associated side effects?

Based on the ingredients included in this formula, potential adverse effects include hypertension, digestive disorders (indigestion, heartburn), and increased heart rate.

People with low blood pressure or who take blood thinners should consult with their doctors first. The L-Arginine may counter the effects of some blood pressure medications and blood thinners. 

4. Will Viritenz help you get bigger?

Like most nonprescription methods of male enhancement, Viritenz won’t help you get any sort of permanent size gains. Even pills like VigRX Plus that have been shown to increase the size of a man’s erection cannot give you permanent size gains.


In our opinion, Viritenz might help increase your libido due to the presence of maca root. However, there is no scientific evidence that this supplement may help resolve your erectile dysfunction.

Based on our observation, the company behind Viritenz does not appear to be transparent regarding the sales of their product and this comes across as suspicious. Their disappointing trading history leaves us wondering whether they should be trusted.

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